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Florida Car Shipping

Get ready to be impressed by your vehicle’s smooth and efficient delivery with Florida’s premier car transport service - Easy Auto Ship!

Make Your Trip to The Sunshine State a Breeze with Expert Car Transport Services

Florida, aka the Sunshine State, is famous for its warm, sunny weather and its numerous attractions. From the lush beaches of the Gulf of Mexico to the Everglades, Florida has something for everyone. Its unique culture, appealing architecture, and vibrant atmosphere make it easy to see why so many people are drawn to this state. But when it comes to relocating a car to the state, the process can be daunting. That’s why Easy Auto Ship is here to make your trip to Florida a breeze with our expert car transport services.

Our company has an impeccable track record and is rated as A+ by BBB in providing reliable car shipping services. With years of experience in the industry, Easy Auto Ship has refined its processes and added multiple technologies to ensure complete satisfaction for all our customers. Plus, our company is fully licensed and insured, so customers can trust that their vehicle is in good hands.

Easy Auto Ship Makes Your Florida Car Moves a Breeze - From Start to Finish!

Whether you want to ship vehicles from east, south or north to the west or vice versa, Easy Auto Ship provides a complete package for car transport services from start to finish. We will pick up your vehicle from its current location and deliver it to your new destination in no time. We’ll provide you with updates on the status of your car along the way.

Moreover, you can track your vehicle’s progress online, so you know exactly when it will arrive at your destination. Plus, Easy Auto Ship is rated as one of the leading car shipping companies in the state of Florida, so you can trust us with your eyes closed.

With Easy Auto Ship, the gist is that you can expect a seamless car transport service that will make your move to and from Florida a walk in the park. We offer competitive rates, professional service, and fast delivery times. So don’t wait any longer - make your move to Florida stress-free and hassle-free with Easy Auto Ship’s premier car transport services!

Cost to Ship a Car To/From and Within Florida

Shipping a car to, from, and within Florida can be affordable with the right car shipping company. Depending on the size of the vehicle and the distance, customers can expect to pay an average of $0.75 to $1 per mile for transports within Florida and $0.4 to $1.00 per mile for cross-country transports.

For example, shipping a car from Miami to Orlando could range from $200 to $300, while transporting from Miami to New York could cost anywhere from $700 to $800. The auto shipping cost within the same city in Florida, such as moving a boat from Princeton County to Miami Beach, could cost as low as $200.

To find the best car shipping company, it’s essential to compare quotes from multiple companies and consider the following factors that affect the cost of car shipping:

When considering which company to use for car transport services in Florida, it is essential to check that they are licensed and complete. Reviewing customer reviews and comparing rates between different car shipping companies is also recommended. Additionally, ensure they are insured, and their drivers are experienced in long-distance driving.

Here is a breakdown of some cost estimates to ship a car within and to/from Florida:

Researching your options and finding a reputable company can help you save money and get reliable service when shipping your car to, from or within Florida. Make sure that you compare prices and read customer reviews on Google, BBB and BirdEye before committing to a car transport service to ensure that you get complete satisfaction with your experience. That said, here’s a little example of the transport costs from Florida to other states.

