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New Jersey Car Shipping

New Jersey Car Transport

New Jersey has many attractions for visitors, from the Jersey Shore to the Pine Barrens. But when it comes to car transport, it can be a tricky task. Distance and regulations can make moving cars between cities in New Jersey and to and from other states challenging. That’s where Easy Auto Ship comes in.

Our best-in-class car transport services provide the safest way to ship a car. Our team of car shipping experts have over a decade of experience and know all of the ins and outs of shipping cars in New Jersey. We work super hard to ensure your vehicle is shipped safely and quickly. We offer door-to-door car transport services for short or long-distance car shipping. We have the best car transport companies and use cutting-edge tech to ensure your car is shipped safely and securely.

With Easy Auto Ship, you don’t need to worry about the distance, regulations, or complications of car transport in New Jersey. Our services make it easy and provide the best car shipping experience. So if you’re on the lookout for the best car transport companies for safe car transport, why not call (888) 687-3243 and get free, no-obligation quotes right now?

Cost to Ship a Car to and from New Jersey

Are you wondering about the costs of shipping a car to and from New Jersey? Well, worry no more because we at Easy Auto Ship are here to help you with all your car shipping needs. You see, the cost of car transport varies depending on a wide range of variables, but we can give you estimates of what to expect.

On average, car shipping within New Jersey or nearby states will cost you around $1 per mile for shorter distances.

However, if you’re looking to transport your car over long distances, such as to and from distant states or cities from New Jersey, the cost per mile drops to a range of $0.75 to $0.4.

DistanceBase Price Per mileExample DistanceExample Price
1-500 Miles$1.00400 miles$400
500+ miles$0.75900 miles$675
1,000+ miles$0.601,200 miles$720
2,000+ miles$0.502,400 miles$1,200
2,500+ miles$0.403,600 miles$1,440

Now, let’s dive into some specific examples.

For shorter distances, under 500 miles from New Jersey to nearby states, here are three examples of total car shipping costs:

On the other hand, for longer distances from New Jersey to other states with more than 600 miles in between, consider these examples:

As we mentioned earlier, several common factors affect car transport costs, and we will briefly discuss each with examples for your better understanding.

Easy Auto Ship is here to help make your car shipping experience as smooth as possible, so please reach out to us at (888) 687-3243 with any questions or concerns.

How Long It Takes to Ship a Car To and From New Jersey

Determining the duration for car shipping to and from New Jersey primarily depends on the distance involved, with shorter distances generally taking less time than longer ones. On average, it can take 2-4 days for distances between 200 and 500 miles, which typically includes transport within New Jersey or to nearby cities. In contrast, shipping a vehicle across long distances, such as 600 to 2,000 miles, can take anywhere from 4-9 days.

MilesDays In Transit
0 - 2001 - 2
200 - 6002 - 4
600 - 10003 - 5
1000 - 15004 - 6
1500 - 20005 - 7
2000 - 24006 - 8
2400 and up7 - 9

To better illustrate these timelines, consider the following examples:

For shorter distances under 500 miles:

For longer distances over 600 miles:

Despite our best efforts at Easy Auto Ship, various factors can cause delays in vehicle transport. Some of these factors include:

Wear and Tear

The condition of a vehicle is an essential factor in determining the time required for shipping. It can usually be shipped faster if it is mechanically fit and ready to be driven. However, if it has any wear and tear that needs fixing before it can be shipped, it may take more time to repair and ship the vehicle.

Vehicle Type

The vehicle being shipped also affects the total time taken. Bigger vehicles require more time and effort to load and unload onto the transport carrier.

Weather Conditions

Weather can be a factor in the speed of shipping a car. It can slow down the vehicle transport process if it is raining, hailing, or snowing heavily on the route.

Origin and Destination

The car’s origin and destination also affect the shipment’s total time taken. If the vehicle is being shipped from Orlando, FL, to Jersey City, NJ, it may take longer than if it is being shipped within New Jersey.

Traffic congestion:

High traffic levels, especially in and around urban areas, can result in extended transport times. For example, a car shipped from New Jersey to Los Angeles might experience delays due to traffic in densely populated cities.

Road construction:

Unexpected road closures or detours due to construction can also cause delays in vehicle transport. For instance, ongoing roadwork on a significant highway might necessitate a longer alternate route, adding a day or two to the transport time.

