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North Carolina is the 9th most populous state of all 50 states and 28th largest in the U.S. North Carolina is in the Southeastern part of North America. It's bordered by Tennessee on the west, Georgia and South Carolina to the south, the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and Virginia to the north. The climate in North Carolina can vary drastically, from the Appalachian Mountains in the west, to the Atlantic Ocean in the east.

North Carolina has two Seaports; Wilmington and Morehead. The advantage of the North Carolina ports is that they are not nearly as busy as other East Coast Ports. You can expect quicker turn around times in and out of the North Carolina ports. Both the Morehead and Wilmington ports are easily accessible, with plenty of interstate highways and major state roads connecting to them. If you are looking to move to or from North Carolina, make Easy Auto ship your top choice for car shipping North Carolina.

Vehicle Shipping North Carolina

You may be moving to North Carolina and considering on shipping your car versus driving it. Many times, people think they will save money by driving their car while moving, instead of using a Car Shipping Company North Carolina. The truth is when you take into consideration the time a long-distance drive takes, the wear and tear on the car, hotels, and food, it makes more sense to ship a car.

Let Easy Auto Ship take away the stress of moving a car to the new location, so you can focus on the move itself.  Many North Carolina residents use our Auto Transport services when shopping online for their next car.  More and more people are buying cars online from long distances away and need a good car shipping company to get the car back home.  They don’t have time to take off work and fly out to pick it up and drive it home, so hiring a car shipping company just makes sense.

Cost Factors of North Carolina Car Shipping

One of the biggest factors in the cost to ship a car North Carolina is where the pick up or drop off location is.  If you are close to a major interstate, then the cost to ship a car is much less than if your location is in the Appalachian Mountains. Many auto transport companies give discounts if your locations are near major state routes or highways, that way you don’t have to take the big rigs too far off the highway.

You must remember that when traveling local roads or steep inclines, auto haulers do not get good gas mileage, so the price of diesel fuel at the time will also play into the cost to ship a car. Finally, the size and weight of the vehicle plays a big factor in the cost to ship a car, as the car haulers are governed by DOT and FMSCA with how much they can haul at any given time.

North Carolina Auto Transport Options

When you're shipping a car you have a couple different options and price levels.  If you are looking for economy car shipping, open-air is the best option because it costs about 30-40% less. There are vast amounts of open-air car haulers compared to enclosed car haulers, which means that finding a truck for your shipment is much easier and usually can get you a quicker pick up. The insurance an open-air car hauler carries is usually around 250,000 dollars. An enclosed car shipping carrier usually has a minimum of 1 million dollars of cargo coverage, due to the higher end cars they ship.  Easy Auto Ship can arrange either option for your car shipping North Carolina services.

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