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Auto Transport Solutions For Your Business

Easy Auto Ship is a 3PL Logistics Firm specializing in Full Circle Auto Transport Solutions and Technologies. We are a talented, young, progressive team of individuals that love working together to provide our clients with the most innovative technologies and service that this industry has to offer and now demands.  We are the leaders in instant, accurate auto transport quotes anywhere in the world, and power platforms like Classic Cars, Hemmings and several other well-known international websites. Our success depends our yours, which is why we are always listening hard, taking good notes, and doing whatever it takes to really hear what our customers are telling us.  We are excited and look forward to earning your business, servicing your needs, and keeping you as our long term client!

Expert Advice from a Decade of Experience

Our auto transport specialists are dedicated to providing our customers with the best customer service and technology solutions in the industry. The Diy Transport Portal may allow you to truly Do It Yourself, but you'll always be backed by the professional support of our experienced team and your own designated agent.

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"I've been using the shipping widget on my website for a few months and just started using the portal too. It's closed a lot of deals for my company already without me having to do much at all. Any time I have an issue, I call my agent and she either shows me what I'm doing wrong or fixes it herself. Great people to work with, and the tool is awesome."



"I just started using the portal to ship cars for my auction and so far it's perfect. They ran me through a demo when I signed up, and everything is really easy to use. I also got a commission for getting my brother to sign up with his moving company, and I get a little bonus for every car he ships which is pretty cool. My rep is really helpful too, and I can text him if I have a question or anything."


"I arrived a few minutes late to find a smiling drivers face. The trailer was too big to make a u-turn on my street. The challenges he faced were loading and turning, through all the difficulty the driver still had a great attitude. It took about 15 minutes to find out that he was going to have to back up 1/4 mile to get out of my street. Once again "all done with a smile" He kept in communication throughout the trip, calling to let us know when he was in traffic and his ETA. Upon arriving at the destination the car would not start, the driver assisted my sister by pushing the car into the garage. Wow now that was really unexpected. Thank you for sending such a professional driver!!! "


"Itruckpay is the best! I've transported multiple loads for Diy and I get paid straight to the account, I can send invoices, and I even get discounts on fuel if I pay with it. It's easy to use even when I'm on the road"


"A great company to deal with, Lindsay is a terrific person to work with. E-Mails and phone calls answered promptly. The trucker, AK Carrier, they supplied, were excellent and answered there phone every time I called. I would highly recommend them. This was the first time I had a car shipped, and am very pleased with the service I received. I would highly recommend them and would use them again."


"My auto move was between Hollywood, Florida and Mesa Arizona. DIY was very responsive to my timeline needs, adjusting the pickup date and then holding my car for a day to accommodate my arrival in AZ. The car was in the same condition when I received it as it had been when it was picked up. I especially want to call out Jessica in scheduling who made the adjustments I needed and Gerry who was very professional in picking up the car. The real hero for me was Bobby who could not unload the car at my son's apartment complex, so he unloaded it a few blocks away, and drove it to me. Above and beyond what was necessary and very much appreciated. All of that AND their price was 2/3 of other companies."


"The service was clear organized and precise and there were no hidden fees and everything was explained up front and follow up emails were sent to establish great reviews of what was going on and what was said. Above all of this Stephanie's personalized service of being the authority figure that helps you the customer personally and the friendliest voice possible during some situations that can be stressful.Trust me, you want this company doing whatever transport you have next."


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