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Car Shipping Quotes

Fully Transparent Car Shipping Quotes in Minutes

Get precise estimates on how much it costs to ship your vehicle in minutes using our free car shipping quote calculator - no surprises, no hidden costs!

Easy Auto Ship Makes Getting Car Transport Quote a Breeze

Step 1

Select any vehicle transport pickup and drop-off locations across the country and choose the first available pickup date

Step 2

Use Easy Auto Ship’s instant online car shipping calculator to calculate across-the-country car shipping costs (You can also call us, send an email/text or talk to an expert on live chat)

Step 3

Prepare your auto shipment for pickup

Inter-City Auto Shipping Quotes for Door-to-Door Transports

Want to move a car within your city? Maybe you don’t want to drive there yourself, or you just have too much on your hands to be in the driver’s seat for hours. If so, hire our inter-city car transport service to help you with that. Whether you’re moving home, or shipping the car off to a mechanic, tradeshow, convention, auction house or someplace else within or to another city, hiring us will save time and offer convenience. Here are some ideas for the cost to ship a car.

New York City, NY, to Miami, Florida1,290 Miles via I-95 S$7754-6 Days
Honolulu to Hilo, Hawaii209 Miles via Port$2092-3 Days
Chicago, Illinois to Dallas, Texas925 Miles via I-55 S$6933-5 Days
Los Angeles to San Francisco, California391 Miles Via I-5 N$3912-4 Days
San Jose, California to Seattle, Washington839 Miles via I-5 N$6303-5 Days
Houston, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia792 Miles via I-10 E$5953-5 Days

Free Instant Coast-to-Coast Car Transport Quotes:

Want to ship a car across the country to another state? Don’t want to be the driver and take a long trip to a different state? Don’t know how much it can cost to move the car cross-country from the east to the west coast? Easy Auto Ship can help! You can just enter a few details into our free car transport cost calculator and receive close estimates. Here are some across-the-country vehicle estimates:

Montana to Louisiana1,855 Miles via I-25 S$1,1155-7 Days
Los Angeles to Texas1,245 Miles via I-10 E$7504-6 Days
Louisiana to California1,904 Miles via I-40 W$1,1505-7 Days
California to Illinois2,084 Miles via I-80 E$1,0506-8 Days
Michigan to California2,403 Miles via I-80 W$1,2007-9 Days
New York to Los Angeles2,789 Miles via I-80 W$1,1157-9 Days
Florida to California2,703 Miles via I-40 W$1,0807-9 Days
Los Angeles to Florida2,568 Miles via I-10 E$1,0257-9 Days
Hawaii to California2,467 Miles via Honolulu Port$1,500+ (Port to Door)7-14 Days
New Jersey to California1,119 Miles via I-95 S$6714-6 Days

International Car Shipping Quotes - Get the Best Value for Money with Easy Auto Ship

Whether you’ve bought a car in another country and want to move it here, or you are moving to another country and want to take your car with you, a vehicle shipping company like Easy Auto Ship can help! We use two types of vehicle transport methods to move your car to another country:


Known as roll-on, roll-off, you pay a much cheaper cost to move a vehicle, which is done through ocean transport - no truck drivers. However, your vehicle is parked on the freight openly, which comes with a little bit of security risk.

Container Transport

Just like the enclosed truck drivers move vehicles in a container, this kind of transport involves vehicles being delivered to the destination port inside an airtight container for maximum protection.

Factors We Consider When Calculating Auto Shipping Quotes

Vehicle Type

The cost to ship a car will always be different from the truck shipping cost. The reason is the size of the trucks. They’re bigger and heavier, requiring more handling effort by the transport truck driver. Plus, the engine of a transport truck will burn more fuel to move another truck as compared to a sedan.

Car Condition

An inoperable car costs more to load onto the truck as the driver needs to attach a winch or hydraulic ramp to the truck to load the car, which requires an additional fee of $200 to $500, depending on vehicle size.