Mechanical issues:

While our transport carriers are regularly maintained and inspected, unforeseen mechanical issues can sometimes occur, resulting in temporary delays.

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand the importance of reliable and timely car transport services and strive to ensure your vehicle is delivered quickly and safely. So, if you want car shipping services in New Jersey, give us a call at (888) 687-3243 and get free, no-obligation quotes right now.

Best Tips for Moving Your Vehicle to and from New Jersey

New Jersey, the Garden State, where the turnpike blooms with opportunities for car transport and shipping companies to whisk your beloved vehicle to and from this lovely locale. However, there are some important bits you should consider for an overall better shipping experience:

Compare, compare, compare!

When faced with the Herculean task of selecting the ideal car transport company for your New Jersey shipping needs, one must channel their inner Sherlock Holmes and embark on a quest for knowledge. Investigate various companies, peruse customer reviews, and scrutinize the contract’s fine print to ensure that you engage with a reputable and reliable company that will treat your vehicle with the tender loving care it so deserves.

Timing is everything.

The early bird catches the worm in the car transport and shipping world. You must book your New Jersey transport well in advance, as this will afford you ample time to secure the most auspicious dates and rates for your vehicle’s journey. Moreover, it will also allow you to avoid the dreaded last-minute scramble that can lead to hasty decisions and potential shipping mishaps.

Ensure your car is shipshape.

Before embarking on its New Jersey transport adventure, your vehicle should be in tip-top condition to avoid any unforeseen issues during shipping. Perform a thorough inspection, tend to any necessary repairs, and ensure your car is devoid of any personal belongings that may jostle during transport. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the wise Benjamin Franklin once said.

Be flexible, my friend.

Flexibility is the name of the game if you’re doing car transport from and to New Jersey. By being open to a range of pickup and drop-off dates and various shipping options, you may find favorable rates and smooth sailing for your vehicle’s journey.

The door-to-door dilemma.

While door-to-door transport may seem like the ultimate convenience for your New Jersey shipping needs, it can also be a double-edged sword. Urban areas in New Jersey may present challenges for the larger transport trucks, necessitating a rendezvous at a mutually agreed-upon location. In such cases, it is super important to maintain open lines of communication with your transport company to ensure a hassle-free handover of your prized possession.

Keep an eye on the weather.

As any self-respecting New Jerseyan knows, the weather in this fair state can be as unpredictable as a game of Whac-A-Mole. Therefore, it is prudent to monitor weather forecasts and plan your car transport accordingly. Should inclement weather rear its ugly head, it may be wise to opt for enclosed shipping, which will shield your vehicle from the wrath of the elements during its New Jersey transport.

Ready to roll? Why not call us at (888) 687-3243 and get free, no-obligation quotes right now?

Our 3-Step New Jersey Car Shipping Process

At Easy Auto Ship, we’re here to make your New Jersey car shipping experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible! We understand that shipping your precious vehicle might seem overwhelming, but rest assured, our friendly team is here to guide you through it. We’ve designed a simple 3-step process to ensure your car’s safe and efficient transport, so you can focus on things that demand more of your attention and time - like planning your next adventure in the Garden State! Curious about how it works? Let’s dive right into our unique approach to car shipping in New Jersey.

Step 1

Request a Quote and Book Your Transport

Firstly, to ship your car, you need to get a quote from our friendly transpor team based on your specific needs. Let’s say you’re moving from sunny FL to New Jersey and need to transport your prized convertible. Just provide us with some necessary information, like the car’s make and model, the pickup and delivery locations, and the desired shipping date. We’ll calculate a fair and competitive price for your transport, and once you’re ready, simply book your car’s journey with us!

Step 2

Pickup and Inspection

Now that you’ve booked your transport, our reliable and professional drivers will arrive at your specified pickup location to load your car onto our state-of-the-art shipping carriers. But don’t worry; we won’t just whisk your car away without a thorough inspection first! We’ll document the current condition of your vehicle, noting any existing scratches, dents, or other imperfections. This ensures that you and our team are on the same page about your car’s pre-shipping condition, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

Step 3

Relax While We Transport Your Car

With your car safely loaded and inspected, we must hit the road and transport your vehicle to its new home in New Jersey. Our skilled drivers will carefully navigate the highways and byways of the East Coast, ensuring smooth and timely transport of your precious cargo. And don’t worry; we’ll keep you updated on your car’s transit progress every step of the way! Before you know it, your convertible will be waiting for you at its new destination, ready to explore the beautiful beaches and vibrant cities of New Jersey.

