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New Mexico Car Shipping

New Mexico Car Transport

The Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, where the air is as dry as a comedian’s wit, and the chili peppers are as hot as the gossip at a high school reunion. With its plethora of natural wonders, rich history, and culture as vibrant as the hues of a desert sunset, this Southwestern gem is unlike any other state in the Union. Whether you’re craving a leisurely ride in a hot air balloon over the picturesque landscape, gawking at the extraterrestrial wonders of Roswell, or exploring the depths of Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico has something for everyone. But as with any great adventure, there comes a time when one must face the harsh reality of logistics, particularly when it comes to automobile transportation.

Shipping cars to and from New Mexico is not as straightforward as you may think, with many factors coming into play. From navigating the winding mountain roads to braving the seemingly endless stretches of arid terrain, shipping an auto can be as daunting as assembling IKEA furniture on a Sunday afternoon. And let’s not even mention the fluctuating costs that can cause your wallet to tremble in fear. But don’t fret, for there is a beacon of hope in this dusty land, a company that emerges like a superhero from the pages of a comic book: Easy Auto Ship.

With a name that speaks for itself, Easy Auto Ship is the master of making auto transport as easy as a walk in the park, or in this case, a drive through the desert. With our expertise, we can make your car move smoother than a freshly waxed surfboard, ensuring it is delivered to its destination in the same pristine condition it was left in. Boasting a team of experts with the precision of a surgeon and the attention to detail of a Sherlock Holmes novel, our company is as reliable as your favorite pair of jeans, navigating the vast terrain of auto shipping with confidence and ease. Why not call us at (888) 687-3243 and get free, no-obligation quotes right now?

Easy Auto Ship Offers No-Obligation, Free Auto Shipping Quotes

What sets Easy Auto Ship apart from its competitors, you ask? For starters, we possess an uncanny ability to predict the average cost of auto transport with our proprietary calculator, a skill as rare as finding a needle in a haystack. We can offer you an estimate as accurate as a Swiss watch, saving you from the uncertainty often accompanying auto shipping. And if you’re in a hurry, fret not, for our expedited shipping options are as swift as a cheetah on roller skates, ensuring your car arrives at its destination fast.

So, whether you’re shipping a classic car as elegant as Audrey Hepburn’s or a rugged truck that’s seen more miles than a long-haul trucker, Easy Auto Ship is the company. With our unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder we’ve become the go-to choice for auto transport in New Mexico. So why not relax, go about your life, and let Easy Auto Ship handle your car shipping needs, transforming what could have been a headache-inducing task into a seamless, stress-free experience? After all, time’s too limited to worry about car transport, especially when you’re in a place as spellbinding as New Mexico. So call us at (888) 687-3243 and get free, no-obligation quotes today!

Cost to Ship a Car to and from New Mexico

Now, to get to the nitty-gritty of shipping your precious vehicle within the mesmerizing landscape of New Mexico or to nearby states, you’ll find that the average cost per mile is a mere $1 for short distances – quite the bargain, wouldn’t you say? However, should you feel the urge to ship your car to farther locales – those distant states and cities that lie beyond the enchanting borders of New Mexico – the cost per mile decreases to a range of $0.75 to $0.4.

DistanceBase Price Per mileExample DistanceExample Price
1-500 Miles$1.00400 miles$400
500+ miles$0.75900 miles$675
1,000+ miles$0.601,200 miles$720
2,000+ miles$0.502,400 miles$1,200
2,500+ miles$0.403,600 miles$1,440

Since we’re all about specifics here at Easy Auto Ship, allow me to enlighten you with some real-life examples:

But wait! There’s more! For those with a penchant for longer distances, let’s consider these examples of car shipping adventures:

Now, you may be wondering what factors influence these delightful transport costs. Fear not, for I shall unveil these mysterious variables in the form of a concise yet highly informative list:

Ready to move? Why not give call (888) 687-3243 and get free, no-obligation quotes right now?

How Long It Takes to Ship a Car To and From New Mexico

On average, for distances between 200 and 500 miles, the transport time usually ranges from 2-4 days, making it ideal for shipping within New Mexico or to nearby cities. In contrast, for longer distances between 600 and 2,000 miles, the transport time can extend from 4-9 days, catering to those who need to ship their vehicles to and from distant states or cities from New Mexico.

MilesDays In Transit
0 - 2001 - 2
200 - 6002 - 4
600 - 10003 - 5
1000 - 15004 - 6
1500 - 20005 - 7
2000 - 24006 - 8
2400 and up7 - 9

To give you a clearer understanding, here are three examples of transport timelines under 500 miles for nearby states:

On the other hand, here are three examples of transport timelines for longer distances from New Mexico to other states with more than 600 miles in between:

Regarding delays in vehicle transport, several common factors may contribute to the extended shipping duration. These factors include:

Mother Nature can be quite the diva; her mood swings can affect your car’s transport time. For example, heavy rain, snow, or icy road conditions can make it difficult for auto transport carriers to move your car safely and on time. In such situations, it’s better to be safe than sorry and allow extra shipping time.

