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About Easy Auto Ship

At the heart of Easy Auto Ship, we thrive on the mission to provide reliable car shipping solutions across the United States. As a leading auto transport enterprise, our operations extend to all fifty states, and we specialize in the moves of privately owned automotives, motorcycles, and heavy-duty machinery. Our dependable logistics team ensures your vehicle’s swift and secure hauling, providing you peace of mind during the move.

Our reputation in the auto transport industry is built on the strength of our carrier relationships, so we are a preferred choice for many well-known companies such as Classic Cars and Hemmings. We offer our customers a seamless and efficient vehicle shipping process using our state-of-the-art instant quoting technology. We pride ourselves on being an essential part of the auto transport logistics chain, working diligently to ensure a streamlined and hassle-free shipping experience for our customers.

The cornerstone of our operations is our skilled professionals who bring their passion for auto transport logistics to work every day. At Easy Auto Ship, we believe in nurturing a culture of teamwork and commitment, which translates into superior customer service. Our team is our most valuable asset, and their dedication to our vision has made us a trusted name in the auto transport industry.

In addition to domestic operations, EAS offers international auto transport services, extending our reach beyond the United States. We understand the complexities of international moves and have a trained crew on board to assist with these operations. Furthermore, we have a dedicated trucking team specializing in transporting heavy machinery.

The principles of efficiency, reliability, and transparency guide our operations. We work hard to ensure that our customers receive a fair quote for their auto transport needs and that their vehicles are transported safely and on time. And our unwavering commitment to these principles has resulted in partnerships with companies such as United Road, further solidifying our position in the auto transport industry.

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Meet Our Leadership

At the helm of Easy Auto Ship is Eric Ray, our esteemed President and CEO. Eric, an Ohio University alumnus, has harnessed his Business Administration insight to craft a flourishing automotive transport company since 2013. His competitive drive, honed from his time as a collegiate golfer, propels him to lead EAS with an unwavering goal: to be a trailblazer in the Auto Transport Industry. Eric’s flair for innovation is evident in his active role in integrating cutting-edge technology into our operations. When he’s not revolutionizing the auto transport landscape, you’ll find him imparting life lessons to his two sons or perfecting his golf swing.

Eric Ray / President & Chief Executive Officer

Meet Joe Reynoso, the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, who helped lay the foundation of EAS in 2013. A South Florida native and an alumnus of Nova Southeastern University, Joe’s strategic vision and meticulous attention to detail are instrumental in streamlining our operations. His inherent knack for research, development, and process optimization is evident in his ability to orchestrate effective solutions for complex projects. Beyond the boardroom, Joe has a penchant for the arts, history, and home improvement projects.

Joseph Reynoso / Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Jackie Hall, our Director of Digital Strategy & Design, is the creative force behind our online presence. She boasts a decade-long experience in web design, graphic design, and social media marketing and plays a pivotal role in influencing our digital strategy. A Pittsburgh Technical Institute graduate, Jackie’s passion for technology and a keen eye for aesthetics fuel her innovative approach to design. You’ll find her actively involved in Youngstown’s local music scene or caring for her menagerie of rescued animals when she’s off-duty.

Jackie Hall / Director of Digital Strategy & Design

Brandon Latimer, our Sales Director, is a testament to the belief that hard work pays off. A native of Youngstown, Ohio, Brandon is known for his charismatic personality and the ability to connect with just about anyone. His exceptional people skills and motivational prowess have propelled him to his current role as Chief Sales Officer. When he’s not driving sales, Brandon indulges in his love for sports, especially his Ohio State Buckeyes, and enjoys quality time with his three daughters and pet dog.

Brandon Latimer / Director of Sales

Lindsay Stine, our Sales Supervisor, embodies tenacity and determination. Lindsay’s knack for sales emerged while working part-time at EAS during her college years. Today, she stands as one of our top salespeople, supervising sales operations with finesse. When she’s not making strides in her professional sphere, Lindsay loves to explore new places and spend quality time with her son, Carter.

Lindsay Stine / Sales Supervisor

Larry Huston, our Dispatch Manager, is the epitome of diligence and professionalism. Originally from Canton, Ohio, Larry’s career move to Youngstown led him to EAS. His excellent attention to detail, honed during his stint in the financial security sector, and his affable nature make him a valuable asset to our movers. Away from his professional duties, Larry enjoys bartending at a local venue, creating art, and spending quality time with his pets.

Larry Huston / Dispatch Manager
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