To & From StatesShipping DistanceEstimated CostEstimated Time
Florida to Alabama546 mi via I-10 W$4092 Days
Florida to Alaska4,763 mi via BC-97$1,9058-10 Days
Florida to Arizona2,148 mi via I-10 W$1,0726-8 Days
Florida to Arkansas1,037 mi via I-75 N$6224-6 Days
Florida to California2,703 mi via I-40 W$1,0817-9 Days
Florida to Colorado1,966 mi via I-70 W$1,1975-7 Days
Florida to Connecticut1,238 mi via I-95 N$7424-6 Days
Florida to Delaware1,010 mi via I-95 N$6064-6 Days
Florida to Georgia365 mi via I-75 N$3652-4 Days
Florida to Idaho2,652 mi via I-80 W$1,0607-9 Days
Florida to Illinois1,184 mi via I-75 N$7104-6 Days
Florida to Indiana1,070 mi via I-75 N$6424-6 Days
Florida to Iowa1,388 mi via I-75 N$8324-6 Days
Florida to Kansas1,530 mi via I-75 N$9185-7 Days
Florida to Kentucky861 mi via I-75 N$6453-5 Days
Florida to Louisiana835 mi via I-10 W$6263-5 Days
Florida to Maine1,588 mi via I-95 N$9525-7 Days
Florida to Maryland948 mi via I-95 N$7113-5 Days
Florida to Massachusetts1,343 mi via I-95 N$8054-6 Days
Florida to Michigan1,390 mi via I-75 N$8344-6 Days
Florida to Minnesota1,784 mi via I-75 N$1,0705-7 Days
Florida to Mississippi730 mi via I-10 W$5473-5 Days
Florida to Missouri1,161 mi via I-75 N$9694-6 Days
Florida to Montana2,479 mi via I-75 N$1,2397-9 Days
Florida to Nebraska1,686 mi via I-75 N$1,0115-7 Days
Florida to Nevada2,636 mi via I-40 W$1,0547-9 Days
Florida to New Hampshire1,406 mi via I-95 N$8434-6 Days
Florida to New Jersey1,111 mi via I-95 N$6664-6 Days
Florida to New Mexico1,770 mi via I-20 W$1,0625-7 Days
Florida to New York1,142 mi via I-95 N$6854-6 Days
Florida to North Carolina666 mi via I-95 N$4993-5 Days
Florida to North Dakota2,093 mi via I-75 N$1,0466-8 Days
Florida to Ohio1,059 mi via I-95 N$6354-6 Days
Florida to Oklahoma1,272 mi via I-10 W$7654-6 Days
Florida to Oregon2,940 mi via I-80 W$1,1767-9 Days
Florida to Pennsylvania1,137 mi via I-95 N$6824-6 Days
Florida to Rhode Island1,309 mi via I-95 N$7854-6 Days
Florida to South Carolina496 mi via I-95 N$4962-4 Days
Florida to South Dakota1,830 mi via I-75 N$1,0985-7 Days
Florida to Tennessee716 mi via I-75 N$5373-5 Days
Florida to Texas1,368 mi via I-20 W$8204-6 Days
Florida to Utah2,348 mi via I-70 W$1,1746-8 Days
Florida to Vermont1,480 mi via I-95 N$8884-6 Days
Florida to Virginia806 mi via I-95 N$6043-5 Days
Florida to Washington3,062 mi via I-90 W$1,2247-9 Days
Florida to West Virginia905 mi via I-95 N$6783-5 Days
Florida to Wisconsin1,394 mi via I-75 N$8364-6 Days
Florida to Wyoming2,122 mi via I-75 N$1,0616-8 Days

Duration of Transporting a Car To/From Florida

It typically takes 3-7 days to ship a car to and from Florida, depending on the car transportation company and the specific route. Car transportation companies will usually provide an estimated completion date, which can be affected by the distance between destinations and the availability of the transport service. The main factor affecting the time it takes to send vehicles from one place to another is the total distance; the longer it is, the more time it will take.

For example, it can take 1-2 days to ship a car from Miami to Orlando, while it may take 7-9 days to ship a car from Jacksonville, Florida, to Seattle, Washington. Shipping a vehicle within the same city in Florida, such as from Princeton County to Miami Beach, could take as little as 24 hours.

When driving a car from one city in Florida to another, the time it takes also depends on the road conditions. For example, it would take about 4 hours to drive from Miami to Orlando with no stops, but the time can vary depending on traffic and road conditions.

It’s important to remember that unexpected events, such as inclement weather or road closures, can impact transport time. A reputable car shipping company will have contingency plans to ensure your vehicle’s timely and safe delivery. Although we strive to deliver as soon as possible, here are some calculations on delivery times based on distances:

MilesDays In Transit
0 - 2001 -2
200 - 6002 - 4
600 - 10003 - 5
1000 - 15004 - 6
1500 - 20005 - 7
2000 - 24006 - 8
2400 and up7 - 9

When choosing a car transport service, consider the following factors that can affect transport time:

Choosing a licensed and experienced car shipping company that provides complete transport services is crucial to avoid fakes and get more accurate delivery times. The company should have a good reputation, proof of insurance, and a solid driving record. The company should also provide you with a complete transport timeline and keep you updated throughout the entire process.

