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Virginia Car Shipping

Virginia Car Shipping

Virginia is a history-rich state with a diverse landscape. It offers a unique blend of bustling cities, quaint towns, and scenic countryside, making it an attractive destination for tourists and residents. Its strategic location along the Eastern Seaboard, with its numerous ports and extensive network of highways, facilitates a thriving automotive industry, which necessitates efficient and reliable car transport services. Virginia’s climate, while generally mild, can be unpredictable, with tropical storms, winter snow, and tornadoes posing challenges to the safe and timely transportation of automobiles. The state’s robust transportation infrastructure, including nine major interstate highways, such as I-95, and numerous United States highways, ensures that Virginia car transport is feasible and highly reliable, even in inclement weather conditions.

As a premier car transport company, Easy Auto Ship understands the intricacies of Virginia car transport and is well-equipped to navigate its unique challenges. With hundreds of cars shipped to and from Virginia annually, our experience and expertise are unmatched in the industry, ensuring seamless and hassle-free car transportation for our clients. Whether you’re relocating to or from Virginia, considering a car transport service may save you time and energy and prove to be more cost-effective, as it eliminates the expenses associated with long-distance driving, such as lodging, meals, fuel, and vehicle wear and tear.

At Easy Auto Ship, we recognize that every client’s car transport needs are unique, and we are committed to offering top-notch personalized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our extensive knowledge of Virginia’s transportation landscape and our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction make us the ideal choice for your car shipping needs. Trust in our transporters’ expertise and experience, and let us make your Virginia car transport experience as easy and stress-free as possible. Feel free to call us at (888) 687-3243 for free car shipping quotes with no obligation to you!

Cost to Ship a Car to and from Virginia

It’s a crucial question that many individuals seeking Virginia Car Transport services often ask when planning to relocate their vehicle. At Easy Auto Ship, our company is dedicated to providing the best auto transport companies and the most competitive pricing in the industry.

The average cost per mile for shipping a car to shorter distances is approximately $1/mile. However, when transporting a vehicle over longer distances (to and from distant states/cities from Virginia), the average cost per mile ranges from $0.75 to $0.40.

DistanceBase Price Per mileExample DistanceExample Price
1-500 Miles$1.00400 miles$400
500+ miles$0.75900 miles$675
1,000+ miles$0.601,200 miles$720
2,000+ miles$0.502,400 miles$1,200
2,500+ miles$0.403,600 miles$1,440

To provide a clear understanding of the expenses involved in moving a car, here are six examples to help you get an idea of the potential costs:

Under 500 miles (nearby states):

Over 600 miles (distant states):

  • Virginia Beach, VA to Miami, FL (960 miles): $720
  • Alexandria, VA to Chicago, IL (700 miles): $525
  • Charlottesville, VA to Houston, TX (1,400 miles): $840

Several common factors come into play when determining the total cost of a car shipping service.

  • The total distance from the origin and destination directly impacts the overall cost, with longer distances typically resulting in lower costs per mile. For example, moving a vehicle from Virginia to Hawaii may cost you less per mile than shipping within Virginia.
  • Moreover, the size and weight of the vehicle can influence the price, as larger and heavier vehicles require more transportation resources, potentially leading to higher costs.
  • Also, the type of service chosen plays a significant role in the total expense, with options such as open transport (which is more cost-effective) and enclosed transport (offering additional protection but at a higher cost) available for customers.
  • Furthermore, the time of year can also impact the cost of vehicle shipping, with higher demand during peak moving seasons potentially leading to increased prices.
  • Lastly, the best car shipping companies, like Easy Auto Ship, may offer special discounts or promotions, which can ultimately affect the overall cost of the service.

Feel free to call us at (888) 687-3243 for free car shipping quotes with no obligation to you!

How Long It Takes to Ship a Car to and from Virginia

Shipping a vehicle to and from Virginia with our company, Easy Auto Ship, can take varying amounts of time depending on the distance being traveled and other factors that may influence the process.

For shorter distances within Virginia or nearby cities, covering 200 to 500 miles, the average time for our service to transport a vehicle is typically 2-4 days.

On the other hand, for longer distances, spanning from 600 to 2,000 miles, the car shipping service may take anywhere between 4 to 9 days.

MilesDays In Transit
0 - 2001 -2
200 - 6002 - 4
600 - 10003 - 5
1000 - 15004 - 6
1500 - 20005 - 7
2000 - 24006 - 8
2400 and up7 - 9

To better illustrate this, let’s consider three examples of transport timelines for distances under 500 miles from Virginia to nearby states:

Meanwhile, here are three examples of transport timelines for longer distances of over 600 miles from Virginia to other states:

  • Virginia Beach, Virginia to Miami, Florida, our service may require 4-5 days to move your car.
  • Alexandria, Virginia to Houston, Texas, the best auto transport companies can take around 5-8 days for vehicle transportation.
  • Newport News, Virginia to Los Angeles, California, our service might need 7-9 days to transport your vehicle.