Transport Trucks

Enclosed truck shipping cost will be more than the open truck shipping quote because it’s more securer and has less space to move vehicles.

Service Type

You’ll have to pay a little bit more for different services like expedited shipping, door-to-door delivery, and guaranteed pickup date.

Fuel Price

Shipping trucks consume a set amount of fuel for a set number of miles. If the fuel price increases, the moving costs through a truck also go up.

Shipping Season

Fall is the slowest season for any auto shipping company. Truck shipping drivers have high availability due to a lack of orders, so you pay much lower to move cars or ship a truck. For high-demand seasons like summer, you can expect to pay $100 to $500 extra per transport.

Total Shipping Distance

The longer the trip a truck driver has to make to ship a vehicle, the lower the truck shipping quote you’ll get. This is because the cost to ship per mile decreases with an increase in distance. So you may pay lower per-mile costs for within-city transports compared to inter-state moves.

Transport Location

pickups and deliveries in metropolitan areas are cheaper because more tucks are available to move a car.

Types of Car Transport Quotes

Standard Quotes

The lowest truck shipping quote because the driver drives to your location to pick up your car with a more relaxed timeline, such as 3-5 days.

Expedited Quotes

You pay a little extra, but the truck drivers are faster and arrive to pick up vehicles within 1-2 days.

Binding Quotes

Here, you bind the car transport company with a quote they give you, so no changes or surprises later on.

Why Do Truck Shipping Quotes Are Different Than Sedans?

Shipping a truck costs more than a sedan, and the same is for any bigger vehicle, mainly due to the size and weight.

When shipping a truck or any other bigger vehicle like boat, RV, Van, or even heavy equipment, the drivers have to use more manpower to load, unload and handle the shipment.

Furthermore, shipping a truck costs increase further based on its size. If it occupies more space, let’s say the space of two sedans, it reduces the profits of auto shippers and carrier drivers. Similarly, the increased weight that the hauler pulls burns more fuel, which also increases the cost.

Plus, when shipping a truck or other bigger inoperable vehicles, you need extra equipment like a forklift, powerful winches and hydraulic ramps that further increase the cost.

TypeAdditional Cost
Large SUV$150
Full-Size Truck$150-$175

How to Get the Best and Most Affordable Car Transport Quotes?

Hiring Professionals

Use a professional company to move your vehicle with excellent reviews like Easy Auto Ship. We have D.O.T. certified drivers, and we move every vehicle from full-size trucks to small sedans.

Ship From a Metropolitan Area

Cities like New York City, Chicago, Dallas and so on will be cheaper to ship to and from because more professional truck drivers are available.

Provide Complete Shipment Details

Provide every detail, no matter how small, when getting a quote to ensure accuracy. Wrong or missed details may increase the cost.

Use Our Auto Shipping Discounts

Easy Auto Ship hires professional drivers to move vehicles by offering them bulk orders. This gets us a good deal, and we pass it on to customers through discounts.

Schedule Vehicle Transport in Advance

If you book us 2-3 weeks in advance, we get ample time to vet the drivers and find the most suitable match for you within or close to your budget.

Why Move Your Vehicle With Easy Auto Ship?

Car Shipping Technology

We leverage sophisticated algorithms to calculate precise quotes, use eBOL to eliminate frauds, deploy ELD to ensure transparency between driver and client, and offer GPS tracking, so you know where the driver is at all times.

Years in Business

We’ve been moving cars and driving haulers around since 2013. We’ve shipped over 120,000 vehicles for 88,000+ happy customers across the 50 US states.

Confidence of Customers

We have over 4,000+ reviews with an average of 4.9-star ratings, which shows the confidence people have in our professional car shipping services.

Award-Winning Service

We’ve received multiple awards for our professional service from giant business reviewers such as Forbes Home,, and Motor1. We’re also rated A+ by Better Business Bureau.