Snowbird Vehicle Moving - Why Should Snowbirds Transport Vehicles instead of Driving to Florida?

  1. Avoiding Winter Driving Conditions: For Snowbirds from North side such as Alaska or Canada, driving to Florida can mean dealing with challenging winter driving conditions, such as snow, ice, and reduced visibility. Shipping the car with a professional car shipping company eliminates the need to drive in these challenging conditions, providing peace of mind and a safe journey to Florida.
  2. Time Savings: For Snowbirds who are already facing a long journey from Alaska or Canada to Florida, the added time of driving the car to Florida can be a significant factor. By shipping the car with a professional car shipping company, Snowbirds can save time and focus on other tasks, such as preparing for their winter stay in Florida.
  3. Reduced Wear and Tear: Driving a long distance in challenging winter conditions can put a lot of wear and tear on the car. Shipping the vehicle with a professional car shipping company eliminates the need to put miles on the car and preserves the vehicle’s value and longevity.
  4. Peace of Mind: Shipping a car with a professional car shipping company ensures that the vehicle will be safely transported to Florida. The company should have a license, a solid driving record, and adequate insurance coverage for the car during transport. This ensures that the vehicle arrives at its destination in the same condition as when it was picked up, providing peace of mind for the Snowbirds.
  5. Convenient Winter Arrival: Shipping the car with a professional car shipping company means that the vehicle will be waiting for the Snowbirds when they arrive in Florida, allowing them to start their winter stay without delay. The company takes care of the complete transport process, from pick-up to delivery, it provides a hassle-free experience, allowing Snowbirds to focus on settling into their winter home in Florida.
Avoiding Winter Driving ConditionsEliminates the need to drive in challenging winter conditions such as snow, ice, and reduced visibility
Time SavingsSaves time for Snowbirds and allows them to focus on other tasks
Reduced Wear and TearEliminates the need to put miles on the car and preserves the vehicle’s value and longevity
Peace of MindEnsures safe transportation of the vehicle with a licensed company and adequate insurance coverage
Convenient Winter ArrivalVehicle will be waiting for Snowbirds upon arrival in Florida, providing a hassle-free experience

How to Acquire Car Transportation Quotes for Florida Shipping?

  1. Research potential car shipping companies in Florida and obtain quotes from each one. Make sure to compare the services offered by each company, such as door-to-door car shipping and open or enclosed car transport. Ask for complete details on the pricing, including applicable taxes and insurance coverage.
  2. Vet each car shipping company’s credentials, including their license and insurance information. To ensure the highest level of safety, confirm that any company you are considering has the necessary insurance coverage to protect the car and its contents during transport.
  3. Ask for references from the car shipping company, and inquire about their experience with the company. Speak with previous customers to better understand the company’s quality of service and overall customer satisfaction.
  4. Inquire about any additional fees involved in the car transport process. This could include fuel surcharges, dispatch fees, hidden taxes, or miscellaneous fees that may not have been included in the initial quote.
  5. After you’ve received all the quotes from the car shipping companies, compare them against each other to get the best deal for your budget and needs. Take into account the quality of service offered by the companies and any additional fees that may be involved. Choose the car shipping company that offers a complete package for your budget and needs.

Types of Auto Shipping Services We Offer in Florida

Classic Car Transport

We offer complete classic car transport in Florida and guarantee the safe delivery of your vehicle with our state-licensed and insured drivers. Our flat rate service includes all taxes and insurance, so you can rest assured your car is fully protected during transport.

Snowbird Car Shipping

We understand the needs of snowbirds who need to ship their cars to Florida for the winter. Our experienced drivers have the expertise and knowledge to ship your vehicle safely and securely for affordable fee and offer complete peace of mind with our licensed and insured service.

RV Transport

We provide secure RV transport in Florida, with all the equipment to load, handle and unload it safely. All our drivers have the required license and insurance to ensure your RV reaches its destination staying protected.

Boat Shipping

We provide boat shipping services in Florida, utilizing flatbed trailers and experienced drivers to ensure your boat is delivered safely and securely.

Dealership Transports

Our team also offers dealership transport services in Florida, from new car delivery to used car trades. Our drivers are licensed and insured to guarantee complete satisfaction for both buyer and seller.

