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Expedited Auto Transport

Easy Auto Ship deploys its most experienced and fastest fleet to help customers transport vehicles as quickly and safely as possible!

What's Expedited Car Shipping?

Shipping a vehicle in certain situations requires you to prioritize time over money, and that’s where you can benefit from expedited car delivery. The entire transport process maintains the same level of attention, careful handling and expert driving but with an added priority vehicle pickup (1-2 days) and fast transit progress reporting.

Whether you’re a dealership looking to transport your inventory to meet high demands or an individual shipping your car anywhere in the United States urgently, expedited car shipping service is just what you need to meet crucial deadlines.

Here's How Expedited Car Shipping Can Solve Your
Immediate Vehicle Logistics Worries

Minimal Waiting

When you hire our expedited car shipping service, our truckers create their schedules around picking up your car on priority, resulting in 24-48 hour pickups instead of 3-7 days.

Priority Updates

If you are shipping to a client or are under pressure from them regarding the speedy logistics of your car shipment, you can get fast updates from Easy Auto Ship via email or phone, or you can call the carrier to get live updates to provide them with timely updates on transit progress.

Flexible Pickup Options

Easy Auto Ship will pick up your vehicle on the date, and within the time frame you tell us to. There is no need to waste time waiting for the carrier to drop by at his chosen time.

Ship Personal Items in Car

Most drivers will allow up to 100lbs secured in the trunk so you can quickly move other important items to the same location as your car. However, the transport driver will have to check the items first to ensure nothing unlawful is being shipped.

Auto Transport Insurance

All of our car shipping carriers are insured with a cargo policy of at least $100,000. We use online monitoring software to verify their coverage and its status before hiring. So your vehicle is protected even during urgent shipping service.

Hire Our Expedited Transport Service
to Move Your Cars in 3 Steps

Step 1

Get Free Car Transport Estimates

You can call us, have a live chat, send an email or text us to get a free car transport quote. Or you can also use our online car shipping quote calculator to obtain the instant cost to move your car. Please don't forget to tell our representatives you need expedited shipping service along with pickup dates and times, as there's a small reservation fee (add fee) for that.

Step 2

Prepare Your Car and Wait For Pickup

Make sure to prepare your vehicle for pickup, as you'll get a call from the carrier soon after we dispatch him. You must ensure the vehicle is available and fully prepped for loading and shipping. Once the carrier drives off with the car, you'll get timely updates of the progress and the driver's contact details so you can get real-time transport progress updates.

Step 3

Time For Vehicle Delivery

It's super easy to receive your vehicle. Make sure to be present there or have someone over 18 be there as your designated receiving person. They will ensure the vehicle has no damages from the transit and then sign the Bill of Lading. That's it. You can now get back to your routine life with your car, which is transported to where you wanted on a priority basis.

Who Can Benefit From
Our Expedited Transport Service?

As the leading car transport service provider in the U.S with thousands of reviews, Easy Auto Ship has the team, equipment and fleet of shipping trucks to move automobiles on a priority basis for everybody. Some of our typical customers include:

  • Car dealerships that need to move inventory on priority
  • Individuals moving to another state/city and want vehicle delivery faster
  • Snowbirds moving to the south and need their cars shipped quickly
  • Military personnel being posted to another state or country and want their vehicles shipped quickly
  • Auto exhibition participants who wish to move their cars/motorcycles to the venues before specific dates

These are just some customer types that we offer expedited car transport service. Anyone can ask us for this service and receive it instantly - our thousands of online reviews are a testament to our credibility and reliability in moving vehicles fast!!


Types of Vehicles We Can Ship
With Speed Through Expedited Car Transport

Standard sedan cars






Golf carts


Heavy equipment

What is the fastest car shipping company?
There are many, but Easy Auto Ship is one of them, and we’re not just saying this. Motor1 has named us as one under the 'Best for Quick Pickup' category for car hauling service providers. Plus, we've got thousands of online reviews that prove our credibility over and over.
How fast is car delivery?
It generally takes 5-15 days to transport a vehicle from pickup to drop-off, depending on how long the distance is. Furthermore, standard auto pickups can take additional 5 days. However, expedited car shipping service reduces the pickup time to just 1-2 days, ensuring you get speedy car delivery.
How long does it take to ship a car 500 miles?
Typically it takes 2-3 days to transport a vehicle to 500 miles. But pickup times can add 3-5 days more to this. However, expedited car pickup service can reduce this time to 1-2 days.
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