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Maryland is on the East Coast of the U.S. and borders West Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The weather in Maryland is typical of many other east coast states, with several tornado’s each year and many thunderstorms. The Port of Maryland is a very high traffic port and a huge port for importing and exporting several brands of cars, making it the number two auto port in the United States. Transportation is a big part of Maryland’s economy, along with government, agriculture, and manufacturing. Maryland is also one of the 13 original colonies in the U.S.

Car Shipping Ocean City, Maryland

Tourism is also a big part of the economy in Maryland, due to Ocean City and its resort area, which has miles of beaches, hotels, restaurants, and shops. For decades, the theme park on the south end of the boardwalk, Trimper's Rides, has been a part of the Ocean City history and people travel each year to visit the Park. You may need car shipping Maryland services if you are planning a vacation to Ocean City, Maryland.  Easy Auto Ship has the experience and knowledge for Auto Transport Maryland Residents and vacationers.  Contact us today and get a free car shipping quote. We are one of the best car shipping companies Maryland.

Auto Shipping Maryland

If you are thinking about moving to or from Maryland, you may want to consider shipping your car rather than driving it.  Moving can be stressful enough, so let us do the car shipping, saving you time and money and letting you focus on the moving part. Maryland has a large interstate highway system and many state highways making Car Transport Maryland an easy job. Whether you're moving for a job, or just a change of pace, Maryland is a great place to live. It has lots of things to do, see, and a great family state. Many people that work in the government live in Maryland and do quite a bit of car shipping due the travel their job requires.

Some Cost Factor of Car Shipping Maryland

Always beware of cheap car shipping quotes, as they usually come with a lot of problems. There is a lot of bait and switch tactics that go along with the cheap car shipping companies. Here are some things you may want to consider when getting an Auto Transport Maryland Quote. One of the largest factors of price is whether you want open car shipping or enclosed car shipping. For every 10 open car carriers there is only 1 enclosed car shipping truck, meaning the availability of open spots on enclosed carriers is much scarcer. Since Maryland is a large snowbird state, the time of year will greatly affect the cost to ship a car.

If you are looking to ship a car from Maryland to Florida during the end of fall and early winter, you can expect to pay up to 50% more than normal rates.  On the flip side of that coin, if You are looking to ship a car from Florida to Maryland you can expect to pay 50% less than normal rates. Other things that will affect the cost to ship a car is the current price of diesel fuel, year, make, and model, and the distance your car needs to be shipped.

Auto Transport Companies Maryland

When looking for the best car shipping company Maryland consider Easy Auto Ship for your Car Shipping Maryland services.  We are a 5-star auto transport company and we have all the car shipping Maryland reviews to back that up. We use only the most reliable car carriers with the highest safety rating with DOT. We also double vet our car shipping carriers insurance and back up the car shipping process with our own contingency cargo policy of 100,000 dollars per occurrence.  That gives our clients the most peace of mind when using our Auto Transport Maryland services.

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