Despite our commitment to providing efficient and time-bound service, certain factors could lead to delays in vehicle transport. Some of these factors include:

  • Inclement Weather: Severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, snowstorms, or heavy rainfall can affect the shipping routes, leading to delays in our service for moving vehicles.
  • Traffic Congestion: High traffic levels, particularly in urban areas, can cause delays in the transportation process as our service providers navigate through the congestion.
  • Road Closures: Unexpected road closures or detours due to construction or accidents can affect the transportation timeline, making our service take longer than anticipated to deliver your vehicle.
  • Vehicle Inspection and Documentation: Thorough vehicle inspection and documentation processes at collection and delivery points may sometimes require additional time, causing minor delays in our transporting service.
  • Remote Locations: If your pickup or drop-off location is remote, our service providers may need extra time to reach the drop off point, resulting in a longer transportation time.

While our company strives to offer the best service possible for your vehicle transportation needs, keeping these potential factors in mind is important. This way, you can understand the transport process and prepare for any possible delays when moving your vehicle, whether it’s a short distance within Virginia or a longer journey to a distant state like Hawaii. Feel free to call us at (888) 687-3243 for free car shipping quotes with no obligation to you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the factors that affect the cost of car shipping services in Virginia?
The cost of car shipping in Virginia depends on various variables including the type of vehicle being shipped, the distance between pickup and delivery locations, and the time of year. For example, shipping a large SUV from Richmond to Virginia Beach during the peak summer season may cost more than transporting a compact sedan from Arlington to Charlottesville during the fall.
Are there any specific regulations for shipping vehicles in Virginia?
Yes, Virginia has specific regulations for vehicle shipping that the carrier and the customer should comply with. For example, all carriers must be registered with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, carry the necessary insurance, and adhere to weight limits on roads and highways. Customers are responsible for ensuring their vehicle is in a safe and operable condition for transport.
How to prepare a vehicle for transport in Virginia?
To prepare your vehicle for transport in Virginia, ensure it is clean inside and out, remove all personal belongings, and disable any alarms. Additionally, make sure the gas tank is no more than a quarter full and note any existing damage or issues with the vehicle. Providing this information to the car shipping service will help avoid any misunderstandings or disputes upon delivery.
How to find the best car shipping company in Virginia?
Research customer reviews online, read them, and understand their experience to find a reliable car shipping company in Virginia. Additionally, check the company’s credentials, such as their registration with the U.S DOT and FMCSA and proof of insurance. Lastly, obtain multiple quotes from different companies to compare prices and services, ensuring you find the best fit for your needs.
Can I ship a non-running or inoperable vehicle in Virginia?
Yes, you can ship a non-running or inoperable vehicle in Virginia, but it may require special equipment and handling, which could increase the cost of the service. For example, suppose you need to transport a classic car that is not currently running from Norfolk to Roanoke. In that case, the shipping company may need a flatbed truck or specialized trailer to accommodate the vehicle’s needs.

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews—Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— Here’s What People Say About Our Virginia Auto Shipping

⭐Review From Colleen McLain

“This is the fourth time we’ve used Easy Auto Ship to get our daughter’s car from Northern Virginia to New Mexico for college. As always, they proved to be a valuable partner. This time the trucking company the job was contracted out to left a lot to be desired. But Tiffany, who was our contact at Easy Auto Ship, made a frustrating and difficult situation easier to deal with. The driver was supposed to pick up our car ‘in the evening’ according to their dispatcher (NOT an employee of Easy Auto Ship). We heard nothing until 8 pm and for the next three hours we were assured he was ‘an hour away’. During this time Tiffany remained in constant contact with us - despite the fact that her work day had ended. She gave us her personal cell number so we could be in touch as either of us heard more from the driver or dispatcher. Our car was finally picked up at 1 am and Tiffany was still texting to make sure he’d actually shown up and then, that we got home after leaving the car. She continued to be in touch as the drop off day/time grew near, and celebrated with us when the car was back in our hands. While we would never use the driver again (and Easy Auto Ship has put that transporter on their never use list) we would not hesitate to use Easy Auto Ship again - and will do just that when this school year comes to a close.”