Traffic and Road Conditions

We’ve all been stuck in traffic, watching the minutes tick away. Traffic congestion and road conditions can also impact the duration of transporting your car. Accidents, construction, or even a simple detour can add extra miles and time to your car’s shipping journey.

Vehicle Pickup and Delivery Locations

The location of your pickup and delivery points can influence your car’s transport time too! If you’re transporting your car to or from a remote or hard-to-reach location, the transport carrier might take a bit longer to pick up or deliver your car. So, remember that while planning your auto move.

Carrier Availability and Scheduling

Auto transport carriers have their schedules, and sometimes they might be fully booked during peak seasons. It’s essential to plan ahead and book your car shipping well in advance to avoid any transport delays due to limited carrier availability.

Customs and Border Crossings

If you’re shipping your car internationally, customs and border crossings can be crucial to your car’s transport time. Processing paperwork, inspections, and ensuring your car meets import/export regulations can take a while, so be prepared for these extra steps when shipping your car across borders.

Saving Money on New Mexico Auto Transport With Easy Auto Ship

We are your friendly, top-notch auto shipping experts in New Mexico, and our mission is to provide you with high-value car transport services that won’t break the bank. How do we ensure maximum savings for our cherished New Mexico vehicle transport customers? Here are ways we can help you save some bucks:


Are you a military personnel or a proud AAA member? Great news! We offer exclusive shipping discounts just for you to save on your New Mexico auto transport. Plus, if you’re planning to transport multiple cars, guess what? We’ve got you covered with our fabulous multiple-car shipping discount. Now that’s what we call a winning trio!

Route Optimization strategy

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand that time is money, so we put our nifty route planning skills to work and come up with the most efficient auto shipping routes for your New Mexico car transport needs. Talk about a win-win situation! This not only saves time but also ensures that you get the best possible shipping rates.

Use of ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices)

These nifty gadgets help us track the exact mileage of your car transport, ensuring that you only pay for what you get. No more guesswork or unnecessary charges! With ELDs by our side, we guarantee transparent and accurate auto shipping costs for your New Mexico vehicle transport.

Flexible Shipping Options

At Easy Auto Ship, we always look for different ways to save you money on your New Mexico auto transport. That’s why we have a dedicated logistics team of auto shipping experts who constantly monitor the market trends and analyze the best shipping options for your specific New Mexico car transport needs. This allows us to provide tailored auto-shipping solutions that maximize value while keeping your wallet happy.

So why wait? Get in touch with our expert hauling agents today at (888) 687-3243 and discover the Easy Auto Ship difference for your New Mexico auto transport needs!

Our 3-Step Car Shipping Process to and from New Mexico

Welcome to the beautiful Land of Enchantment, New Mexico! At Easy Auto Ship, we’re excited to help you with your car shipping needs in this lovely state. Our friendly and efficient 3-step process ensures that your car transport experience is as smooth as the enchanting New Mexico sunsets! Let’s dive into how our New Mexico car shipping process works, shall we?

Step 1

Request a Quote and Book Your Order

First things first, we’ll need some details about your car transport. Simply provide us with your vehicle’s make, model, year, and desired shipping dates and pickup/drop-off locations. For example, let’s say you’re moving from Albuquerque to Santa Fe and need to transport your trusty 2010 Honda Civic. Just give us the specifics, and we’ll provide you with a personalized car shipping quote in no time!

Step 2

Prepare Your Car for Transport

Once you’ve booked your car shipping order, it’s time to prep your vehicle for its journey across New Mexico. Ensure your auto is clean (inside and out), and remove personal belongings. This helps our transport team conduct a thorough inspection to ensure your car’s safety during shipping. So, grab your favorite playlist and have a mini car wash party before your car embarks on its new adventure!

Step 3

Sit Back and Relax - We’ve Got This!

Now that your shipment is ready to roll, our expert transport team will handle the rest. We’ll keep you posted throughout the shipping process, so you can focus on things like planning a visit to the stunning White Sands National Park! Upon arrival at your destination, our team will conduct a final inspection to ensure your car’s condition is as perfect as when it left. And just like that, your car shipping experience is complete!

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (888) 687-3243 and get free, no-obligation quotes right now. We’ll ensure your car shipping experience is as enchanting as the beautiful state we’re proud to serve. Happy travels!

