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Tennessee Car Shipping

Tennessee Car Transport

A diverse and vibrant state in the Southeastern region of the United States, Tennessee stands apart from its counterparts with its rich musical heritage and picturesque landscape. As the birthplace of country music, Nashville, the state capital and largest city, is a pulsating metropolis that boasts a thriving industrial sector. The state’s geography, encompassing the Appalachian Mountains and lower-lying areas, lends itself to a climate akin to Alabama, with sweltering summers and balmy winters. Tennessee’s infrastructure, featuring five ports - Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, New Johnson, and Nashville - and ten major interstate highways, enables seamless auto transport within and beyond the state’s borders. However, relocating automobiles to and from Tennessee can pose unique challenges, necessitating the expertise of a reliable car transport company like Easy Auto Ship.

As an industry leader, Easy Auto Ship provides tailored solutions for Tennessee car transport, ensuring peace of mind and convenience during the often-stressful process of moving. Several variables affect the cost of shipping a car, such as the choice between open or enclosed car transport, the vehicle’s size and weight, and the prevalent supply and demand for car transporters in the area. Additionally, the availability of car transporters heading in the desired direction plays a pivotal role in determining the shipping quote. By addressing these concerns, Easy Auto Ship’s dedicated agents can provide an accurate auto transport quote for Tennessee, enabling customers to save on wear and tear and alleviate the stress associated with relocation.

In recent times, the burgeoning online car-buying industry has spurred a surge in demand for auto-shipping companies, making it crucial for customers to understand the intricacies of the shipping process. Easy Auto Ship, a 5-star rated car shipping company, prides itself on employing only the best car haulers, all licensed, bonded, and thoroughly vetted for proper cargo insurance. This commitment to quality ensures that Tennessee car shipping services offered by Easy Auto Ship are safe, reliable, and affordable.

To obtain a free car shipping quote, customers can utilize Easy Auto Ship’s online car shipping calculator, contact the company at 888-687-3243, or initiate a live chat with one of the Tennessee auto shipping experts. These knowledgeable professionals will guide customers through every step of the car shipping process and address any concerns, resulting in a seamless and stress-free experience that distinguishes Easy Auto Ship from its competitors in the Tennessee car transport arena.

Cost to Ship a Car to and from Tennessee

When determining how much it costs to ship a car to and from Tennessee, one must consider a variety of elements that influence the overall cost of vehicle transport services.

To begin, the average cost per mile for shorter distances within Tennessee or nearby states is around $1/mile. In comparison, longer distances involving transport to and from distant states or cities from Tennessee typically fall within the range of $0.75 to $0.4 per mile.

DistanceBase Price Per mileExample DistanceExample Price
1-500 Miles$1.00400 miles$400
500+ miles$0.75900 miles$675
1,000+ miles$0.601,200 miles$720
2,000+ miles$0.502,400 miles$1,200
2,500+ miles$0.403,600 miles$1,440

To provide a snapshot of the costs involved in shipping a vehicle to and from Tennessee, let’s examine three examples of total costs for shipping under 500 miles to nearby states:

Now, let’s explore three examples of total costs for shipping a vehicle over 600 miles from Tennessee to other states:

Some common factors that can impact car transport costs include the distance of the shipping route, the dimensions and weight of the vehicle, the type of transport services required, and the time of year during which the shipping takes place.

For instance, shipping a larger, heavier vehicle often requires specialized transport equipment and may result in higher shipping costs.

Additionally, suppose a vehicle requires enclosed transport services to protect it from the elements or potential damage. In that case, the shipping cost will likely be more than if it were being shipped using open transport services.

Finally, the time of year during which the vehicle transport occurs can also play a role in determining the cost, as shipping during peak seasons, such as summer or around holidays, may result in higher shipping rates due to increased demand for transport services. Customers can utilize Easy Auto Ship’s online car shipping calculator or contact the company at 888-687-3243 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

How Long it Takes to Ship a Car To and From Tennessee

The time to ship a car to and from Tennessee Car Transport can vary, depending on various factors, including the distance, shipping method, and the overall demand for vehicle transport services at any given time. The shipping process for shorter distances, such as 200 to 500 miles, typically takes 2 to 4 days, making it an efficient and convenient option for those looking to transport their vehicles within Tennessee Car Transport or nearby cities.

For longer distances, such as 600 to 2,000 miles, the transport time frame extends to 4-9 days, accommodating the additional mileage and various factors that come into play when shipping a vehicle to and from more distant states or cities from Tennessee Car Transport.

