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Alabama Auto Shipping

Efficient and Secure Car Shipping to and from the Heart of Dixie

Experience Hassle-Free Car Transport in Alabama with Our Premier Services

At Easy Auto Ship, we are proud to offer Alabama’s most efficient and secure car transport services. Our expert carriers have several years of experience in the providing top-tier auto shipping services. Whether you’re moving to or from Alabama or need to transport a car within the state, we can help. Our team will work with you to create a custom car transport plan that meets your specific needs and budget.

We use only the most reliable and hand-vetted car carriers and equipment to ensure that your vehicle is transported safely and securely. We guarantee on-time automobile delivery, so you can rest assured that your car will be there when needed.

Moreover, our car transport services are not limited to Alabama; we serve the entire USA. With our state-of-the-art car carrying fleet, we can handle multiple cars simultaneously and offer competitive auto transport pricing. You can trust us to manage all your car transport needs in Alabama and beyond.

How Long Does it Take to Transport an Automobile to and From Alabama?

Transporting an automobile to and from Alabama typically takes between 3 and 7 days. However, transport times may vary depending on the car’s pick-up and delivery locations.

The auto transport process usually involves the auto shipping company picking up the car at the specified location, which is usually the customer’s residence. Once the car has been securely loaded onto the shipping truck, it is transported to the designated delivery location within a few days. Here’s a small table to give you an idea of transport time’s relation to shipping distance:

MilesDays In Transit
0 - 2001 -2
200 - 6002 - 4
600 - 10003 - 5
1000 - 15004 - 6
1500 - 20005 - 7
2000 - 24006 - 8
2400 and up7 - 9

Easy Auto Ship takes great care during auto transport to ensure that the car is not damaged in any way during the process. The auto transporter will provide updates throughout the car shipping process and will unload the vehicle carefully upon arrival at the destination.

In order for the auto shipping company to transport an automobile without any issues, information about the car must be provided accurately. This includes details such as size, make and model of the car, as well as any modifications to the car or special requirements for transport.

At Easy Auto Ship, we take pride in offering the best car shipping services available. Our team of highly knowledgeable professionals is dedicated to providing you with a seamless auto transport experience. Whether you need your car shipped within AL or across the country, our experts ensure that your automobile arrives at its destination safely and on time.

How Does Alabama Car Transport Work?

Easy Auto Ship’s Alabama car transport services make it simple and easy to transport your car from one place to another. Here’s how we handle your car transportation needs in three simple steps:

Step 1

Getting Free Car Shipping Quote:

Our Alabama car shipping services provide a hassle-free way to get your car transported from A to B point. We provide door-to-door car shipping services, allowing you to have your vehicle picked up directly from your doorstep and transported to its new destination.

All you need to do is provide us with basic information about your car’s make and model, weight and dimensions, and pick-up and drop locations, and we will provide you with a free shipping quote.

Step 2

Preparing the Vehicle:

Once that’s done, you’ll prepare your vehicle for shipping. This involves draining any liquids from the car, disconnecting the battery, and ensuring that all personal items have been removed. The car transporter will then arrive at your location for vehicle pickup.

Next, your car will be loaded onto a specialized auto transport carrier. The car transporter will then start moving the vehicle to its destination. Most car transport companies provide tracking information so that you can monitor the shipping progress of your vehicle.

Step 3

Delivery and Inspection:

Finally, when the car arrives at its destination, the car transporter will unload it, and you can inspect it for any damages during the shipping. You can sign the Bill of Lading and finish the process if no new damages are found.

The entire transportation process usually takes around one week if it’s within Alabama or to/from nearby states, but some auto transport services may take longer, depending on your location.

At Easy Auto Ship, we pride ourselves in providing quality car transport services at competitive rates. We strive to make the transport process as easy as possible for our customers, from beginning to end. We also offer various protection options, ensuring your car is safeguarded during its transport.

Transport Your Car Even Faster With Our Expedited Auto Shipping Service:

If the above given time-frames are a little high for you, feel free to benefit from our state-of-the-art expedited car shipping services that guarantee quick and safe car transport. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer superior car shipping services that meet the urgent transport needs of our customers.

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand that each customer’s needs are unique, and we strive to provide tailored transport solutions for every customer.

Rest assured; we are committed to providing you with the highest quality car shipping services. We understand the important role that timely car transport plays in your plans, and we go out of our way to provide the fastest possible transport service.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is always available 24/7 via live chat, email or phone calls to clear any concerns or questions you may have about our expedited car transport services.