New Mexico Auto Transport Services We Offer

Open Car Transport

The most common and cost-effective method of car shipping. It involves the transport of your car on an open-air trailer. This type of transport offers the advantage of transporting multiple vehicles simultaneously, leading to a lower cost for you. This method usually uses a five- to eight-car hauler, a large truck equipped with an open-air trailer. We take extra precautions when loading your vehicle onto the truck, using soft straps, padding, and blocks to secure the car. This method is usually the fastest way to move a vehicle, as it can be done in as little as 1-2 days.

Enclosed Car Transport

The perfect solution to move a classic, luxury, or exotic vehicle. This method of transport uses a hard-sided trailer with a roof to protect your car from the elements, dirt, debris, and other potential hazards. We take extra care when loading your vehicle onto the trailer, using soft straps, padding, and blocks to secure the car. Because of the enclosed nature of this method, it is usually more expensive than Open Car Transport but is well worth it if you’re transporting a particular car. Enclosed transport usually takes slightly longer than open transport, taking anywhere from two to five days, depending on the route and the company.

FAQs for New Mexico Car Transport

What makes New Mexico car transport unique compared to other states?
New Mexico car transport offers its own set of distinct challenges and opportunities. For example, the state’s diverse terrain, ranging from high desert plateaus to mountainous areas, can sometimes make transport a bit tricky. However, our experienced drivers at Easy Auto Ship know how to handle these conditions, ensuring your vehicle arrives safely and on time.
How does the climate in New Mexico affect car transport?
New Mexico’s climate can be pretty diverse, with hot summers and cold winters. Transport companies like Easy Auto Ship must be prepared to deal with various weather conditions. For example, our drivers may need extra precautions during winter to protect their vehicles from snow and ice. On the other hand, during the summers, we take measures to prevent potential heat damage to your car.
Are there any specific regulations for car transport in New Mexico?
Like any other state, New Mexico has its own set of rules and regulations for car transport. For instance, all transport companies must have a valid New Mexico Public Regulation Commission license. Additionally, transport vehicles must adhere to weight restrictions on certain roads.
Can I get door-to-door service for car transport in New Mexico?
Absolutely! At Easy Auto Ship, convenience is vital for our clients. That’s why we offer door-to-door car transport services in New Mexico. Our drivers will pick up your sweet ride from your provided spot and deliver it to your destination. This service saves you time and effort, making the transport process as stress-free as possible.
How can I track my car during transport in New Mexico?
At Easy Auto Ship, we believe in transparent communication throughout car transport. That’s why we provide our clients with real-time transit updates, allowing you to monitor the progress of your vehicle during transport. You can also directly call the carrier to get updates.

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews—Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— Here’s What People Say About Our New Mexico Auto Transport

⭐Review From Jennah Buckley

“I had my classic car (1963 Ford Ranchero) shipped from New Mexico to Washington. Not only was my point of contact (Rachael) wonderful, but they picked up the car two days ahead of schedule and arrived a day early at the drop off. Rachael kept in contact with me throughout the transport process to ensure I didn’t have any questions or concerns, and the driver (American Eagle Transport) was polite as well. He called the day before the drop off to let me know he was near, as well as an hour before he arrived so that I was prepared. This is the third time I’ve had a vehicle shipped, and it was by far the best experience so far.”

How We Moved Jennah’s Classic 1963 Ford Ranchero from NM to Wa

The car shipping costs vary because of the distance and the type of car moved. The more valuable the car, the more careful handling, and possible enclosed shipping are required, increasing the overall price. Since Jennah’s car was a vintage 1963 Ford Ranchero, we had to ensure it moved with utmost care and responsibility, as old vehicles are fragile, and their parts are hard to come by. When Jennah contacted us to move her vintage beauty from New Mexico to Washington, our rep, Rachael, found the best carrier possible in her budget, and it was a swift, smooth, and safe transport. We even delivered the vehicle 2 days before the estimated drop-off date and let her know in advance before arriving so she has time to get ready for the drop. The best part is that Jennah had shipped vehicles twice before with other companies, and she mentioned that working with us was by far her best experience.

⭐Review From Colleen McLain

“This is the fourth time we’ve used Easy Auto Ship to get our daughter’s car from Northern Virginia to New Mexico for college. As always, they proved to be a valuable partner. This time the trucking company the job was contracted out to left a lot to be desired. But Tiffany, who was our contact at Easy Auto Ship, made a frustrating and difficult situation easier to deal with. The driver was supposed to pick up our car ‘in the evening’ according to their dispatcher (NOT an employee of Easy Auto Ship). We heard nothing until 8 pm and for the next three hours we were assured he was ‘an hour away’. During this time Tiffany remained in constant contact with us - despite the fact that her work day had ended. She gave us her personal cell number so we could be in touch as either of us heard more from the driver or dispatcher. Our car was finally picked up at 1 am and Tiffany was still texting to make sure he’d actually shown up and then, that we got home after leaving the car. She continued to be in touch as the drop off day/time grew near, and celebrated with us when the car was back in our hands. While we would never use the driver again (and Easy Auto Ship has put that transporter on their never use list) we would not hesitate to use Easy Auto Ship again - and will do just that when this school year comes to a close.”

