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Getting Car Shipping Quotes And How They Differ.

If you do not already have a car shipping connection, you turn to for those needs then you most likely go to google and type in car shipping quotes or something like that.   Most time of the time a lead generator will pop up on a google ad where they will entice you with what sounds like a good deal for car shipping.  They want to collect your information so they can sell it to up to 10 different car shipping companies which will then call you to compete for your business.  This is how the car shipping quotes will differ from company to company.

Broker Price Is Always The Biggest Factor

Why prices are all over the place when you get a car shipping quote from multiple companies.  You must remember that all these companies are car shipping brokers not actual car carriers.  This means they are a middleman and charge a fee to find you a driver to transport your vehicle.  The national average broker fee is 200 dollars.  Some will charge 100 and some will charge up to 300.  Usually the ones that charge on the lower side are high volume brokers with many 1099 reps working from home and they try to earn your business with the lower price but usually they do not vet drivers that well nor do they provide an extra contingency cargo policy like you may want incase the carriers insurance fails.  The brokers the charge upwards of 300 are usually offering kick backs like car wash reimbursement and things like that so that is why they charge a big more up front but most of the time they know you won’t get that car wash and send in the receipt for the reimbursement so they get to keep the money but it’s a good sale tactic and very appealing to the person that needs to ship a car on an open carrier.

The Carrier Price The Broker Arranges For You

This is the next biggest factor what makes up the difference when you are getting car shipping quotes.   A good broker will pay a carrier what he economically needs to make money and stay in business himself.  Beware of the very low prices that a broker with a 100-dollar broker fee are quoting you as they are trying to earn you business with just the lowest price total.  They will get a carrier that that’s the job for less than they should either because they don’t have cargo insurance they are paying for or just have bad ratings and have to take jobs at a lower price to get work.  Then you will have some brokers that over quote the price and charge a 200 dollar broker fee but then have the carrier kick them back another 200 or so on the back end resulting in the customer just over paying for something.  A good car shipping company and broker will charge on avg 200 to broker your transport out to a solid reputable carrier for a fair price to the carrier so he makes money and you car gets picked up and dropped of in a timely manner.

The Best Car Shipping Quotes

The best car shipping quote is one that comes from a company that has a lot of good ratings on google and an A+ rating at the BBB.  They will usually be around that 200-dollar broker fee, provide for free an extra contingency cargo policy, and also use a preferred carrier network first to arrange the transport of your car vs just put in on the load boards for open bid to carriers they don’t know.  Easy Auto Ship always tries to use one of our preferred carriers we have previously worked with for our clients.  We also always make the carrier list our company as a policy holder on their insurance so that if something does go wrong, we have the ability to initiate a claim on their insurance on behalf of our client.  Easy Auto Ship always tries to give a fair rate to our carriers and at the same time are price conscious for our clients.

Car Shipping Quotes, Best Car Shipping Quotes

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