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Ship A Car State To State

Car Transport to Another State - Skip The Drive, We’ll Do The Heavy Lifting

Moving your automobile across the country can be a hassle if you’re doing it yourself. Unknown routes, traffic conditions, and weather situations can make it risky while driving to another state can take a considerable chunk of your time. Plus, you don’t save much if you add all the driving expenses such as fuel, accommodation, dining, return ticket, car wash, and potential repairs after car breakdowns. And don’ forget that your vehicle may not be insured out of your state, so that’s a big risk as well. So why not just get a car transport service to ship your vehicle across the state? That’s where Easy Auto Ship’s expert cross-country car shipping service comes in handy; we’re reliable, professional, insured, and affordable!

Cost to Ship a Car From State to State

The quote to ship a car to another state is never the same for two people because it varies depending on a multitude of factors, including:

That said, the cost to transport a car to another state typically ranges from $1 to $0.4 per mile depending on the total distance. Higher distance means lower cost per mile.

For instance, shipping a car from New York to California could cost you $1,200, at least for a distance of 2,900 miles. Here’s a table for more cost examples:

Shipping RouteTotal DistanceTransport CostDelivery Time
Shipping a car from Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia146 mi via I-20 E$1501-2 Days
Transporting a car from Augusta, Georgia to Jacksonville, Florida255 mi via US-25 S$2552-4 Days
Hauling a car from Miami, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina583 mi via I-95 N$4372-4 Days
Shipping a car from Greenville, South Carolina to Charlotte, North Carolina102 mi via I-85 N$1501-2 Days
Moving a car from Raleigh, North Carolina to Richmond, Virginia170 mi via I-95 N$1701-2 Days
Shipping a car from Richmond, Virginia to Charleston, West Virginia317 mi via I-64 W$3202-4 Days
Car Shipping from Morgantown, West Virginia to Columbus, Ohio204 mi via I-70 W$2002-4 Days
Vehicle Transportation from Cleveland, Ohio to Frankfort, Kentucky327 mi via I-71 S$3302-4 Days
Car Shipping from Lexington, Kentucky to Nashville, Tennessee213 mi via KY-9002 W$2152-4 Days
Car Transport from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi383 mi via I-59 S$3992-4 Days
Auto Shipping from Gulfport, Mississippi to Little Rock, Arkansas418 mi via US 49 N$4202-4 Days
Shipping a car from Fort Smith, Arkansas to Baton Rouge, Louisiana498 mi via I-40 E$5002-4 Days
Move a car from Lafayette, Louisiana to Houston, Texas217 mi via I-10 W$2202-4 Days
Shipping a Vehicle from San Antonio, Texas to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma466 mi via I-35 N$4702-4 Days
Hauling a Car from Lawton, Oklahoma to Wichita, Kansas246 mi via I-44 E$2502-4 Days
Transporting a Car from Topeka, Kansas to Grand City, Nebraska263 mi via US-75 N$2702-4 Days
Shipping a Car from Lincoln, Nebraska to Sioux Falls, South Dakota236 mi via I-29 N$2502-4 Days
Hauling a Car from Rapid City, South Dakota to Fargo, North Dakota495 mi via I-94 E$5002-4 Days
Car Transportation from Bismarck, North Dakota to Billings, Montana415 mi via I-94 W$4502-4 Days
Auto Shipping from Helena, Montana to Boise, Idaho486 mi via I-15 S$4992-4 Days
