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Enclosed Auto Transport

Don’t Risk Vehicle Damage - Ensure Maximum Protection With Our Top of The Line Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers

Enclosed Auto Shipping With Highest Safety Standards

Looking to transport your exotic, luxury, classic or any other valuable vehicle? You can’t afford to take any chances. Our robust and sophisticated enclosed auto transport carriers offer maximum protection to ensure your car, truck, or motorcycle arrives at its destination in the same condition it left. Our enclosed car haulers are fully covered from all sides, protecting your vehicle from the elements and any potential damage during transport. Choose us for peace of mind and top-notch protection for your valuable cargo.

What’s an Enclosed Car Transport Carrier?

Enclosed car shipping carriers transport vehicles in a specially designed container, ensuring the car remains dry, shaded and protected from any potential damage. Although enclosed car transport cost Estimate is higher than an open car hauler, your vehicle will receive VIP treatment and stay safe from flying debris, weather elements and bumps and nudges from nearby vehicles on the road. Plus, enclosed car trailers typically have higher cargo insurance coverage.

Considering Enclosed Car Transport Service vs Open Car Hauler?

An Enclosed car hauler is different from open car shipping in 3 main ways, and depending on the type of vehicle and your shipping needs, one of them will be better suited. Let’s see their characteristics below:

Car Capacity

Enclosed car hauler trailers can only move 3 to 7 cars at once because of their size and dimension limits due to the covered interior. Open vehicle trailers can accommodate up to 10 cars depending on their weight and dimensions. So it’s a better choice for those looking to move multiple vehicles like dealerships.


An enclosed car carrier offers full protection against all the risks of the outside environment, like debris, harsh UV rays, snow, rain, flying rocks, and nudges from nearby vehicles on the road. An open hauler doesn’t have this level of protection, as cars are parked on an open ramp. For regular-use vehicles, open is the right, budget-friendly option, while an enclosed car hauler offers more exclusive and secure transport for hauling exotic or luxury vehicles.

Hauling Speed

Enclosed auto haulers typically take longer to transport vehicles for various reasons, such as lack of availability and smaller engines. Plus, they have less fuel efficiency and cost more to hire. On the other hand, open trailers are faster and more affordable. So open is best for budget-oriented transports of regular cars with tight deadlines.

Type of TrailerCar CapacityCar ProtectionHauling SpeedTransport Cost
Enclosed3-7 carsFullSlow$$$
OpenUp to 10 carsNoneFast$$

Enclosed Carrier Shipping Costs

Enclosed car transport companies typically charge 40-50% higher than open vehicle shipping. This means if L.A to California car shipping service costs $200 with open car transport. The enclosed car transport prices will be $280 to $300. Easy Auto Ship tries its best to keep the prices low, so our costs start from 25% higher than an open carrier for enclosed transport services. Here’s a table of our estimated enclosed car transport prices

To & From StatesDistance & RoutesEnclosed Car Transport Cost EstimateEstimated Time
Montana to Louisiana1,855 Miles via I-25 S$1,393.755-7 Days
Los Angeles to Texas1,245 Miles via I-10 E$937.504-6 Days
Louisiana to California1,904 Miles via I-40 W$1,437.505-7 Days
California to Illinois2,084 Miles via I-80 E$1,312.506-8 Days
Michigan to California2,403 Miles via I-80 W$1,5007-9 Days
New York to Los Angeles2,789 Miles via I-80 W$1,393.757-9 Days
Florida to California2,703 Miles via I-40 W$1,3507-9 Days
Los Angeles to Florida2,568 Miles via I-10 E$1,281.257-9 Days
Hawaii to California2,467 Miles via Honolulu Port$1,875+ (Port to Door)7-14 Days
New Jersey to California1,119 Miles via I-95 S$838.754-6 Days

Types of Vehicle Shipped in Enclosed auto Carrier

Enclosed car transport trailer services can be used for any type of vehicle as long as it fits within its weight and size dimensions. However, the most common vehicle types moved in enclosed car transport trailers include:

Exotic and Sports Car Transport

Cars have unique transportation requirements, such as large tires or low ground clearance that a regular shipping trailer cannot move.

High-Dollar Vehicles

Expensive cars that can lose value with even the smallest damage need higher insurance coverage, which is offered by an enclosed car shipping trailer.

Vintage and Classic Cars

Timeless classic motor vehicles always require more care and attention, which is only possible with an expert crew. Enclosed transporters offer excellent care to ensure safe shipping.