Car Shipping Quotes - Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a professional car Shipping company vs driving the car, which one has better cost-savings?
A professional car transport company will typically cost higher as compared to driving the vehicle yourself. However, besides the gas, accommodation, and meal costs, you’ll have to face long driving hours, inconvenience, and the risk of the car breaking down on the roadside if you drive the vehicle yourself. Plus, driving the car for hundreds of miles will increase mileage on the odometer, reducing its financial value. So professional car transport is almost always better when it comes to convenience and long-term savings compared to driving yourself.
Can I hire someone to drive my car across the country?
Getting someone for driving your vehicle across the state or driving it within the city is not a bad idea. However, they need to be professional across-country drivers. This is because you are trusting a stranger to drive the vehicle across the country, and if the driver disappears with it, there’s not much you can do besides relying on law enforcement. And even if you hire a professional across the country driver, your vehicle will still rack up miles on the odometer, reducing its resale value. So instead of hiring an across the country driver to move your car, it’s better to use a professional auto transport company to ship your vehicle across the country.
How to reduce costs when shipping a truck?
Shipping a truck costs more than small vehicles because of its size and weight. However, if you hire large open trucks to move your truck, you can reduce the quote by $100-$200, depending on different sizes of trucks.
Hiring professional companies for shipping a truck vs getting it towed, which one has better quotes?
Shipping a truck using a professional transport company will cost a little more than a towing company. However, trucks are expensive vehicles, so you want someone with experience in moving vehicles. A car shipping company has wide trailers with better road grip and more equipment to handle trucks. It may cost a few hundred bucks extra, but it’s safer and more convenient.
Does my car shipping quote include insurance?
Yes, it does. Before hiring professional drivers, Easy Auto Ship checks that they have at least $100,000 of coverage. We use online software to verify if a driver has active insurance and any claims made in the past, along with the claims’ natures, before we let them hit the road with shipments.
How to get quotes for shipping multiple cars across the country?
If you’re moving multiple vehicles across the country, you need to talk to someone from our team on call or live chat. You need to provide pickup and delivery locations across the country and the date on which you want our driver to arrive (first available pickup). We will calculate cross-country quotes for the different vehicles in your shipment, find the best-suited drivers to move them and then provide you with close estimates of cross-country car shipping for multiple vehicles.

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews — Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— People Vouch For Our Services - Here’s What They Say About Car Shipping Quotes

⭐Review From Dean Lonskey

“I needed someone to ship my Yamaha FJR1300, saddlebags & all, to my nephew in Minnesota from California. After entering info into a search website, Brandon from Easy Auto Ship was one of the operators replying back with an affordable quote. It took me a few weeks to get things finalized and when I was ready, so was Brandon. I had some reservations due to some of the horror stories I read in shipping vehicles in general but he assured me those are very rare and that he’d help if any issues arose. Once ready, setting things up was quite easy and painless and was willing to work with me regarding pick-up time. The drive showed up, actually about an hour early but he was very willing to wait until I was off work then got it loaded up. Driver was also very meticulous on how he strapped down my motorcycle, knowing how “precious” it was to me and my family. Delivery was just as easy and driver arranged pickup with my nephew, albeit showed up a little earlier than expected…I’d rather have a driver show up reasonably early then late. I’d highly recommend Easy Auto Ship if you need your vehicle shipped…I will if I need something again!”

How We Relocated Dean Lonskey’s Yamaha From CA to Minnesota

Our website is meticulously integrated with tools that make it super easy for visitors to simplify their auto shipping process. One such tool is the car transport calculator. Users can enter information about the vehicle and get quotes in minutes. Dean Lonskey also used our calculator. He entered all the information and was contacted by Brandon from our team. Dean needed to move his Yamaha FJR1300, saddlebags, and other stuff from his place in California to his Nephew in Minnesota. At first, Dean was a little skeptical about using a vehicle hauling service because of the horror stories many of us have heard. However, that’s precisely why Easy Auto Ship was launched, to make things easy. Brandon took care of everything from finding the carrier to ensuring the motorcycle was delivered on time. The driver ensured it was properly secured on the trailer with tight straps, further confirming the motorbike’s full safety.