There you have it - our simple and efficient 3-step process for shipping your car to New Jersey with Easy Auto Ship. We’re committed to making your transport experience seamless and stress-free. Why not call (888) 687-3243 and get free, no-obligation quotes right now?

Tips to Hunt for the Best New Jersey Car Transport Company Near You

When shipping your vehicle, never settle for mediocrity. Seize the day and hunt down the best New Jersey car transport companies near you with these eight unbeatable tips!

Unleash the Power of Online Research

Unmask the hidden gems of New Jersey car transport by diving headfirst into the vast ocean of the internet. Discover forums, social media groups, and review sites where real customers share their shipping experiences. That’s right – real people, real stories!

Master the Art of Comparing Quotes

Don’t let transport companies play you like a fiddle. Become a quote-comparing ninja by requesting estimates from at least three different transport companies. Analyze each quote, weigh the pros and cons, and find your perfect match.

Decode the Mystery of Discounts

Did someone say “savings”? Unlock discounts by simply asking your transport company if they offer any. Military personnel, students, or senior citizens might have a golden ticket to cheaper shipping waiting for them!

Beware of the Temptation of Too-Good-to-Be-True Offers

In New Jersey, car transport price that appears too good to be true often is. Protect yourself from scams by avoiding shockingly low prices that could lead to hidden fees or poor service.

Crack the Code of Seasonal Pricing

Timing is everything. Unearth the secrets of seasonal pricing by shipping your vehicle during the slower months. Transport companies might offer better deals during winter or fall, so plan accordingly and save some hard-earned cash!

Conquer the Art of Haggling

Channel your inner negotiator and fearlessly haggle with transport companies. Find even better deals by mentioning a competitor’s lower quote or negotiating on additional services. Go on, show them who’s boss!

Seek Out the Treasure of Referrals

Ask for referrals from your coworkers, family, and friends who have used New Jersey car transport services. Word-of-mouth recommendations from people close to you are worth their weight in gold for finding trusted transport companies.

Become a Shipping Superstar by Avoiding Extra Fees

Evade unexpected fees by understanding the ins and outs of your shipping contract. Ensure your vehicle is prepared for transport and avoid additional costs like extra weight, low gas, or personal items inside the car.

FAQs on New Jersey Car Transport with Easy Auto Ship

What makes New Jersey car transport different from other states?
New Jersey car transport has its unique charm! With the state’s dense population and bustling cities, navigating can be a bit more challenging. However, our experienced team at Easy Auto Ship knows the ins and outs of transporting cars in the Garden State. For example, we’ll expertly maneuver through narrow streets in Hoboken and avoid the hustle and bustle of Atlantic City during peak season.
How do tolls and taxes affect my New Jersey car transport price?
When doing New Jersey car transport, tolls and taxes can impact your shipping cost. For instance, the New Jersey Turnpike is a major highway that may require toll fees. Don’t worry; our friendly team at Easy Auto Ship is always up-front about any additional charges and will include them in your quote. This way, you will be relaxed knowing there won’t be any surprise expenses!
Can you accommodate unique requests for my New Jersey car transport?
Absolutely! At Easy Auto Ship, we cater to your specific needs. For instance, if a vintage car requires extra care, we’ll ensure it’s transported with the utmost attention. Or, perhaps you’re relocating to a quaint town like Lambertville and need your car delivered to a specific location - no problem! We’re here to make your New Jersey car transport experience smooth and stress-free.
Are there certain times of the year when New Jersey car transport is more challenging?
Due to the state’s weather, there can be seasonal challenges with New Jersey car transport. For example, winter snowstorms can create tricky road conditions, and summer beach traffic can make for slower transport times. However, our knowledgeable team at Easy Auto Ship will always inform you about potential delays and work to find the best auto shipping solution for your car transport needs.
Can I track my New Jersey car transport progress?
Of course! Whether it’s en route through the bustling streets of Newark or making its way to the picturesque Cape May, you’ll always be in the loop regarding your New Jersey car transport. At Easy Auto Ship, we believe in keeping you informed every step of the way. Our user-friendly tracking system lets you easily monitor your car’s transport progress.

