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Shipping a car cross-country can be a daunting process, and we suggest you get several car shipping quotes before you decide on a company to ship your car. There are many factors that go into car shipping quotes before a price is determined. Distance is one of the biggest and most obvious factors that will determine the car shipping cost. The next factor is the size and weight of the vehicle you need to ship. Car haulers can only put so much on their truck, as they are regulated by the DOT. Meaning, the bigger and heavier your vehicle is, the more you should expect to pay to ship it.

Popular Routes vs Regular Routes

The popularity of the route also plays a significant role in the cost to ship a car. If no one else is trying to ship vehicles on that route, then you can expect to pay more per mile. However, if there are numerous vehicles on that route that need to be shipped, then the price of the car shipping quote can go up.

Car Shipping Quotes, Car Shipping QuotesHOW TO GET CAR SHIPPING QUOTES

There are several ways to get car shipping quotes. The easiest way to get one is to search for the term 'car shipping quotes' online. Many companies will pop up to choose from, but only a few will provide instant quotes online with a car shipping calculator. Many will want you to fill out a form with all the information, then get back to you, by phone or email, with the car shipping quote.

Easy Auto Ship has the most reliable and accurate car shipping calculator in the industry, and we pride ourselves on being able to give our customers instant online car shipping quotes.

Our car shipping calculator takes in all the economics of the car shipping business from a hauler’s perspective. We also have a price watch team that monitors the supply and demand of all the routes. Easy Auto Ship is constantly updating our car shipping calculator to reflect to our customers an accurate, online car shipping quote.


Shipping a car internationally is a much more complicated process than shipping a car domestically. Getting international car shipping quotes is not as easy process either, and generally has three different parts to it. Those three parts are the domestic shipping to the port, customs, and the international cargo ship to the port. When you go online to get an international car shipping quote, most companies will collect all the information before giving you a quote.

Easy Auto Ship is one of the few car shipping companies in the world that can give you an accurate instant international car shipping quote.

Our car shipping calculator has technology to figure out the domestic shipping, as well as which port is most cost-effective to ship out of. It also helps you know the cost of the international leg of the trip. Easy Auto Ship has the technology and experience to give you a stress-free and reliable international car shipping experience. Call us today at 888-687-3243, or use our car shipping calculator to get all the car shipping quotes you need.

Car Shipping Quotes, Car Shipping Quotes

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