Alabama Car Transport Cost:

Transporting your car from Alabama to another state can be complex and time-consuming. When you’re looking to transport a car to or from Alabama, it’s essential to understand the cost involved in auto shipping. The total cost of Alabama car transport will depend on several variables, such as the type of car, the distance from AL and the mode of transportation. Some of the common factors include:

Alabama’s shipping and transport services come at various cost levels, depending on the auto transport company and travel distance. For example, auto transport service for a regular car within Alabama may cost between $500 and $1,000 for 500 to 1,500 miles.

When you need to transport your car from Alabama to another state, the cost of car shipping can be different as there may be toll taxes and a greater distance.

The type of transport you choose also affects the cost of AL auto transport. For instance, open car carriers transport multiple vehicles simultaneously at a cheaper cost, and enclosed car carriers offer excellent protection by keeping your car safe from environmental elements like rain, snow and dirt.

Car shipping via open carrier is typically the most cost-effective way to transport a vehicle, especially if you are transporting it long distances. This is because the auto shipping cost/mile decreases with increased miles. Here’s a table to give you an idea:

DistanceBase Price Per mileExample DistanceExample Price
1-500 Miles$1.00400 miles$400
500+ miles$0.75900 miles$675
1,000+ miles$0.601,200 miles$720
2,000+ miles$0.502,400 miles$1,200
2,500+ miles$0.403,600 miles$1,440

Although the car transport cost per mile decreases with increase in miles, the total transport cost may be higher if you are transporting a car over a long distance.

Some car shipping companies in AL may offer discounts or incentives to help lower the cost of car transport. Easy Auto Ship is one of such transport companies as we have discounts for army service veterans and those shipping multiple cars at once. If you are searching for an auto transport company in AL, it is essential to compare quotes from different companies to ensure you get the best possible rate.

Additionally, we can provide insurance coverage of up to $100,000 for cars during transit, so you have peace of mind that your car is safe. If you are shipping a luxury vehicle and want higher coverage, then, we can help you get GAP insurance to cover the difference between our coverage and your automobile’s value.

Costs to Transport a Car From Alabama to Other States or Vice Versa:

To & From StatesShipping DistanceEstimated CostEstimated Time
Alabama to Alaska4,306 Miles via BC-97$1,7728-10 Days
Alabama to Arizona1,593 Miles via I-20 W$9555-7 Days
Alabama to Arkansas453 Miles via I-20 W$4532-4 Days
Alabama to California2,162 Miles via I-40 W$1,0816-8 Days
Alabama to Colorado1,500 Miles via I-70 W$9004-6 Days
Alabama to Connecticut1,155 Miles via I-81 N$6934-6 Days
Alabama to Delaware930 Miles via I-85 N$6973-5 Days
Alabama to Florida547 Miles via I-10 E$4102-4 Days
Alabama to Georgia263 Miles via GA-26 E$2632-4 Days
Alabama to Idaho2,145 Miles via I-80 W$1,0726-8 Days
Alabama to Illinois727 Miles via I-65 N$7273-5 Days
Alabama to Indiana613 Miles via I-65 N$4593-5 Days
Alabama to Iowa931 Miles via I-65 N$6983-5 Days
Alabama to Kansas1,065 Miles via I-40 W$6394-6 Days
Alabama to Kentucky499 Miles via I-75 N$4992-4 Days
Alabama to Los Angeles2,043 Miles via I-10 W$1,0216-8 Days
Alabama to Louisiana388 Miles via I-20 W$3882-4 Days
Alabama to Maine1,508 Miles via I-85 N$9045-7 Days
Alabama to Maryland868 Miles via I-85 N$6513-5 Days
Alabama to Massachusetts1,263 Miles via I-85 N$7574-6 Days
Alabama to Michigan933 Miles via I-65 N$6993-5 Days
Alabama to Minnesota1,327 Miles via I-65 N$7964-6 Days
Alabama to Mississippi157 Miles via I-20 W$1571-2 Days
Alabama to Missouri617 Miles via I-22$4623-5 Days
Alabama to Montana1,970 Miles via I-90 W$1,1825-7 Days
Alabama to Nebraska1,179 Miles via I-22$7074-6 Days
Alabama to Nevada2,095 Miles via I-40 W$1,0476-8 Days
Alabama to New Hampshire1,329 Miles via I-85 N$7974-6 Days
Alabama to New Jersey1,031 Miles via I-85 N$6184-6 Days
Alabama to New Mexico1,229 Miles via I-20 W$7374-6 Days
Alabama to New York1,066 Miles via I-85 N$6395-7 Days
Alabama to North Carolina585 Miles via I-85 N$4382-4 Days
Alabama to North Dakota1,636 Miles via I-94 W$9815-7 Days
Alabama to Ohio704 Miles via I-65 N$5283-5 Days
Alabama to Oklahoma731 Miles via I-20 W$5483-5 Days
Alabama to Oregon2,433 Miles via I-80 W$1,2166-8 Days
Alabama to Pennsylvania986 Miles via I-81 N$7393-5 Days
Alabama to Rhode Island1,229 Miles via I-85 N$7374-6 Days
Alabama to South Carolina399 Miles via I-85 N$3992-4 Days
Alabama to South Dakota1,321 Miles via I-29 N$7924-6 Days
Alabama to Tennessee254 Miles via I-65 N2542-4 Days
Alabama to Texas827 Miles via I-20 W$6204-6 Days
Alabama to Utah1,772 Miles via I-20 W$1,0635-7 Days
Alabama to Vermont1,359 Miles via I-81 N$8154-6 Days
Alabama to Virginia670 Miles via I-85 N$5023-5 Days
Alabama to Washington838 Miles via I-85 N$6283-5 Days
Alabama to West Virginia704 Miles via I-81 N$5283-5 Days
Alabama to Wisconsin937 Miles via I-65 N$7023-5 Days
Alabama to Wyoming1,615 Miles via I-80 W$9695-7 Days