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews—Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— Here’s What People Say About Our New Jersey Vehicle Transport

⭐Review From Alexander Paolillo

“I am writing to encourage others to use EAS for their shipping needs. While I did write a scathing review one week ago they have assured me that the miscommunication has been resolved. I would also like to mention that the vehicle was unscathed and washed by Bravo LLC upon delivery. My daughter was very happy when she received delivery of her 2019 red Camry SE which is practically new (only 8100 miles).”

How We Shipped Alexander Paolillo’s Red Camry SE from NJ to CA

Alexander Paolillo wanted us to move his daughter’s car, a 2019 Red Camry SE (which only had 8,100 miles on it), from New Jersey to California. He contacted our customer support, and we booked the shipping. The transport distance is over 2,800 miles from NJ to CA, so it’s not uncommon for vehicles to arrive a little bit dirty, which is why we offer complimentary car washes to our customers in such cases. Alex’s Camry Se caught a bit of dirt, and he complained to our team about it. We instantly sprung into action and asked the carrier, Bravo LLC, to get the car thoroughly washed, and they did. Once Alexander’s daughter inspected the car, she became happy with the job they had done, and that made Alexander happy with our service as well.

⭐Review From Attila M

“I bought a car from a dealer in Kentucky and needed it shipped to New Jersey. I found the Easy Auto Ship process straightforward and simple. The price was reasonable, and Lindsay was very responsive and professional. We communicated via text and email, and she always responded instantly. She found a driver within a day and the car was delivered on time as promised. I had a great experience and I can highly recommend them. Their process is easy to follow with online forms to sign and they quoted a very reasonable price, which is always great! Thanks! A++”

How We Relocated Attila’s Car From a Dealer in KY to NJ

We work with dealers, and we also work with customers who buy from those dealers. Attila is one of the customers. She bought a car from a Kentucky dealer and wanted us to ship it to New Jersey. One of our leading reps, Lindsay, explained the process to Attila, found the right carrier for her in just one day, kept Attila in the communication loop throughout the transit with texts and emails, and ensured timely delivery.

⭐Review From Jamie P.

“An absolutely flawless process with great customer service. Needed to ship my daughter’s car from NJ to Alabama. Process was great, coordination was great and flexible, driver was professional and very accommodating - since the destination was a college campus and his trailer couldn’t make it in - he offered to unload the car nearby and drive it to her himself! Fantastic experience.”

How We Moved a Vehicle for Jamie’s Daughter’s Car From NJ to Her College in AL

Jamie wanted us to move his daughter’s car from New Jersey to her campus in Alabama so she could commute without any issues. Being a company that has shipped thousands of vehicles for students, we know exactly what every parent is looking for when hiring transporters to move vehicles for their college-going kids. So we guided Jamie through the complete process, accommodated any special requests, and delivered the vehicle to the campus. Although the trailer wasn’t able to go inside the campus, our driver unloaded the vehicle outside and drove it inside by himself to where Jamie wanted.

⭐Review From Pete

“Excellent and fast service Had an auction car picked up within 3 days and delivered same day fron NJ to CT Will use again Driver was excellent and gave called to notify me of drop off time.”

How We Transported Pete’s Auction Car From NJ to CT:

Pete required us to quickly pick up his auction car and deliver it to him in CT. We immediately found the carrier for him, got him to pick up his car from the auction in New Jersey, and deliver it to Connecticut in under 3 days. Our drivers notified him in advance about the drop-off time, ensuring Pete has ample time to take care of other times and be ready for receiving the car and post-delivery inspection.

⭐Review From John Popowski

“So glad I used there service to move my rv from Florida to New Jersey. Abby was awesome in setting everything up and keeping in touch. Josh and Tj went above and beyond picking up our rig . Left old site spotless. Drop off timely and efficient. Kept me posted the whole trip. These guys are 5 star. Reasonably priced with no surprises. Highly recommend”

How We Shipped John’s RV from Florida to New Jersey:

John needed to move his Recreational vehicle from FL to NJ. The RV was picked up from FL and transported to New Jersey. Abby from Easy Auto Ship managed the process, staying in touch with John throughout. Josh and TJ handled the pickup and drop-off, ensuring the old site was spotless. They also kept John updated throughout the trip.

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