Moving a Vehicle from Boise, Idaho to Cheyenne, Wyoming735 mi via I-84 E$5503-5 Days
Car Shipping from Jackson, Wyoming to Denver, Colorado511 mi via US-191 S$3832-4 Days
Shipping a Car from Boulder, Colorado to Albuquerque, New Mexico475 mi via I-25 S$4802-4 Days
Auto Transportation from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Phoenix, Arizona479 mi via I-40 W$4802-4 Days
Car Shipping from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada412 mi via I-10 W$4202-4 Days
Move a car from Reno, Nevada to Los Angeles, California472 mi via US-395 S$4802-4 Days
Ship a car from Sacramento, California to Portland, Oregon579 mi via I-5 N$4352-4 Days
Auto Shipping from Eugene, Oregon to Spokane, Washington460 mi via I-84 E$4602-4 Days
Vehicle Shipping from Seattle, Washington DC to Anchorage, Alaska2,260 mi via Alaska Hwy$1,1306-8 Days
Ship a car from Anchorage, Alaska to Honolulu, Hawaii2,782 mi from Port of Alaska to Honolulu Port$1,1126-8 Days
Car transport from Houston, Texas to Miami, Florida1,187 mi via I-10 E$7124-6 Days
Auto shipping from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Tampa, Florida1,270 mi via I-65 S$7624-6 Days
Ship a car from Buffalo, New York to Los Angeles, California2,532 mi via I-80 W$1,0127-9 Days
Transport a car from Columbia, South Carolina to San Francisco, California2,696 mi via I-40 W$1,0787-9 Days
Shipping a car from Boston, Massachusetts to Seattle, Washington3,044 mi via I-94 W$1,2178-10 Days
Ship a car from Salem, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California3,113.2 mi via I-80 W$1,2458-10 Days
Ship a car from Richmond, Virginia to San Diego, California2,601 mi via I-40$1,0407-9 Days
Haul a car from Houston, Texas to Sacramento, California1,931 mi via I-10 W$1,1585-7 Days
Car Shipping from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to San Jose, California2,199 mi via I-80 W$1,0996-8 Days
Car transportation from Olympia, Washington to Miami, Florida3,365 mi via I-80 E$1,3468-10 Days
Shipping a Car from Newark, New Jersey to Orlando, Florida1,065 mi via I-95 S$6394-6 Days
Car Shipping from Juneau, Alaska to Tacoma, Washington1,742 mi via BC-37 S$1,0455-7 Days
Shipping a Car from San Oakland, California to New York City, New York2,899 mi via I-80 E$1,1597-9 Days
Auto Transportation from San Diego, California to Miami, Florida2,655 mi via I-10 E$1,0627-9 Days
Ship a Car from Los Angeles, California to Houston, Texas1,547 mi via I-10 E$9285-7 Days
Shipping a Car from Honolulu, Hawaii to Los Angeles, California2,554 mi via Port of LA to Port of Honoulu$1,0217-9 Days
Auto Moving from San Francisco, California to Chicago, Illinois2,132 mi via I-80 E$1,0666-8 Days
Car Transportation from Pensacola, Florida to Columbus, Ohio821 mi via I-65 N$6153-5 Days
Vehicle Shipping from Tampa, Florida to Detroit, Michigan1,178 mi via I-75 N$7064-6 Days
Shipping a Car from Destin, Florida to Denver, Colorado1,495 mi via I-20 W$8974-6 Days
Auto Transportation a car from Florida City, Florida to Cambridge, Massachusetts1,517 mi via I-95 N$9105-7 Days
Vehicle Shipping from Jacksonville, Florida to New York City, New York930 mi via I-95 N$6973-5 Days
Shipping a Car from Madison, Wisconsin to Tallahasee, Florida1,111 mi via I-65 S$6664-6 Days
Transporting a Car from Vancouver, Washington to Austin, Texas2,057 mi via I-84 E$10286-8 Days