Ultimately, the cost of transporting your car will depend on the type of vehicle and the shipping distance. If the car is small or compact, the transport cost will likely be less than transporting a larger vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I ship my car to or from Alabama?
Shipping a car to or from Alabama is relatively simple. Firstly, you’ll need to select an auto shipping company that provides transport services to and from Alabama. Be sure to ask questions about the company’s car shipping process, pricing, insurance coverage, and customer service before choosing them for your AL auto transport needs.
What types of cars can I ship with Alabama Auto Shipping?
Easy Auto Ship can transport almost any vehicle type, from compact cars to luxury vehicles. We offer both open and enclosed car transport services, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.
How much does it cost to ship a car to or from AL?
A rough estimate would be $500 to $1,000 for 1,500 miles. The cost of car transport to or from Alabama will depend on various factors, including the type of vehicle being shipped, the distance of the shipping route, and the kind of car transport service chosen. The best way to get a precise estimate is to contact Easy Auto Ship directly for a free car shipping quote.
How long does it take to ship a car with Alabama Auto Shipping?
The average car shipping time within Alabama with Easy Auto Ship is 3-7 days. However, due to factors like the route, weather, and road conditions, the exact transit time can change. Plus, it can take a little longer for coast-to-coast or state-to-state transport.
What kind of insurance coverage do you provide when shipping a car?
Easy Auto Ship has verified cargo insurance coverage for all cars we transport. Different insurance coverage levels are available depending on the customer’s needs. Before hiring any car transport carrier, we personally verify the him for insurance coverage and only assign a shipment if the coverage is intact.

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews—Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— Here’s What People Say About Our Alabama Car Shipping

⭐Review From Jamie P.

“An absolutely flawless process with great customer service. Needed to ship my daughter’s car from NJ to Alabama. Process was great, coordination was great and flexible, driver was professional and very accommodating - since the destination was a college campus and his trailer couldn’t make it in - he offered to unload the car nearby and drive it to her himself! Fantastic experience.”

How We Moved a Vehicle for Jamie’s Daughter’s Car From NJ to Her College in AL

Jamie wanted us to move his daughter’s car from New Jersey to her campus in Alabama so she could commute without any issues. Being a company that has shipped thousands of vehicles for students, we know exactly what every parent is looking for when hiring transporters to move vehicles for their college-going kids. So we guided Jamie through the complete process, accommodated any special requests, and delivered the vehicle to the campus. Although the trailer wasn’t able to go inside the campus, our driver unloaded the vehicle outside and drove it inside by himself to where Jamie wanted.

⭐Review From Bryan

“My partner and I were in the process of moving from VA to AL and had 3 vehicles in total (personal, moving truck, and pickup truck). We decided to haul our personal vehicle with the moving truck and needed a way to get the truck shipped. Easy auto was not only affordable, but their agents went above and beyond to make the entire process smooth and memorable. They connected me with a driver that did an AMAZING job shipping the truck and getting it delivered in a timely manner. We couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you Easy Auto. Shout out to Gary for getting us taken care of!!!”

