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New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the U.S. During the 19th century, the strives in transportation played a huge role in the industrial revolution, causing many factories to pop up throughout New Jersey. Thanks to New Jersey’s convenient location on the east coast, it serves as a major player in international shipping. One of the largest and busiest container Ports in the world is the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal. This port was also the first Container port in the world.  Many international car shipping companies use this port to ship thousands of cars overseas every year.  When you are shipping a car internationally out of New Jersey, your car will most likely be stored in a warehouse before it passes through customs and prepared for a container to be put on a cargo ship.

Car Transport New Jersey Interstates

New Jersey is an easy car shipping state due to the 10 major interstates running through it. The New Jersey Turnpike is one of the busiest roads in North America, as it connects Delaware and New York. Shipping cars from New Jersey to California is very affordable with the number of cars that are going that route. Many Auto Transport Companies have secure yards New Jersey to store cars that are being relocated to the west coast. Many residents in New Jersey travel south to Florida for the winter.  The cost to ship car south greatly increases during the fall and winter months, due to supply and demand.  On the flip side of the coin, shipping a car from Florida to New Jersey during the same time is very affordable, since carriers are looking to fill their trucks headed north to pick up snowbirds going south paying much more.

International Car Shipping NJ

If you are shopping for your dream car in the United States and need international car shipping services, there is a good chance it will go out of New Jersey. Most international car shipping is done with containers that share up to 4 spots and then put on a cargo ship to be transported to other countries.  Many car collectors in other countries shop for high-end cars in the United States and use our enclosed car shipping services to bring their car to the New Jersey port, where it will be shipped overseas.  All international car shipping is enclosed until it gets to the port. Once delivered at the port, they are placed in enclosed containers that are protected from the weather, or on a roll on or roll off trailer.

When shipping a car internationally, you may want to consider extra marine insurance.  When you book an international car transport with Easy Auto Ship, our experts will walk you through the ins and outs of this process. Many people think international car shipping is hard, but it doesn’t have to be.  You can get an international car shipping quote by filling out our car shipping calculator online, calling us at 888-687-3243, or starting a live chat with one our international car shipping experts.

Auto Transport NJ

Easy Auto Ship is one of the best car shipping companies in NJ.  We only use the most reliable car haulers to ship our client’s cars.  We have spent many years compiling a large list of top-rated car shipping companies NJ.  All our car transport carriers have the highest safety rating at DOT and FMSCA.  We have thousands of 5-star car shipping reviews from real customers online.  We have done all the homework weeding out the bad carriers, as well as the good ones, giving our clients the trust and peace of mind for their car shipping NJ services.

Cheap Car Shipping New Jersey

When you hire Easy Auto Ship to ship a car to or from NJ, we will get you the best price. When you are shipping a car, beware of very cheap car shipping quotes, as many times they are associated with bait and switch tactics on the price. Many Auto Transport Brokers will quote you cheap car shipping, hoping to just get you on the hook. When your car is not getting picked up during the time you need, they then tell you a reason the price needed to go up, leaving you no choice at this point but to go ahead with it.

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