Different Options for Moving a Car to Another State

By Sea

A boat may be the most viable option if you’re moving your car over long distances or between coastal states. Shipping your vehicle by sea is often the cheapest method for longer distances.

However, it may take longer than other choices due to the slower speed of ships compared to trucks or trains. Thoroughly research and compare shipping companies to find the best price and service for your specific requirements.

By Train

If you’re wondering whether moving your car between states using train transport is possible, the answer is yes! While we don’t provide this tran transport service directly, we may be able to help arrange a spot for you on a train if you want to explore this alternative option.

Taking a train can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to moving your vehicle from one city to another. Sometimes, train may also be cheaper than truck transport, especially if the destination is on a central railway. However, this method does require planning as availability varies depending on train routes, schedules, and cargo options.

By Plane

For those who need their cars transported quickly and aren’t too worried about the cost, sending your vehicle by air may be an ideal choice. This method is significantly faster than any other form of transport but also comes with a hefty price tag. It’s essential to consider the size and weight of your vehicle before opting for air transport, as these factors can influence the cost. However, we do not currently offer plane transport service as most of the customers use truck transportation within the U.S.

Driving Yourself

If you’re looking for an adventure and don’t mind putting a few hundred miles on your vehicle, driving it from one state to another may (but not always) save you money compared to hiring a company truck transport. However, this method does come with some inherent risks. Inclement weather, accidents, and fatigue can all potentially cause damage – not to mention the wear and tear on your car from long-distance travel. Plus, your vehicle may not even be insured out of your state, so that’s a BIG risk as well.

Hire a Driver

Another transportation mode for state-to-state car transport is driveaway service, where a professional driver takes the wheel and drives your car to its destination. This option can offer a more personal touch and faster delivery times while still being relatively affordable. However, remember that additional mileage will be added to your vehicle.

This option still adds additional wear and tear on your car and you don’t know if the driver is experienced and trustworthy enough to handle your vehicle responsibly. Be sure to research trustworthy drivers with excellent driving records and experience in long-distance transit.

Tow Your Car

If you’re moving states with a truck or large vehicle, you may consider towing your car behind it. Towing your car is affordable but requires proper equipment and knowledge to ensure it’s done correctly and safely. Consult a professional if you’re unsure of how to tow your vehicle properly.

Truck Transport using a Car Transport Company

For those who want the peace of mind that comes with handing the responsibility over to professionals, trusting a reputable car transport company like Easy Auto Ship is the best choice. Companies like us specialize in safely moving vehicles from one location to another. Plus, we offer customizable options, such as enclosed or open trailers. When selecting a company, make sure to compare multiple quotes, read customer reviews, and verify their insurance coverage before making a decision.

MethodCostTransport TimeConvenienceCar Safety
By Sea$$1-2 weeksModerateHigh
By Train$$1-8 daysModerateHigh
By Plane$$$$$1-2 daysHighHigh
Driving Yourself$$1-3 daysLowModerate
Hire a Driver$$1-3 daysModerateHigh
Tow Your Car$$2-5 daysLowLow
Truck Transport By an Auto Shipper$$$1-9 daysHighHigh

The cheapest method might not always be the best fit for your specific needs, so weighing the cost against other factors such as speed, convenience, and safety is essential. We hope this information helps you decide how to transport your vehicle during your state-to-state move!

Easy Auto Ship Offers Versatile State-to-State Car Transport Services:

When it comes to being flexible and versatile enough to offer any kind of auto shipping services, Easy Auto Ship is the name everyone takes; it’s true, check out the 5,000 reviews about us. The best part of using is you get all kinds of car shipping and delivery modes under one roof. Here’s a glimpse of what we have to offer.

Transport Modes

The actual auto shipping service falls into the below given services, no matter which type of vehicle or heavy equipment you want to haul.

Open Transport

When it comes to moving cars from state to state, open transport is often the cheapest option. With this method, your vehicle is secured onto a multi-car trailer and hauled across the country alongside other cars. While your vehicle may be exposed to the elements during transit, rest assured that our professional drivers take exceptional care to ensure its safety.

Open transport is a particularly popular choice for customers who want to save on cost without compromising on quality service. Plus, since the trailers are large enough to accommodate up to 10 vehicles at a time, it’s easier for us to find space for your car – and that means faster pickup times!

Enclosed Transport

While open transport might be the cheap option for moving vehicles between states, many customers opt for enclosed transport when they want extra car protection. This method involves placing your car inside a fully enclosed trailer with solid sides and roof – keeping it safe from dirt, dust, debris, and weather conditions as it travels from city to city.

Enclosed transport may not be the cheapest solution available, but it’s an excellent choice if you’re moving a luxury vehicle or classic car. Our company is among the handful transports offering this premium service at competitive rates so you can confidently move your precious cargo.

Expedited Transport

Need your car transported from one state to another in record time? Our expedited state-to-state car transport service has got you covered! With this option, we assign dedicated carriers to give your vehicle a priority pickup.

While expedited service does come at a higher cost, many customers find the added convenience well worth the investment. In some cases, rush orders can be delivered in as few as two days from one state to another – talk about speedy service!

Pickup/Delivery Modes:

At Easy Auto Ship, we strive to cater to your specific needs regarding state-to-state car transport. That’s why we offer a variety of pickup and delivery modes that are designed to provide you with the most convenient and efficient service possible. Check out our top three options below, and let us handle the rest!