How We Transported Colleen’s Daughter’s Car From VA to NM For College:

Being one of our regular customers, it was an obvious choice for Colleen McLain to call us when her daughter needed to move her vehicle from her hometown in Northern Virginia to her college in New Mexico. She had already used our services three times, and this was her fourth time; we had to ensure the quality of service was consistent with her past experiences. However, this time, we did experience a slight hiccup where the carrier we picked did not arrive for pickup on time, which was frustrating for both Colleen and us. Although our support agent, Tiffany’s work day, had ended, she still stayed in continuous contact with Colleen via her personal phone number and ensured a different carrier was arranged. At the end of the day, Tiffany sorted everything out, and Colleen’s daughter’s car was picked up. But that’s not the end of it; it’s our duty to ensure our customers never face any issues when dealing with us, which is why we added the first carrier to the blacklist and never contacted him for any transport job again.

⭐Review From Bryan

“My partner and I were in the process of moving from VA to AL and had 3 vehicles in total (personal, moving truck, and pickup truck). We decided to haul our personal vehicle with the moving truck and needed a way to get the truck shipped. Easy auto was not only affordable, but their agents went above and beyond to make the entire process smooth and memorable. They connected me with a driver that did an AMAZING job shipping the truck and getting it delivered in a timely manner. We couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you Easy Auto. Shout out to Gary for getting us taken care of!!!”

How We Facilitated Bryan with a Smooth and Affordable Multi-Truck Move from VA to AL

Bryan and his business partner were looking for someone to move their 3 vehicles from Virginia to Alabama, which included a moving truck, a pickup truck, and a personal vehicle. Since the load of trucks was heavy, and all 3 of them required a good chunk of space on the hauler, it had to be a big and rugged trailer. Gary from our support department understood their requirements and located the right carrier who was ready to roll. The carrier arrived at the pickup location in Virginia, loaded all three vehicles, and went on his way to deliver the shipment in Alabama. The entire process went smoothly, leaving Bryan and his partner glad they hired Easy Auto Ship.

⭐Review From Ricky Butler

“I highly recommend Easy Auto Ship, ask for Christie. She has shipped two cars for my business recently. I called Christie needing 2 classic cars shipped to Maine from Madison, Virginia. Both cars were shipped right away for two different customers. I plan to let Christie know about all my classic car shipping needs from now on. Thank you Christie. Butler Automotive Sales. Madison, Va.”

How We Relocated Multiple Classic Cars for Ricky Butler’s Dealership From Maine to Virginia

Ricky needed to move two classic cars for his business, Butler Automotive Sales, in Madison, Virginia, from Maine. He contacted Easy Auto Ship and was connected with Christie, one of our excellent customer reps. She listened to all of his requirements and booked the shipping. We understand shipping classic cars requires an extreme level of careful handling as these vehicles are fragile, and if damaged, finding their parts can be a big pain. Plus, he needed each car to be shipped to a different customer, so there were two drop-off points. So, we ensured the driver understood the task. Ricky’s vehicles were moved on time, and he was happy with the service.

⭐Review From Nickles

“Samm Riar was such an awesome person to work with. Definitely recommend her helping you. I shipped my car from Virginia to Alaska no problem!”

How We Made Long-Distance Shipping Easy for Nickles

Nickles needed to transport his car all the way from the state of Virginia to Alaska, which is not a short distance. He worked with our stellar auto moving rep Samm Riar, who made the complex cross-country vehicle moving process totally hassle-free. She coordinated a reliable enclosed car transporter to protect Nickles’ automobile on the long transit. The car arrived from Virginia to Alaska without any issues, making Samm an excellent transport partner for interstate shipping. Nickles recommends requesting her expertise for smooth long-distance transport.

⭐Review From Mark Dodd

“My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Easy Auto Ship. When another auto transport company didn’t honor their commitment and left us in desperate shape, Colin Saad stepped in and saved the day for us. He quickly located a reputable driver and had my wife’s Tesla picked up as soon as possible. The driver (Marco) was kind, professional, and expertly transported the car from Virginia to Florida quickly and in excellent condition! We can’t say enough about how great Colin was. We’d definitely make Easy Auto our first and only choice in the future. Thank you!”

Easy Auto Ship Saved The Day For Mark By Moving His Wife’s Tesla from Virginia to Florida

Mark Dodd wanted to move his wife’s electric car, a Tesla from Virginia to Florida but he was in contact with a different company at first. However, they abandoned him at the last minute and so she was desperate to find a new, reliable transporter and that’s when he found Easy Auto Ship. Marked talked to Colin Saad from our team and we ensured the Tesla is handled and delivered from Virginia to Florida with care and on time. Our driver, Marco, was in contact with Mark ensuring he’s updated and comfortable knowing his vehicle is safe and on route to FL.

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