Auction Transports

Our experienced drivers can provide auction transport services in Florida, delivering the vehicle on time with complete insurance coverage.

Corporate Fleet Moving

From one location to another in Florida, our team provides corporate fleet moving services with licensed and insured drivers who understand the urgency of the job.

Trade Shows

Our trade show transport services in Florida provide a hassle-free way to get your vehicles from point A to point B, with all applicable insurance coverage and toll taxes included.


For international auto transport in Florida, our team will ship your vehicle safely to its final destination, ensuring all insurance coverage, transport paperwork, and taxes are handled correctly.

International Auto Transport Services to and from Florida

At Easy Auto Ship, we offer a cost-effective, reliable and timely moving service for people who need to ship automobiles overseas. We specialize in transporting vehicles from Florida to any port in the country so it can be hauled internationally, whether by road, ocean, or air. Our experienced team of auto transport experts have been providing these services for over a decade and have earned a reputation for delivering a first-class hauling for our customers.

We offer competitive rates for transporting automobiles internationally from Florida. We can provide you with a detailed cost estimate once we have all the information related to the shipment, such as the size and weight of the vehicle, departure and destination addresses, and the carrier (open or enclosed). Generally, automobile shipments from Florida to other countries usually take between 4-8 weeks depending on the distance, mode of transportation (road, ocean or air) and other factors.

For instance, automobiles shipped from Florida to New Zealand typically take 4-6 weeks via ocean shipping, while those shipped to Australia may take 7-8 weeks to arrive due to the longer distance.

Prices for these shipments vary depending on the size and weight of the vehicle and can range from $3,000 to $4,500.

Similarly, if there’s a linked road from Florida to Canada, we offer lower rates starting from $1,200 and up, depending on the vehicle size.

For overseas shipping, without linked roads but shorter distance, like from Florida to England, the transport cost can range from $2,500 to $3,000, depending on the automobile’s destination and size.

In addition, if you are shipping a vehicle across oceans, extra taxes may need to be paid by the customer. We also offer discounts for multiple car shipments, so you can save money paid in taxes if you need to move more than one automobile.

Once the automobile reaches its destination country, we will arrange for it to be delivered to its final destination via port pickup. We can also help with the paperwork and paying any necessary taxes and duties that must be paid at the port. We have extensive experience with international auto transport regulations, so you can rest assured that the process will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. We can also guide you on the vehicle registration process in the new country.

Moving a vehicle overseas is a big decision, so we always strive to provide our customers with the best possible service. With our professional haul teams available 24/7, you can be sure your automobile will be transported on time from Florida to any destination worldwide. Our team is always present to answer any questions and advise on the best way to move your vehicle.

Inter-State Transport Process To And From Florida

At Easy Auto Ship, we specialize in transporting vehicles from Florida to any other state in the country and vice versa. We understand our customers are looking for the most efficient and cost-effective way to ship their vehicles to interstate transport. So we leave no stone unturned in providing the best prices, which range from $0.4 to $1 per mile depending on the total distance. We can also help customers guide on all the paperwork and registration process for inter-state transport and any taxes or fees associated with moving the vehicle from one state to another.

The cost of shipping a vehicle interstate from Florida varies depending on several factors, such as the distance to the destination, the type of service required, and the size and weight of the vehicle.

For example, shipping a standard car from Florida to New York may cost anywhere from $800 to $1,000, while shipping a larger SUV could cost upwards of $1400.

Keep in mind that although the cost of transporting a vehicle from Florida to another state varies case-by-case basis, distance plays the main role.

For example, shipping a sedan from Miami, FL, to New York City, NY, would cost approximately $700 to $900, while transporting the same car from Tampa, FL, to Las Vegas, Nevada, would cost roughly $1,200.

Similarly, shipping a car from Orlando, FL, to New York City, NY, may cost about $700 and typically takes about 4-6 days for delivery. Shipping a car from Miami, FL, to Austin, TX, may cost about $800 and typically takes about 4-6 days for delivery.

The cost of shipping a vehicle from Florida toward western states like California, on the other hand, could cost anywhere from $1,300 to $1,500 due to the greater distance.

