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Vermont is a beautiful state, from Lake Champlain in the west, to the Green Mountains in the East. Vermont also is known for great ski resorts, hiking, climbing, University of Vermont and Bennington College.  When the ski season is over, the foliage season kicks in. Fall in Vermont is beautiful, and many people travel to Vermont to see this and ride the ski lifts to get the great views. However, once the fall is over and the weather turns cold, many of the Vermont resident choose to spend the winters in Florida or a southern state with warm weather. During this time, Car Transport Vermont is in high demand and Easy Auto Ship is very busy shipping cars from Vermont to Florida.

Car Shipping Vermont

Car Shipping Vermont with Easy Auto Ship.

Whether you are moving to or from Vermont, or even bought your dream car online and need to get it back to Vermont, Easy Auto Ship is the preferred choice for Vermont Car Transport Services.  It's very common to think that driving your car when moving is going to save you money. However, when you add up the time spent driving, hotel and food, gas money, and wear and tear on the car, the cost to ship car becomes much more attractive. Let Easy Auto Ship handle your Car Transport Vermont. We have the experience and knowledge that it requires to get a reliable and affordable car transport service.  Contact us today for a free car shipping Vermont quote.

Vermont Car Transport Options

When you are considering Vermont Car Transport, you have several options.  Open-air Car Transport is the most economical choice and very reliable.  It's cheaper, due to the car haulers being able to carry 8-10 cars at a time versus an enclosed car transporter, who can only ship 4-6 cars at a time. If you are shipping a luxury, antique, or high-end vehicle, then enclosed car transport Vermont may be your best option, as it adds protection from the outside elements and much higher cargo insurance.

Open-air Car transport Vermont usually carry about 250,000 dollars in cargo insurance. The enclosed car transporters Vermont carry a minimum of 1,000,000 dollars of cargo insurance, giving the client a little extra peace of mind when shipping a more expensive car to or from Vermont. Easy Auto Ship also offers expedited Car Transport Vermont for people that are in a hurry to get their vehicle picked up and dropped off.  You can expect to pay about 40% more for this Vermont Car Shipping Service.

Cost Factors of Vermont Car Transport

There are several things that go into the cost to ship a car. The biggest factor of how much it cost to ship car is the supply of car transporters in the area headed your way during the time you need to ship your car. The time of year will also greatly affect the cost to ship car in Vermont, as it’s a big snowbird state. You can expect the cost to ship a car south during snowbird season to raise about 30-40%. Also, the current cost of diesel fuel will affect how much it cost to ship a car.

We suggest you avoid very cheap car shipping quotes, as many times they are associated with bait and switch price tactics from not very reputable car shipping brokers. Easy Auto Ship will always be straight forward and transparent with the car shipping process and cost to ship a car.  We are a 5-star Car Transport Vermont Company and have spent many years compiling a preferred carrier list that we trust our client’s cars with. You can get a free Car Transport Vermont quote by filling out our car shipping calculator online, calling us at 888-687-3243, or starting a live chat with one of our Vermont Car Transport experts.  All Easy Auto Ship car shipping agents have the experience to answer any questions about the car shipping process from start to finish.

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