MilesDays In Transit
0 - 2001 - 2
200 - 6002 - 4
600 - 10003 - 5
1000 - 15004 - 6
1500 - 20005 - 7
2000 - 24006 - 8
2400 and up7 - 9

To provide a clearer picture of the transport timelines, here are three examples of shipping a car under 500 miles from Tennessee Car Transport to nearby states:

For longer distances, here are three examples of shipping a car from Tennessee Car Transport to other states with over 600 miles distance in between:

Despite our commitment to providing timely and efficient vehicle transport services at Easy Auto Ship, some common factors can cause delays in the shipping process. These factors include:

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand that shipping a car to and from Tennessee Car Transport is an important decision, and our professional team is dedicated to making the transportation process as seamless as possible. By providing accurate transport timelines, offering a range of shipping options, and proactively addressing any potential delays, we aim to ensure that your vehicle arrives at its destination securely and promptly. Customers can utilize Easy Auto Ship’s online car shipping calculator or contact the company at 888-687-3243 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Our 3 Step Car Shipping Process to and from Tennessee

At Easy Auto Ship, we pride ourselves on providing efficient and professional Tennessee car transport services. Our three-step process ensures a seamless experience for our clients, regardless of their shipping frequency or familiarity with the auto transport industry.

Step 1

Obtain Your Car Shipping Quote

The first step in our Tennessee car transport process is obtaining your instant car shipping quote. With 10+ years of experience in the transport industry, our Transport Specialists ensure that you receive an accurate estimate for your car shipping requirements. You can easily receive an online quote or contact our team for a custom quote tailored to your specific needs.

Step 2

Book Your Tennessee Car Transport

Once you get your quote, the next step is to book your Tennessee car transport. With Easy Auto Ship, you can book online, over the phone, or through our user-friendly chat system. Our team of Transport Specialists is here to guide you through the booking process, ensuring that all the necessary details are accurately captured, and your transport needs are met.

Step 3

Sit Back and Relax

Finally, with your Tennessee car transport booked, your role is completed, and our team takes care of the rest. Throughout the transport process, we will provide you with regular updates and handle any issues that may arise.

Easy Auto Ship’s professional Tennessee car transport process consists of three simple steps: obtaining a quote, booking your transport, and allowing our team to handle the rest. By entrusting us with your vehicle, you can be confident that we will provide a hassle-free and efficient service that caters to your specific needs. Customers can utilize Easy Auto Ship’s online car shipping calculator or contact the company at 888-687-3243 for free, no-obligation quotes.

Open and Enclosed Car Transport Services To and From Tennessee

When transporting your beloved vehicle within the beautiful state of Tennessee, Easy Auto Ship offers two primary methods that cater to a wide range of preferences and requirements. Each transport type has its unique process and advantages, ensuring that customers can confidently choose the most suitable option for their specific needs.

Open Car Transport

Open Car Transport is the most popular method of vehicle transport among our Tennessee clients. As already suggested by the name, this type of transport involves securing your car on an open trailer, where it can comfortably bask in the warm Tennessee sun as it makes its way to its destination.

The process begins with carefully loading your automobile onto the open trailer, where it will be safely fastened using state-of-the-art equipment to prevent any movement during transport. Our skilled drivers then take the wheel, expertly navigating the picturesque Tennessee roads and delivering your car to its destination promptly and efficiently.

This method is ideal for those needing a more budget-friendly transport option, as it allows multiple vehicles to be transported simultaneously, reducing the overall cost. For example, if you’re a proud owner of a classic American muscle car and want to show off your gleaming beauty at a car show in the heart of Nashville, Open Car Transport will ensure a smooth and cost-effective journey while also providing ample opportunity for fellow motorists to admire your prized possession en route.

Enclosed Car Transport

Easy Auto Ship’s Enclosed Car Transport is perfect for those seeking a more exclusive and protective transport option. This method involves placing your vehicle within a fully enclosed trailer, shielding it from potential weather elements, road debris, and prying eyes as it cruises along the stunning Tennessee highways.

The process commences with your car being meticulously loaded into the enclosed trailer using specialized equipment, ensuring maximum safety and security. Once settled within its private cocoon, our experienced drivers will embark on the journey, taking extra care to avoid any potential obstacles or hazards on the road.

Enclosed Car Transport is particularly appealing to owners of luxury, exotic, or vintage vehicles, as it provides unparalleled protection and privacy during transport. Picture yourself as the proud owner of a rare European sports car you have painstakingly restored to its former glory.

