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Car Shipping Companies

Easy Auto Ship - Your Best Choice Among Leading Car Shipping Companies in the USA

Being the top vehicle transport company in the United States with many accolades from media giants like Forbes is not achieved in a day or a few years. We worked tirelessly for a decade to earn the name and trust of both individuals and dealerships.

We have shipped over 120,000 vehicles for 88,000+ happy customers and earned 4000+ reviews with an average 4.9 rating out of 5. This shows how professional and reliable the car shipping broker Easy Auto Ship is.

What Makes a Car Transport Company Worth Considering?

Before you hire any car shipping company, online or offline, there are some indicators you should look at to ensure you’re making the right decision.


The first step to check credibility is to see their US D.O.T number and MC# on their website. If it’s mentioned there, they’re registered brokers. Next, check their BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings to see whether or not their service standards meet customers’ needs. An A+ rating means the best, while F means the worst service.

Ample Experience

Although it’s not a fact, still more experience means better equipped to handle vehicles. A company with at least 5-10 years of experience knows the ins and outs, routes and carriers better than a newcomer.

Cargo Insurance Coverage

Every car shipping company should only hire carriers with cargo insurance. Some do, but some don’t check whether or not the carriers are telling the truth about their coverage. Ask the transportation company for proof of carrier insurance.

Online Reviews

Customer reviews about auto transport companies will help you decide if they’re worth your money. Check ratings, read reviews and then decide. Companies with hundreds of reviews spread across Google, BBB, and Social Media are usually trustworthy because they’ve got a wider customer base.

Vehicle Transport Flexibility

Can they ship classic cars? What about exotic vehicles? Can they move larger vehicles like trucks, vans, RVs, or boats? What if you need dealership auto transport? Do they offer local, interstate, nationwide and overseas shipping? They should have these things mentioned on their website so you can get an idea of how versatile their crew is when handling different vehicles and shipping needs.

Shipping Technology

Most car transport companies just use online quote calculators and GPS and claim to be technology-driven transporters. That’s partially true. They should also have EDLs, eBOLs, and ePayment solutions to ensure complete convenience for the customer.

Carrier Network

Car transport companies without a network of carriers can sometimes take longer to find one for you, which can cause delays. They should have a team of professional shippers readily available to pick up and ship vehicles.

Broker or Aggregator?

Private car hauling brokers are connected with carriers who are the muscle while they are the brains of the operation. Aggregators, on the other hand, take leads from customers and sell them to companies. Make sure to work with a broker. They’re more affordable, licensed and responsible for your vehicle’s complete transport journey.

We’re Well-Equipped and Well-Staffed to Handle Dealership Automobile Transport:

Our Team is Ready to Deliver Dealership Vehicles to Your Customers

When transporting vehicles for dealerships, Easy Auto Ship knows what it takes to get the job done right. We’re well-equipped and well-staffed to handle all aspects of dealership car transport, from start to finish.

We have a fleet of specially outfitted haulers to transport vehicles, and our carriers are experienced in hauling cars for dealerships. We can pick up your vehicles from your dealership and deliver them to your customers’ locations.

Want a Fleet of Vehicles Transported From the Manufacturer to Your Dealership? We Got You!

We understand that time is of the essence when transporting for dealerships, so we act fast and deliver even faster. We also offer various transportation options for dealers, so you can select the service that best suits your needs. We’re up for the challenge whether you need us to transport a few vehicles or a large dealership fleet.

Plus, our haulers are specially designed to accommodate any type of dealers’ vehicle, from small cars to large trucks. Our team of experienced and professional drivers will ensure that your vehicles are safely and securely transported to their destination.

So if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to transport your dealerships’ vehicles, then give us a call today. We’ll be happy to provide you with free dealership car shipping quotes and answer your questions about our dealers’ services.

Our Private Car Transport Makes it Easy to Ship Your Car Door-to-Door

Hundreds of private car transport companies in the United States, but only a handful understand customers’ needs and do their best to meet them. Easy Auto Ship is among those handfuls because we know how challenging car transportation is, especially for first-timers. So we incorporated tools like an instant quote calculator, live chat and GPS tracking etc., in our services, making it straightforward for you to get private car transport service right from home.