How We Facilitated Bryan with a Smooth and Affordable Multi-Truck Move from VA to AL

Bryan and his business partner were looking for someone to move their 3 vehicles from Virginia to Alabama, which included a moving truck, a pickup truck, and a personal vehicle. Since the load of trucks was heavy, and all 3 of them required a good chunk of space on the hauler, it had to be a big and rugged trailer. Gary from our support department understood their requirements and located the right carrier who was ready to roll. The carrier arrived at the pickup location in Virginia, loaded all three vehicles, and went on his way to deliver the shipment in Alabama. The entire process went smoothly, leaving Bryan and his partner glad they hired Easy Auto Ship.

⭐Review From Marty Villarreal

“Outstanding! I had my Porsche shipped from Alabama to Arizona using Easy Auto Shipping and it arrived two days ahead of schedule and without any issues. My contact experience was with Stephanie Douglas. She was courtesy, professional, very nice and she took the time to explain to me how the car transport business works. At no time did I feel pressured like other companies that promised me a lower rate. Stephanie gave me the Easy Auto Shipping rate and that’s what I paid. If you are looking for a good shipping company give Stephanie a call. I highly recommend Easy Auto Shipping.”

How We Won Over Marty Shipping His Porsche State-to-State

There are some clients who have expensive vehicles that need transport with excellent care and responsibility. Marty Villarreal was one of those clients and approached us to move his valuable Porche from Alabama to Arizona. He contacted us and his rep was Stephanie from our support department. Being a pro that Stephanie us, she maintained the courtesy, and professionalism and took the time to explain the auto shipping process to Marty. Since we believe that you get what you pay for so Stephanie was transparent about the prices and what they offer from the start. Mark appreciated her transparency - no hidden fees or bait-and-switch tactics. The Porsche arrived two days early, in the same flawless condition it was picked up. Marty was so impressed by the five-star service, he highly recommends requesting Stephanie for seamless specialty car shipping.

⭐Review From Mike Ankrum

“I just had my 1983 Camaro moved from the DC area to Northern Alabama. Easy Auto Ship made the process extremely easy, affordable, and fast. The driver that chose the job did a great job loading the car, transporting, and off loading the car for us. He even helped us load it into the storage unit which wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Overall we had a great experience and will definitely use Easy Auto Ship again if I need to get a vehicle moved.”

How We Made Mike’s Vintage Camaro Transport Smooth and Affordable

Mike Ankrum was searching for a transporter to move his classic 1983 Camaro from Washington DC to Alabama. He got in touch with our team and was guided accordingly. We made the door-to-door process fast, straightforward, and affordable. Our experienced transport driver took great care loading, shipping, and unloading Mike’s vintage 1983 Camaro. Our carrier also went above and beyond, helping Mike move his vehicle to his storage unit at the time of delivery, which was not an easy deal but our driver ensured Mike’s the vehicle is safely moved to the unit. Overall it was a great experience for shipping Mike’s valuable muscle car cross-country.

⭐Review From Scott Montgomery

“Could not be more satisfied with the service I received from Easy Ship. Was shipping a 1946 Chevy pickup truck from Ohio to Alabama. Contacted the big boy carriers , The ones you see that ship from the auto auctions . OMG, thank goodness I found easy ship. The big boys wanted 3 times as much plus could not guarantee a booking for more than 5 weeks out . Called Ez ship, Talk with Blake a broker at easy ship , very knowledgeable courteous and on point. Excellent constant communication through the whole process by text message or email had my truck picked up 2 days later and was at my house the following day could not ask for more ,top notch , wished I could leave more than 5 stars”

How We Coordinated Scott’s Vintage Truck Shipping with White-Glove Service

Scott Montgomery was looking to move a classic 1946 Chevy truck from Ohio to Alabama. He contacted several auto transporters but after seeing their outrageous quotes, he turned to Easy Auto Ship, one of the most affordable auto haulers in the industry. We connected Scott with one of our professional representatives, Blake, who was knowledgeable and kept Scott fully updated throughout the seamless auto transit. Scott’s vintage 1946 Chevy truck was picked up within two days and successfully dropped at Scott’s house the very next day! Scott stated that he couldn’t have asked for a better transport service than the red-carpet treatment Easy Auto Ship provided.

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