Like the costs, the time it takes to ship a vehicle from state to state also mainly depends on the distance. Shorter trips, like one from Orlando, FL, to Atlanta, GA, can take as little as 2 days. It can take longer for longer trips, like one from Jacksonville, FL, to Los Angeles, CA - around 7 days. We strive to provide the fastest possible delivery times for our customers, and our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that all vehicles are transported safely and securely.

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand that interstate transport can be a little difficult. That’s why our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns about the process. We want you to stay fully informed to make the best decision for your vehicle hauling needs. So call our transport experts right now, and let us help you with all your interstate transport needs.

City-to-City Transport Process to And From And Within Florida

At Easy auto Ship, we provide comprehensive city-to-city auto transport services to, from, and within Florida. We specialize in shipping vehicles interstate, so you can trust us for your auto transport needs. Whether you need to send a vehicle across the country or just across the state, our experienced team of professionals will get the job done quickly and without any room for complaints. From our top-tier door-to-door service to competitive rates, we ensure your experience with Easy auto Ship will be extremely positive.

Our auto transport process is simple and efficient. All you need to do is provide us with the year, make, and model of your vehicle, as well as your current location and destination. We will give you a free quote for the auto transport cost and work with you to schedule a pick-up and delivery date that works for you. If it’s a city-to-city transport within Florida, we can move vehicles cheaply and incredibly quickly.

For instance, an auto shipping rental service from Jacksonville to Tampa ($200 miles) could cost about $200 for a sedan and take about 1-2 days to complete. We will help you ensure that all necessary registration documents are in order before transporting your vehicle.

Similarly, the cost can be higher if the distance is shorter, but the vehicle is large, like an SUV. For instance, from Tampa to Orlando (100 miles), it could be around $200 for a larger SUV and take roughly 5-6 days to complete.

From Miami to Tallahassee, we offer competitive rates for auto transport, with prices starting at $400 for a sedan and delivery times averaging 4-5 days.

In this case, no tax would be applicable since both locations are within Florida. From Pensacola to Austin, TX, our auto transport specialists could move your vehicle for a price of $550 and get it to its destination in 3-5 days. Tax may also apply depending on this move as it is out-of-state delivery.

At Easy Auto Ship, we know how important it is for you to have your vehicle transported safely and promptly. Our reliable team of professionals is here to provide you with the best auto transport services. We go out of our way to ensure that our customers have peace of mind every step of the way, so you can be sure that your vehicle is safe and secure throughout its journey.

Questions to Ask Before You Book a Car Shipping company For Florida

What kind of experience does the business have in shipping vehicles in Florida and the US?
Before hiring a vehicle shipping company in Florida, it is vital to ask about their experience shipping vehicles within and across the country. It’s also essential to ensure that the shipping company is familiar with the roads and has a good relationship with local businesses and authorities in the region. You want to ensure that the firm has the necessary expertise and knowledge to handle your vehicle and deliver it safely to its destination. For example, if you are looking to send a car from Miami to Seattle, it’s crucial to know that the company has successfully transported vehicles to the west coast in the past.
Is the business fully licensed and insured?
To ensure your vehicle is protected during the transit, it’s important to ask about the business’s licensing and insurance status. Ensure the company has all the necessary permits and insurance to operate in Florida and across state lines. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected in case of any incidents on the road.
What kind of vehicles does the business have experience transporting?
It’s essential to ask the business about the types of vehicles they have experience transporting. For example, if you are looking to send a truck, you want to ensure that the company has the experience for handling larger vehicles and has the proper equipment to ship them safely.
Does the business handle the registration and tax requirements?
When shipping a vehicle, various registration and tax requirements must be considered. It’s essential to ask the company if they handle these responsibilities on behalf of their clients. This can save you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on other things.
What is the estimated delivery time for my vehicle?
Time is often a critical factor when shipping a vehicle, so it’s essential to ask the business about their estimated delivery times. This will give you an idea of when you can expect your car to arrive and help you plan accordingly. For example, if you need to send a vehicle from Tampa to New York, it’s essential to know how long it’ll take for the car to arrive so that you can make arrangements at the destination.
What is the process for tracking my vehicle during the move?
It’s essential to know where your vehicle is during the transport process and how you can track its progress. Ask the business about their tracking process and what kind of updates you can expect to receive during the trip. For example, you may want to know if you can track the truck’s location in real-time or if you will receive regular updates on its progress.
What is the process for resolving any issues that may arise during shipping?
Despite best efforts, issues may arise during the shipping process. It’s essential to ask the business about its process to resolve any problems. For example, if there is a delay or a problem with the truck, you want to know how the business will handle the situation and what steps they will take to resolve it. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands and that any problems will be taken care of promptly.