Benefits of Hiring Easy Auto Ship for Enclosed Car Transport

No Upfront Deposits

Enclosed car shipping companies sometimes ask for full upfront enclosed car transport prices, which is not good for the customer. We only charge a small sum as a deposit after we’ve found a carrier for your car. You can then pay the rest to the carrier upon car delivery.

24/7 Shipment Tracking

Once the carrier is dispatched, we will give you the tracking number of the shipment and contact details of the enclosed car carrier so you can get real-time updates on your vehicle’s transport progress.

Personalized Approach

Our drivers have a range of trailers to meet all vehicle shipping needs. Whether you need to move a single vehicle, multiple vehicles or a fleet of them in enclosed trailers, we can help. Plus, we can also help move vehicles that are large or require special equipment such as hydraulic ramps or winches.

Reliable Carriers

Our network of carriers is based on U.S.D.O.T certified haulers with years of experience shipping luxury, classic, exotic, collector, high-end, and premium vehicles with an excellent track record. After thoroughly checking their background and insurance coverage status, we hire the best carrier service providers.

Well-Maintained Fleet

Our transport trailers are kept in excellent condition with periodic maintenance to ensure they don’t cause problems during shipping. Damaged trailers can cause debris, moisture/water and other elements to enter inside, which defeats the purpose of enclosed trailer transport. We ensure this doesn’t happen when you use our service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it better to ship a car in an open or enclosed trailer?
An enclosed car carrier will offer better protection and handling of your vehicle but also has over 40% higher cost than an open trailer. If budget is not your constraint, go with it. Otherwise, an open shipping trailer is also viable, but with less security.
How many cars fit in an enclosed transport trailer?
This depends on the trailer type companies use, as there are many of them. Single-car trailers can ship just one car, while two, three and four car trailers can haul 2, 3, and 4 vehicles at once. There are bigger trailers as well that can haul over 7 vehicles at once. And for modified cars with irregular dimensions or other heavy equipment, we have soft-sided trailers for flexible positioning.
Can I ship a car from an auto auction using an enclosed car carrier?
Yes, whether it’s an auction, trade show or any other event, you can count on Easy Auto Ship to safely move your vehicle to and from the venue with our enclosed transport services.
Can I ship a modified or oversized vehicle in an enclosed shipping trailer?
The typical weight limit of enclosed transport trailers falls between 6,000 lbs and 20,000 lbs. As per dimensions, they usually come between 5’ and 8.5’ widths, 8’ and 32’ lengths and 7’ and 10’ heights. However, special transport arrangements can be made if your oversized or modified vehicle doesn’t fit these limits.

With Thousands of Online Reviews — Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— People Vouch For Our Services - Here’s What They Say About Our Enclosed Auto Transport

⭐Review From Massimo Paparello

“I had my car picked within 2 days of paying my deposit ($195). I paidThe auto carrier $1250 for my sedan from LA to Boston. Other places wanted to charge a whopping $1800?! The auto carrier had great liability insurance and took only 6 days to get to Boston. There wasn’t any nicks from debris or anything on my car. If you want to guarantee your vehicle is picked and dropped off in a timely manner without damage, call up easyautoship and Mike will set you up right.”

How We Saved Massimo $550 Shipping His Car from LA to Boston

Massimo needed someone to move his sedan from Los Angeles, California to Boston, Massachusetts but was overwhelmed with the bombardment of quotes from brokers, and that too at super steep prices of $1800. Tired of being persuaded by brokers to take their expensive offers, Massimo chose us for our excellent reputation and competitive pricing. We found him high-quality enclosed transport for only $1250, saving $550 off other brokers! His car arrived safely in Boston just 6 days after pickup, with no damage from road debris. Massimo recommends us for guaranteed timely transport at unbeatable rates.

⭐Review From Tana Rains

“EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION, EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.. truthful information willingly given … the best company to ship your car with here’s why. Having no idea how to ship to Hawaii started out looking at some reviews.. there were questions and answers that differed from company to company.. making it overwhelming to say the least..