Door-to-Door: Straight To Your Front Door

Why bother with unnecessary trips to pick up your precious vehicle when we can bring it right to your doorstep? Our door-to-door state-to-state car transport mode saves you time and effort and keeps your vehicle from accumulating extra miles on its odometer. Plus, it doesn’t get any more convenient than having your car picked up from your home/garage and delivered to your desired location without having to drive it there yourself.

With our reliable drivers and trusty GPS systems, you can relax knowing that your vehicle is in good hands and will be delivered safely and efficiently. Don’t just take our word for it – read our glowing reviews from satisfied customers who have used this service!

Terminal-to-Terminal: A Budget-Friendly Option

Looking for a cheap state-to-state car transport option? Look no further! Our terminal-to-terminal delivery mode involves dropping off your vehicle at one of our many conveniently located terminals across the country. You can then pick up your car from a terminal near your destination – simple as that!

This cost-effective option minimizes any chances of damage or extra mileage on your vehicle while in transit, which could otherwise occur on a train or other modes of shipping. Plus, you can feel confident knowing that a reputable company like ours is taking care of all aspects of the transportation process.

Port-to-Port: When Going Coastal Is Your Goal

Got a coastal relocation coming up? No worries! Easy Auto Ship has covered you with our port-to-port state-to-state car transport option. From the bustling harbors of California to the serene shores of Hawaii, we ensure your vehicle is securely delivered to and picked up from the ports throughout the U.S.

Our cost-effective port-to-port shipping solution saves you the hassle and cost of driving your car across states and ensures that it reaches its destination in perfect condition. Like our other delivery modes, our reputation for excellence is backed by countless positive reviews from happy clients.

Don’t stress about the logistics of shipping your vehicle across states; let Easy Auto Ship handle it! Our team of knowledgeable professionals will ensure we find a solution that suits your needs, budget, and timeframe while prioritizing your vehicle’s safety at every step.

Contact our shipping agents today for a quote, and let us help make your interstate move as smooth and hassle-free as possible!

From Cars to Motorcycles and Even Boats - You Name It, We Move It!

At Easy Auto Ship, we don’t just limit ourselves to moving cars - we move everything! From motorcycles to boats, construction machinery to farming equipment, our state-to-state auto transport company has you covered.

We’re proud to offer the most comprehensive transportation solutions for all types of vehicles and heavy equipment. Here’s a glimpse of what we can move for you:

Cars and SUVs

From luxury sedans to family minivans, choose us when you need to transport a car to another state without any hassle.

Pickup Trucks and Vans

Have a workhorse that needs shipping? Look no further; our auto shipping experts are trained to handle every challenge of moving these giants across states.


Whether you have a chopper or sports bike that needs transporting, trust our cost-effective and secure services.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

Taking an RV on the road is fun, but sometimes driving it from one state to another can be exhausting. Let Easy Auto Ship take care of the transportation while you plan your next adventure!


Whether it’s a motorboat or sailboat, our crew is experienced in handling watercraft of all sizes for safe and secure shipping between states.

Heavy Equipment

Catering to the construction, farming, and industrial sectors, we provide superior shipping services for oversized machinery like bulldozers, excavators, tractors, and more.

So, why drive your vehicle from one state to another when Easy Auto Ship offers a convenient and cheap alternative? Reviews from our satisfied customers speak volumes about our commitment to providing stellar services. Be it shipping your vintage car for an exhibition or shipping heavy equipment for your next project, trust Easy Auto Ship for all your state-to-state auto transport needs. We promise you won't be disappointed!

Why Choose Easy Auto Ship for Your State-to-State Car Moves?

Shipping a car across state lines is complex and comes with a set of challenges, but fear not because Easy Auto Ship is here to save the day! With years of experience and thousands of happy customers, our state-to-state auto transport service is hands down the best way to ship a car to another state. But don’t just take our word for it; read on to discover the top reasons why Easy Auto Ship should be your go-to choice for all your state-to-state car moves.

Nearly 5,000 Reviews Online

When trusting a company with your valuable vehicle, you want to know that they have a proven track record. And with nearly 5,000 reviews online, it’s clear that Easy Auto Ship has earned its place as the industry leader in state-to-state auto transport. Our clients love our efficient and hassle-free shipping process and are overjoyed when they see their cars delivered safely and timely.