You’ve been invited to showcase this automotive masterpiece at a prestigious event in Memphis, and you need a transport method that will guarantee the safe arrival of your prized possession. Enclosed Car Transport is the answer, ensuring your unique vehicle arrives in pristine condition, ready to steal the show.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction and our expertise in handling all types of vehicles ensure that your car will be transported safely and professionally, arriving at its destination safely and sound.

So please put your trust in Easy Auto Ship and let us take the wheel, providing you with the ultimate Tennessee car transport experience. Customers can utilize Easy Auto Ship’s online car shipping calculator or contact the company at 888-687-3243 for free, no-obligation quotes.

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews—Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— Here’s What People Say About Our Tennessee Auto Shipping

⭐Review From Brad East

“The pick up happened ahead of the projected timeline. Easy Auto Ship kept me informed through the entire process of a vehicle being delivered from Nashville to Phoenix. When the driver arrived, he was meticulous about the vehicles on board and very courteous. All around great experience.”

How We Arranged Brad’s Car Transport with Exceptional Timeliness and Care

Brad East wanted to transport his vehicle from Nashville, Tennessee, to Phoenix, Arizona, so he contacted Easy Auto Ship. After the initial communication, we booked his shipment, and our driver picked up the car ahead of the scheduled date and kept Brad updated throughout the transit. Our professional driver ensured all cars on board were secure and treated Brad’s car with great care. After the timely auto transport of his vehicle, Brad was beyond impressed and said the driver was extremely courteous. In the end, he was very satisfied with his door-to-door experience and our attention to detail.

⭐Review From Morgan

“Thank you easy auto ship for helping me get my car that broke down in Tennessee back home to Ohio! Very timely, affordable, kind and considerate. Took great care of my car!”

How We Shipped Morgan’s Car That Broke Down From Tennessee to Canfield

Sometimes, customers approach us with problems that are super time-bound and can turn into a lot of hassle for them. Morgan’s car broke down in Tennessee, and he needed someone urgently to move it to Canfield, OH, which is 7 miles away from Cincinnati, Ohio. We put one of our best carriers on the job. They arrived quickly, safely, and carefully loaded the car. Since it was not running, loading required special equipment. Once done, the driver made his way toward Canfield, Ohio; we stayed available for Morgan for updates and made the delivery.

⭐Review From NekieGlo Vareba

“Easy Auto Ship are the Best! Wish I could rate them 1Billion stars. 🌟 ⭐ 🌟 ⭐ 🌟 ⭐ 🌟 ⭐🌟 ⭐. They treated me like a family & they are the CHEAPEST based on my research. Richard my Agent was very nice , kind and will always make me laugh anytime I called. Meanwhile he helped me with my schedule, timing and was a able to find the best deal that was cheap and affordable for me. Always keeping me posted on what’s going on & after delivery to make sure everything was fine. I will choose Easy Auto Ship anytime both here and Overseas. All Team members and staffs are Nice,Friendly, Polite and a Great Customer service 100%. Bravo 👏 🙌 A BIG THANK YOU to EASY AUTO SHIP. RICHARD THANK U SO MUCH 🙏 for helping me move my car from Michigan to Tennessee. Am happy to have my 🚘 here with me kudos to your efforts ✌🙏🙏👏 👏 👏 👏 👏. Richard i rate you 1B stars 🌟 🌟 ⭐ 💫 🌟 😂😂😅🤣🤣✌💖Pls go Try Easy Auto Ship —-A trial will convince you!”

How We Relocated NekieGlo’s Car From Michigan to Tennessee

Sometimes, some customers appreciate us much more than usual, and that doesn’t mean we do not strive to offer the same kind of auto transport experience to every client. It’s just that some customers are more expressive; NekieGlo Vareba is one of them. She needed to move her car from Michigan to Tennessee. She was looking for a professional yet polite company to deal with because there are already so many stressful things in everyone’s life, so why add more? So, when she contacted Easy Auto Ship, she got the best, almost family-like treatment. Yes, that’s how our reps are; they’ll joke with you while guiding you, never lose their politeness and professionalism, and will go above and beyond for you. That’s the mantra of our customer support ethos here. We offered her the cheapest rate possible, and she confirmed this after researching independently. We put Richard on the case to help her move the car from MI to TN, and she was pleased with the delivery.

⭐Review From John Tollett

“Bill was great to work with, the communication from him and the company was excellent. I had a vehicle shipped from New Hampshire to Tennessee with ease. Trucking company communication was good. All around everything went smoothly. