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Snowbirds Auto Transport

Snowbirds Car Shipping: Transport Vehicles Hassle-Free To and From The South

We make moving your car a breeze with safe, reliable and affordable transportation

It’s that time of the year again when snowbirds flock to the south to escape the extreme colds of the winter. However, it can be quite tricky and dangerous to drive there yourself due to slippery and snowy roads. Easy Auto Ship can help transport your car(s) safely and on time.

Here’s How Easy Auto Ship Can Help Transport Your Cars:

Need your boat shipped by land? No problem. How about by sea? We’ve got you covered there too. No matter what your unique situation calls for, we have a solution to make your boat transport stress-free and seamless. Unlike most transportation companies, Easy auto Ship is one of the largest transporters of land and sea vehicles. Some of our boat transportation services include:

Door-to-Door Car Transport:

We help snowbirds move vehicles from their location in the North to their exact provided location in the south, be it Hawaii or Florida.

Transparent Transport Prices:

We provide precise car transport estimates through our free car shipping quote calculator. Furthermore, we use ELDs and tracking tools to ensure every mile traveled is accounted for maximum car shipping cost transparency.

Guaranteed Car Pickup:

We have thousands of car transport carriers in all 50 U.S. states, so we have a driver ready to move your car as soon as you place the order. Sometimes, delays can occur due to a high sales volume amid the busy snowbird season. However, we’ll ensure your vehicle is picked up ASAP.

Personalized Auto Transport:

We work hard to ensure your car is transported safely and securely. This means we’ll take the time to know your car transport needs and your vehicle handling specifics. This allows us to create a transport plan tailored for your car.

Expedited Car Shipping:

If snowbirds are traveling to the south and they need their vehicles with them faster, they can get our expedited car shipping service and receive guaranteed 1-2 days of car pickup.

Benefits of Snowbirds Car Shipping Using Our Auto Transport:

Move Personal Items for Free

You can save on courier costs by shipping personal items of up to 100 lbs inside your car.

Snowbirds Shipping Discounts

We offer generous snowbirds transport discounts if asked by customers, so you can save even more when you transport your automobile with us.

Fast Auto Shipping

Easy Auto Ship has carriers spread across 50 states, so the car pickup is fast, and the transport is also quick thanks to their expert road maneuvering skills.

No Extra Travel Expenses

If you drive the car by yourself, you’ll pay for gas, accommodation, and meals and also put wear and tear on the car. But if you use our snowbirds auto shipping service, you avoid all that!

Avoid Long Car Drives

Driving your car through icy and snowy roads is risky, and accidents are quite common during this time. With our service, you can just book your airplane ticket and go south while we transport your vehicle there.

Most Common Snowbird Auto Shipping Routes

There are a number of snowbird routes to warmer areas that include coast-to-coast and interstate travel within the U.S. Most snowbirds ship automobiles from these states:

Many snowbirds also flock from Canada to the warmer Southern U.S. regions. No matter from where these winter tourists transport their vehicles, they likely land in the following states and cities:

No matter where you’re shipping from or where you want to transport your car, we have skilled carriers across the U.S. and Canada who can easily transport your car.

Snowbirds Car Shipping - Frequently Asked Questions:

How far in advance should I book snowbird car shipping?
It’s better to book more than a month in advance because the fall and winter seasons are the busiest for snowbird car shipping companies.
Is my car fully insured during the shipping process?
Your car is insured with our cargo shipping policy, which puts $100,000 coverage on every automobile being transported with us.
Do snowbirds have to register their car in Florida?
Yes, you must register your car and buy insurance when you go to Florida for the winter.
How much does it cost to have a car transported to Florida?
The car shipping cost mostly depends on the total distance, automobile type, weight and dimensions and gas prices. So depending on these factors, the car shipping price can range from $500 to $2,000 or more.
What types of automobiles can be transported by a snowbird's car transport service?
As a seasoned snowbirds car transport service provider, Easy Auto Ship can transport any automobile, including cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, and RVs.
What are some common snowbirds' car transport routes?
Car shipping to and from Arizona or Florida are the two most popular snowbird routes and destinations. The routes typically include shipping from New England states to lower states like New York and concluding in Florida through the I-95 route. Moreover, From Seattle, WA, through California to Arizona via I-5 is another standard route. From Chicago to Florida or Texas is another popular snowbird auto shipping route.

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