How We Transported Colleen’s Daughter’s Car From VA to NM For College:

Being one of our regular customers, it was an obvious choice for Colleen McLain to call us when her daughter needed to move her vehicle from her hometown in Northern Virginia to her college in New Mexico. She had already used our services three times, and this was her fourth time; we had to ensure the quality of service was consistent with her past experiences. However, this time, we did experience a slight hiccup where the carrier we picked did not arrive for pickup on time, which was frustrating for both Colleen and us. Although our support agent, Tiffany’s work day, had ended, she still stayed in continuous contact with Colleen via her personal phone number and ensured a different carrier was arranged. At the end of the day, Tiffany sorted everything out, and Colleen’s daughter’s car was picked up. But that’s not the end of it; it’s our duty to ensure our customers never face any issues when dealing with us, which is why we added the first carrier to the blacklist and never contacted him for any transport job again.

⭐Review From Elaine Williams

“We worked with Anthony to get our Toyota Prius C from Maui Hawaii to Santa Fe, NM. Everything went smoothly, timely, and no damage to the car. Anthony kept us updated on each event since Matson was used for shipping across the Pacific and then a trucker was contracted to carry the car from the port of LA to our front door in Santa Fe. I will mention the port requires car Title, registration, & Driver’s License be emailed to the port by the assigned day. I had paper copies, but they quickly helped me email everything last minute. Also I was going to pay by credit card but last minute decided to pay the trucker cash. Changes were made 2 days before delivery & of course that saved me money. Anthony was helpful with each step of the journey and stayed in very close contact. He was also easily available for any question or request. I have previously transported 3 cars between the mainland USA & Hawaii and this is by far the best service I have received. And the price was very competitive. Please note: Easy Auto Ship arranged the entire car transport from door to door. Meaning I did not have to arrange the ship with one company and then the truck with another company. Other brokers don’t do that. For HAWAII RESIDENTS this company is awesome! And ANTHONY is the one to ask for!”

How We Transported Elaine’s Toyota Prius C from Hawaii to New Mexico

Ever since Easy Auto Ship was launched, our main focus has been to make it ’easy’ for everyone to ship vehicles with us by offering a completely hands-off approach. Elaine Williams needed someone to take care of the complete movement of her Toyota Prius C from Maui, Hawaii, to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Anthony from our support staff helped with the process, Matson was used to move the car across the Pacific and then at the port of LA, a trucker was sent to carry the vehicle to Elaine’s home in Santa Fe. The port required several documents such as car title, driver’s license, and registration, and we helped her email everything to the port authorities. Our trucker also helped her pay the port fees in cash, which usually requires payment via credit card. As mentioned before, we try to make people’s lives easier, and Elaine witnessed this firsthand. Even though she had previously transported 3 cars with other transporters, she mentioned this was the best experience for her by far, and that’s what Easy Auto Ship is all about.

⭐Review From Johnny Mok

“Very responsive! Had a car shipping from NM to MA, they found someone who did it in 3 and a half days! Insane speed! Always was able to get a hold of someone that to follow up my case. Highly recommend Gary Nichols and his team!”

How Easy Auto Ship Hauled Johhny’s Car From New Mexico to Massachusetts in a Record Time

Johhny Mok wanted his vehicle moved from New Mexico to Massachusetts and he wanted it done fast. So he contacted Easy Auto Ship and our folks quickly got to work. We provided Johhny with a quote that he agreed with and so Gary from our team found the carrier for him. The vehicle was picked up quickly in NM and moved to MA rapidly, nearly 2,200 miles in just 3 and a half days. Needless to say how happy Johhny was with our service and especially with Gary who made it all possible in record time.

⭐Review From Tobias W

“I shipped my car from California to New Mexico and the process was pretty simple. Mark from Easy Auto Ship took care of me. He was in communication with me from the day I initiated the process until the delivery of my car. He even checked in later to make sure everything everything went well. Additionally, the driver who delivered my car was very professional. He also stayed in communication and ended up delivering my car a day early. I’ll use Easy Auto Ship again. The best price and service.”

We Made Tobias’ Car Transport from California to New York Buttery Smooth

Like many other customers who approach us on a daily basis looking for excellent service, which we deliver, Tobias W contacted us as well. His case was handled by Mark from our team and from the initial communication to the vehicle delivery, Mark ensured everything was done to a T. The vehicle was picked up on schedule from California and delivered within expected window to New Mexico. Mark was always in the contact with Tobias and the carrier and ensured everything went as per the plan.

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