EASY AUTO SHIP had CLEAR COMMUNICATION and an understanding of my needs.. any question I had were answered with PROFESSIONALISM and more information was given so I would understand the process.. I was looking for an ENCLOSED TRAILER and read from other companies the reviews that enclosed trailer was really one of those that was just covered with a net.. so one of those “hidden things” yes it’s covered however not the way I was attracted to though………….. EASY AUTO SHIP REASSURED me that the trailer would be TOTALLY ENCLOSED I have pictures of this enclosed trailer and it’s beautiful…the driver was very professional, thorough and meticulous. about the whole process picking up the car.he kept in contact and communicated !! .. This is the company Easy Auto Ship hired to haul my car.. so once again another excellent experience.. Rachael from Easy Auto Ship . was my initial contact and she remained in contact throughout the shipping from Florida to Hawaii. Easy Auto Ship price remained the same no swings no hidden fees.

You pay the driver hauling your car and yes you pay the shipping company individually ….and Rachael sent me the invoice / links to pay them and it was effortless!! IT WAS EASY 😊 EASY AUTO SHIP CUSTOMER SERVICE IS IMPECCABLE well worth making three individual payments and I would most certainly use them again . THANK YOU RACHAEL YOU MADE THIS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE 🙏 HIGHLY RECOMMEND EASY AUTO SHIP If you have any questions please feel free to ask I’m happy to answer .


How We Expertly Shipped Tana’s Car to Hawaii

Tana was relocating to Hawaii and was not sure how to go about moving her car as there was no road from the mainland to Hawaii. She did there through a search and quickly became overwhelmed by the unclear information and the “hidden” fees from other transport companies. Easy Auto Ship stood because we communicated clearly and showed complete professionalism. Our prices were also transparent, and Tana knew that because she had already conducted market research. Tana wanted to move the car in an enclosed trailer, so we guaranteed the car would be moved inside a fully enclosed carrier, not just the one covered from the top or sides. Our enclosed trailer protected her vehicle across the mainland before it shipped on freight to Hawaii. Tana said our customer service was impressive during the transit. Her contact from Easy Auto Ship, Rachael, coordinated everything flawlessly, including all payments.

⭐Review From Chris Giaimo

“They did a great job transporting my large SUV (enclosed) from FL to NY. Picked it up right from the dealer and delivered in perfect condition to my home. Recommend!”

How We Shipped Chris Giaimo’s Large SUV from FL to NY

Chris owned an oversized SUV that needed to reach New York from Florida in an enclosed container. He wanted someone who had the rig and the expertise to handle such a complicated move. His search on the internet led him to Easy Auto Ship. We provided Chris with a competitive quote for enclosed oversized load shipping, and he agreed. Since Chris was in New York, he needed us to pick up the SUV from the dealer in Florida, which we did by coordinating with the dealership. The whole process went smoothly, his SUV arrived home in a clean condition protected from the debris and weather elements thanks to the enclosed carrier.

⭐Review From Dennis

“Delivered right to my driveway, had it shipped in an enclosed trailer. Driver even put a car cover on it to protect it from getting dirty & dusty, was much appreciative of the extra care! The only problem encountered was driver wanted to collect the delivery fee & I had paid shipping charge in advance. Couple of phone calls to ez auto ship & it was all straighten out.”

How We Helped Dennis Ship His 1972 Dodge Challenger from Texas to Minnesota

Dennis needed to transport his prized 1972 Dodge Challenger from Texas to his new home in Minnesota. He chose Easy Auto Ship based on our great reviews for enclosed transport to fully protect his classic car. We arranged enclosed trailer transport with a driver who took extra care by covering the Challenger during transit to prevent dust and dirt. The driver delivered right to Dennis’ driveway and even put a car cover on it before unloading to keep it pristine. Dennis was very appreciative of the extra care taken. The only hiccup was a misunderstanding about delivery payment, which we swiftly resolved with a few phone calls. In the end, Dennis was thrilled with our white glove service transporting his precious Dodge Challenger across multiple states.

⭐Review From Claude Sherman

“Delivery was prompt. Delivery driver was very friendly and careful with my car as he pulled it out of enclosed trailer. Would recommend to anyone who wants transport for there car baby.”

How We Expertly Relocated Claude’s 1969 Camaro Cross-State

Claude had to relocate his beloved vintage 1969 Camaro convertible from Michigan to Illinois. He chose Easy Auto Ship because of our proven reputation of handling classic vehicles with excellent care. We arranged a fully enclosed transport to protect the vintage Camaro. The delivery driver was extra cautious when loading and unloading the car from the trailer using ramps. Claude was impressed by the driver’s attention to his “car baby” and friendliness. The Camaro arrived from Michigan to Illinois in flawless condition, making the cross-state trip a success.


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If you are unsure about a correspondence you've received regarding your order or payment, please call us directly at 888-687-3243 to confirm the information that you received.

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