Safety Measures Easy Auto Ship Takes to Ship Cars in Florida

At Easy Auto Ship, we take car shipping in Florida very seriously. From loading and unloading your car to ensuring it arrives on time, safety is our priority. To ensure that your vehicle is appropriately safeguarded during the shipping process, here are the safety measures we take:

License and Insurance

We only work with carriers who meet our rigorous safety standards. All of our carriers must have valid registration, proof of insurance ($100k coverage), and a good driving record with no serious violations. We also do background checks on all drivers to ensure they are qualified to move your vehicle. Furthermore, by providing that all of our carriers have up-to-date taxes and fee payments made, we make sure that the shipping process is not halted in case they need to take care of these obligations first such as renew registration.

Truck Maintenance

All trucks and trailers are regularly maintained and inspected to ensure they are in top working order. The trucks are outfitted with the latest safety features to ensure a safe drive, such as air brakes and anti-lock brakes, and all of our carriers must undergo road safety tests before they can start transporting vehicles.

Experienced Crew

We use only the most professional and qualified drivers for our car shipping services in Florida. We ensure that all our drivers are certified and have the proper safety training to handle every type of vehicle. Additionally, all of our drivers use GPS tracking devices so that we can monitor their progress in real-time.

Vehicle Security

We take extra steps to ensure your vehicle is adequately protected during transportation. We use only the highest quality ramps to load and unload cars, employ soft ties to secure the vehicle, and use protective blankets and straps to prevent any damage en route.


When transporting vehicles from the east to the west coast, we also account for any special road tax requirements that may apply. Our staff is well-versed in the laws of each state and will ensure the vehicle complies with all regulations before beginning transportation.

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand that your car is an important asset, which is why these safety measures are essential for car shipping in Florida. We strive to give our clients the best possible service while keeping your car safe and secure every step of the way.

Vehicle Registration When moving to Florida

If you’re moving to the state in a way that makes you a resident, you must go through vehicle registration. Here’s what makes you a Florida resident:

If you meet any of these situations, you need to get a vehicle registration. You have 30 days after doing any of these things to get vehicle registration.

Remember, Florida requires you to have vehicle registration and title simultaneously. If you get the title but do not get the registration, it is unlawful to drive your vehicle around. That said, here are the basic steps for vehicle registration:

Registration for Out of State Vehicles

If you’re getting registration for a vehicle you purchased from a different state, you need to do the following things:

Once you do these things, you need to go to the tax collector’s office in the FL county to do the following:

This process is true for typically all types of vehicle registration processes in Florida.

Registration for Military Vehicles in Florida

Military members that are Florida residents need to follow the same registration process provided above.

If you’re a non-Florida resident stationed in the state, you do not have to register a vehicle during your time in Florida. However, you need to keep your vehicle registration in the original state up to date and bring your title and insurance documents to FL with you.

If you’re a Florida resident but stationed outside of the state, then you can complete the registration process by providing the documents below:

After submitting these documents, you can request to authorize any individual of your choice to complete the registration process on your behalf. You will get the license plates and registration stickers in the mail.