⭐Review From Troy

“So I entered my information into the computer to get a quote. Then my phone rang off the hook and my email started to blow up. Eventually I was contacted by Jeanette and ultimately her personality was the deciding factor for me choosing this company to deliver my 75 Blazer from Texas to Washington. Not only did they have competitive pricing but mainly she was not pushy, wasn’t rushing through confusing information trying to snatch my business, she explained the whole process and how it all works in a very relaxed manner and left all the follow through up to me once I did my research. She was available throughout the process for all my questions and kept me in the loop the whole way. I am pleased with the company and her as a person. Was confusing at the beginning but would use them again if needed. Thank you. Hope this review can help someone else because honestly I wasn’t sure where to start.“

How We Shipped Troy’s 75 Blazer From Texas to Washington

Troy used a car transport calculator to get a quote, and Jeanette contacted him. Before her, other transporters constantly contacted him, but he didn’t find anyone worth hiring until Jeanette contacted him. Her professional, helpful, and polite personality was the deciding factor for Troy because that’s what every customer wants in a business: excellent support. Troy needed to ship his 75 Blazer from Texas to Washington. We gave him a very competitive price and explained the whole process to him from A to Z. He went ahead and booked us. We found the carrier for him, kept him informed throughout the transit, and ensured timely delivery.

⭐Review From Naureen

“I used EAS to transport my parents’ car. EAS stood out above the rest: easy to obtain a quote, good price - reasonable & less than most other companies, easy communication - Lindsay S. was amazing throughout the process - I text directly & received quick responses. It was a relief to communicate quickly & with the same person throughout. The carrier Carlos picked up the car - was great, thorough & delivered the car in 2 days. I had peace of mind throughout. Great experience! Thank you Lindsay S & Carlos”

How We Moved Naureen’s Parent’s Car From Nevada to Texas in 2 Days

Naureen wanted to move her parent’s vehicle from Nevada to Texas and obtained a competitive quote from us, leading her to hire her. We knew this booking required responsible handling because she was shipping a vehicle on behalf of her parents, and we all want to ensure people close to us are not disappointed if we do something for them. So we ensured she received praise from her parents, so we put one of our best, Lindsay, on this case. She oversaw the whole transit, and the driver, Carlos, also went above and beyond to ensure the delivery was done on time (in just 2 days), offering complete peace of mind to Naureen.

⭐Review From Jen G

“Can’t say enough about how smooth and seamless the process was with Easy Auto Ship. I called several shippers for quotes and the only one that answered their phone on a Friday at 5 PM was this company. Other shippers didn’t even bother to return my calls. They had a great rate and picked my car up by Tuesday and delivered by Thursday, less than a week from when I made the call! Very satisfied with the entire process. Thank you!”

How We Hauled Jen’s Vehicle From Oregon to Wyoming in 2 Days

Jen wanted to move her car from Portland, Oregon to Wyoming, so she called several auto transporters but it was Friday evening, so most brokers were about to close shop. No one answered until she called Easy Auto Ship. We’re always available for our clients, even during holidays and after hours, so we respond instantly. She asked for a quote to ship a car from OR to WY; we provided competitive rates, booked the transport, picked up the car by Tuesday, and delivered the vehicle by Thursday, which means under 6 days in total.

⭐Review From Ron H.

“Easy arranged for 3 of our family cars to move from Seattle to North Carolina. Quote was competitive, transporter was polite, conscientious and all vehicles made it with only a little dirt to show. Good experience.”

How We Transported Ron’s 3 Family Cars from Washington to North Carolina,

Ron wanted to ship 3 family cars from Seattle to North Carolina. We gave him a quick quote, which he liked, so he made the booking. Since it was a long haul (2,800 miles) and we needed to move 3 of Ron’s family cars, we ensured a responsible carrier was assigned. We found a polite and professional driver from our dispatch network of over 15,000 carriers who handled the job responsibly and moved the vehicles without hiccups.


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