A+ Accreditation from BBB

Not every company can boast an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, but Easy Auto Ship can! This recognition proves that we provide outstanding services and always put our customers first. When you choose our company to transport a car to another state, you can rest easy knowing that we uphold the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Expert State-to-State Drivers

We know the quickest and safest ways across the country like the back of our hands. Our expert drivers have spent thousands of hours on the road and know all the best routes for each state-to-state move. They say practice makes perfect, and we’ve definitely put in our share of practice at Easy Auto Ship.

ELD Tracking

We believe in transparency throughout the entire shipping process. That’s why we utilize Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) that track mileage in real time. This way, you know exactly what you’re paying for, and there’s no room for hidden costs when it’s time to haul your vehicle from one state to another.

Cargo Insurance

We understand the value of your car, which is why we ensure it’s protected during its journey across state lines. Our company provides at least $100,000 in cargo insurance for every vehicle we ship – the only way to haul your car with complete peace of mind is to know it’s covered.

Perks: Free Car Wash and Rental

At DIY Auto Transport LLC, we believe in going the extra mile. That’s why if your vehicle arrives dirty or is delayed, we’ll treat you to a free car wash and rental. We always strive to maintain top-notch shipping services, but sometimes life has other plans. In case of unforeseen circumstances, we’re there to help put a smile back on your face.

Our countless positive reviews and commitment to excellence speak for themselves. It’s no wonder that so many satisfied customers have found their way to Easy Auto Ship for all their state-to-state auto transport needs. So go ahead – give us a call today and let our experts take care of your car shipping needs in the best way possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ship a car to another state?
Yes, you can easily ship a car to another state. State-to-state auto transport refers to the service of hauling your vehicle from one state to another, ensuring a safe and secure transport experience. At Easy Auto Ship, we specialize in providing cheap, efficient, and reliable shipping services for customers who need to ship a car to another state.
How does Easy Auto Ship handle shipping vehicles across states?
Our experienced team of transporters understands the nuances of each state’s laws and regulations, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. We coordinate with our extensive network of over 15k carriers and drivers to find the best route for transporting your car from state A to state B.
When shipping my vehicle, can I choose between open and enclosed transport options?
Absolutely! Open shipping is a cost-effective choice for those looking to save money on shipping, while enclosed transport provides additional protection for your car during its journey. Simply let us know your preference when booking your shipment.
Is it possible to ship a car to another state using a train?
While it’s not our primary mode of transportation, theoretically, it is possible to ship a car by train to another state but only if you manage to find a train going from your current state to the destination state. This is because only Amtrak is the reliable train transport provider and their route doesn’t run throughout the U.S.
How do I prepare my vehicle for shipping?
When preparing for interstate transportation, start by removing personal items from the car’s interior and exterior, ensuring there’s only about ¼ tank of gas in the vehicle, checking the battery charge, and inspecting your car for any existing damage before pickup.
How long does it typically take to transport a car from one state to another?
Cross–country shipments take around one week; however, shipping times may vary based on weather conditions and carrier availability.The time it takes to haul your vehicle will largely depend on the distance between pickup and delivery destinations.
Can I track my vehicle during shipping?
Of course! Easy Auto Ship provides real-time tracking updates for customers eager to monitor their vehicle’s progress during transport. Stay in the loop with your car’s location and estimated delivery time.
Will my vehicle be insured during transport?
Yes, all vehicles shipped through Easy Auto Ship are covered by at least $100k cargo insurance policies, ensuring protection in the unlikely event of any damage incurred during transportation.
Should I know any hidden fees when shipping my car state-to-state?
Our transparency and clear communication with our customers are visible in glowing client reviews online. When you receive a quote from Easy Auto Ship, rest assured that it covers all necessary costs associated with transporting your vehicle. No surprises – just simple, reliable auto transport services!
Can I haul more than one car at a time?
Definitely! We understand that families or businesses may need to haul multiple vehicles from one state to another. Our team will gladly coordinate the logistics to ship multiple cars simultaneously. No matter the distance or the number of vehicles, transporting your car is a breeze with Easy Auto Ship’s state-to-state auto shipping services!
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