Registration Fees Breakdown in Florida:

Initial automobile registration fee: $225

Vehicle TypeWeight Range (lbs)1 Year Registration2 Year Registration
Private Use2499 lbs or greater$27.60$55.20
Private Use2500 – 3499 lbs$35.50$71.50
Private Use3500 lbs$45.60$91.20
Trucks for private and commercial use:
Weight Range (lbs)1 Year Registration2 Year Registration
1999 lbs or greater$27.60$55.20
2K – 3K$35.60$71.20
3001 – 5K$45.60$91.20
Flat fee for leased vehicles: is $17, and for ‘for hire’ vehicles, it is:
Vehicle TypeAdditional Flat Fee (per 100 lbs weight of vehicle)
“For Hire” vehicles with less than 9 passenger capacity$1.50
“For Hire” vehicles with a passenger capacity of 9 or greater$2.00
License Plate Issuance Fee:
Plate TypeCost
Transfer of plates$7.35
Issuance of new plate$28

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of cars can I have shipped to Florida?
Being a top-rated transportation service, Easy Auto Ship sends almost every automobile to, from, and within Florida, including standard passenger vehicles, SUVs, motorcycles, vans, motor homes, and light-duty trucks. We also provide specialized car transportation services for classic, luxury, and antique cars.
How much does it cost to ship the car to Florida?
Anywhere from $1 to $0.4 per mile. The cost of shipping a vehicle to Florida depends on the size of the motor vehicle, the pick-up and delivery locations, and the type of service you choose. We provide free, no-obligation quotes for car transport customers so you can compare rates and make an informed choice.
What is the fastest way to ship motorcars to Florida?
You can always get our expedited car shipping services to ensure your vehicle is picked up within 24-48 hours instead of a few days, which reduces overall delivery times.
How long will it take to ship car to Florida?
Timing for shipping a car to Florida varies depending on the type of service you choose. Standard car shipping typically takes 7-9 days, while expedited vehicle transport is significantly faster.
Are there any rated automobile transporters who ship cars to Florida?
Yes, we work with trusted and highly rated automobile transporters across the United States. Our network includes companies with years of experience in the car transportation industry.
What is the most secure way to ship a car to Florida?
The safest way to ship a car to Florida is by using enclosed auto shipping. This vehicle transportation provides added protection against inclement weather and road debris while traveling long distances on the highway.
How long will a car be shipped from one end of Florida to the other?
Typically it takes 3-5 days for transportation within Florida and 7-9 days to other states, especially if they’re towards the north or west. Remember, the time it takes for a vehicle to be shipped from one place to the other will depend on the trip’s distance, the vehicle’s size, and the route the truck driver takes.

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews—Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— Here’s What People Say About Our Florida Vehicle Transport

⭐Review From Alison S

“This company is the best! Very professional and were always in contact with us. Gary Nickels was outstanding!!! The driver was great! Would highly recommend them!”

How We Relocated Alison’s BMW from Florida to California:

Alison wanted someone to move her BMW from Florida to California, and her requirements were straightforward. She needed the vehicle to be picked up on time and delivered as soon as possible. We put Gary Nickles, one of our best transport agents, on her case to help her move the car urgently. Gary found just the driver for her BMW, who made sure the pickup in Florida was on time and even arrived early for the delivery.

⭐Review From Charles Crellin

“I contacted probably four or five car transport companies, but I was immediately impressed by Easy Auto Ship. In my initial conversation with my account executive, Abby, she fully explained—in a refreshingly straightforward and transparent way—the process of transporting a car cross country and provided detailed responses to my questions and concerns. Even with some glitches with the contracted transport company—which were not the fault whatsoever of Easy Auto Ship—the team did everything possible to get things back on track. In all my interactions, either by phone or email, I felt very confident that Abby and Easy Auto Ship team would handle this transaction successfully—which they did, and be available for me from start to finish—which they were. And though we were transporting a 10-year-old Mitsubishi from California to my daughter at college in Florida, Easy Auto Ship treated my wife and I as if we were transporting a Ferrari or Aston Martin. I highly recommend Easy Auto Ship.”

How We Transported Charles Crelin’s Mitsubishi to His Daughter in Florida:

Being a customer-first company, we strongly believe in passing the initial vibe check when talking to our customers. How professionally and politely we talk to the customers decides if they’ll prefer us over competitors. The exact same thing happened when Abby (our transport agent) talked to Charles. He was already in contact with 4 or 5 transporters but decided to go ahead with us. Why? Because the discussion with us was refreshing, straightforward, and transparent - it passed the vibe check! Although there were some slight hiccups in the transport process, our team left no stone unturned in ensuring the safe and timely transport of Charles’ Mitsubishi from California to his daughter’s college in Florida.