Our door-to-door private car haulers ensure your vehicle is picked up from your garage and delivered to wherever you want in the USA. Moreover, as compared to other private car shipping companies, we are very strict on vehicle safety. Therefore, we use online monitoring software to verify insurance policies and claims history before hiring private car haulers. Only a few private car transport companies do this. Moreover, we use top-tier enclosed private car haulers for expensive cars, so safety is always airtight.

We also offer military private car transport services to anywhere you’re deployed, nationwide or internationally. And if you need express private car transport companies to move your vehicles fast, we’ve also got you covered here.

The gist is that we have the best team and private car haulers for all private auto shipping services.

Some Important Concepts to Know Before Hiring Online Car Transport Companies

Auto Shipping Quotes Can Change

Whether it’s dealerships or private car owners, the auto shipping quote they receive is not final. The cost is usually determined after the company transports the vehicle. Your best bet against unpleasant surprises later on is to provide accurate vehicle details at the time of getting quotes.

Car Pickup Date Can Vary

The pickup date you give the shipper is the estimated time of pickup and not a guaranteed date. After you book the auto shipping service, the company starts looking for a transporter that matches your needs. They may find one quickly, or it may take a few days, which can cause the automobile pickup truck to arrive before or later than the delivery date.

Bill of Lading Plays a Crucial Role

The transport company will provide you with a Bill of Lading, which you and the shipper will sign. It will hold all information about your vehicle and shipment details. It will act as the receipt and contract between you and the auto transport company. So check it for information accuracy before signing.

Understand Insurance Coverage

Every auto shipping company has insured carriers, but the conditions and situations under which the cars are covered and the extent of coverage differ. You should ask the company what’s protected and from what kind of perils. You can also get a GAP insurance service if you require extra coverage.

Choosing Between Enclosed or Open Auto Truck

Enclosed container services are best for the highest security for cars, while open services are more budget-friendly. Dealerships and individuals use open transport for regular vehicles and enclosed expensive ones.

What Makes Easy Auto Ship a Better Car Shipping Company?

Insurance Verified

Many private car transport companies don’t check carrier insurance. He may have been moving cars for years but has yet to renew his policy or pay premiums. This can result in claim denials. Easy Auto Ship uses online policy monitoring software to ensure every carrier we hire for individual or dealerships’ transport services has up-to-date coverage for at least $100,000.


Our company is available 24/7 through phone, email or chat for free quotes and consultation. We’re never too busy to help.

Innovative Solutions

From an instant free online quote calculator to using ELDs to measure exact mileage for transparent costs and using GPS for real-time tracking, we use the most innovative technologies to make your shipping experience as smooth as possible.

Multiple Car Shipping

We offer the best automobile transport services that fit the needs, whether they’re dealerships shipping a fleet of vehicles or an individual looking for private car transport services. We have different carriers for different purposes, from shipping off whole fleets for dealerships in one go to moving luxury and premium vehicles safely in hotshot trailers. We also offer discounts for multiple automobile transports for dealers or individuals.

Car Transport Company FAQs

Which Private Car Transport Companies to Avoid?
Before hiring private car transport companies, look at their online reviews. If they’re too low or too good, you better look for another company. Similarly, look for the BBB rating, which should not be below A and the fewer unresolved complaints, the better.
Can a dealership ship a car to another dealership?
Yes, dealerships can move vehicle inventories to another dealership without a problem. Easy Auto Ship offers custom services targeted for dealerships looking to move several vehicles at once to a single dealer or multiple dealers throughout the USA.
What is the most reputable car shipping company?
There’s not one company, but many are doing a great job throughout the USA. Easy Auto Ship is one of them, and the number of awards we’ve received from giant publications like Forbes Home,, and Motor1 prove our competence. We’re also rated A+ by Better Business Bureau.
What's the cheapest company to ship your car?
If a company’s services are too good to be true, they probably are. Don’t go for the cheapest companies. Look for companies that offer a balance of value and price. You need to compare auto transport quotes to find this balance.
How do I know if a car shipping company is legit?
They should have MC#, U.S D.O.T license, physical location with Google Map pin, BBB verification and hundreds of reviews online.
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