⭐Review From Mike Courtright

“Outstanding communication. Transported class B motorhome from Fort Lauderdale to southern Ohio in less than two days. Zinmo Transport LLC also had outstanding service. Scheduled arrival for 11 AM, arrived 10:55! couldn’t have been better. Thanks”

How We Hauled Mike’s Class B Motorhome from Ford Lauderdale, Florida, to Southern Ohio

The south of Ohio includes many cities, including Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus, so we get many requests for moving vehicles there. Mike Courtright needed us to move his Class B Motorhome from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Southern Ohio. The job needed responsible handling and specialized trailers because moving something as heavy and oversized as a class-B motorhome is not what most carriers do. So we hired Zinmo Transport carrier, which ensured the RV was picked up on time and delivered fast. The time of arrival was 11 a.m., and the motorhome was delivered at 10:55 a.m. sharp.

⭐Review From Kian Zarbaf

“Mark was a great help getting my Mustang moved from Seattle, WA to Miami, FL. He helped keep the price reasonable and the car was picked up and dropped off on time.”

How We Expertly Shipped Kian’s Mustang From Seattle to Miami

Kian was looking for an expert mover to relocate his expensive Mustang from Seattle, Washington, to Miami, Florida, across the country. He selected Easy Auto Ship for our experience with specialty cars. We arranged a professional and highly reliable enclosed carrier to protect the Mustang on its long journey of over 3,200 miles. Our competitive pricing helped keep costs reasonable for this long cross-country shipment. The Mustang was picked up and delivered on schedule as planned. Kian appreciated our expertise in shipping his classic car coast-to-coast.

⭐Review From Lewis Williams

“This entire process was Excellent! It was managed by Charity Cousins, who was always available by phone, email or text, and facilitated by Tiffany Beeson, who was also available, as well as their entire staff! From the ease of signing up! Very competitive prices! Online payment was a breeze! Scheduling was quicker than expected! The transport staff was Awesome! From pickup in Fl. to Cali! My Porsche Carrera was handled with “kid gloves”! They actually have , “Door to Door Excellent service”! Jarvi the driver was very professional, polite, and efficient! They went over the vehicle with me upon arrival, ensuring there were no issues. I can’t say enough about my entire experience with EasyAutoShip! You absolutely will not be disappointed with their pricing, and definitely their Superior service! They even pay for your first car wash! (Up to $20.00) Ask for Charity! Then just wait for your vehicle to arrive in Excellent condition!”

How We Helped Lewis Williams Safely Transport His Porsche Carrera from FL to CA

Lewis Williams wanted to move his beautiful Porsche Carrera from Florida to California and needed a reliable transporter to do the job for him. After combing through the internet, he reached us and decided to give us a go, and we didn’t disappoint! Lewis got in touch with Charity Cousins and Tiffany Beeson from our support team, who were always available to help and guide him throughout the transit. We also offered Lewis a convenient online payment offer, which he appreciated a lot (it’s the little convenient things that make customers happy). The transport driver, Jarvi, was fast, professional, and efficient; he treated the Porsche with excellent care and ensured it moved door to door without any hiccups. Once the vehicle was delivered to California, we helped Lewis thoroughly inspect the vehicle and even covered his first car wash as a gesture of goodwill. You can guess how happy Lewis was when everything was done!

⭐Review From Kentis Brown

“Outstanding service, had car shipped from IAAI Tampa North to NYC, company sent Pics and kept in contact with me the whole time. Fantastic service highly recommend!!”

How We Hauled Kentis Brown’s Car from an Auction in Tampa to NYC

Kentis wanted to relocate his auction car from an IAAI location in Tampa, Florida, to New York City, New York. Since it involved an auction vehicle, we had to be careful with the handling and inspection because neither Kentis nor we fully knew about the condition of the car as it was fresh out of the auction house. So when kentis reached out to us, we first understood his requirements and then a responsible carrier on the job. Not only did he reach the IAAI location in Tampa for pickup as per the schedule, but he also inspected the car and took several pictures that he sent to Kentis in advance. This way, everybody had a good idea about the car’s physical condition. We also maintained continuous communication throughout the transit, and finally, the car arrived in New York City, NY, safely, and Kentis was thrilled with the fantastic service.

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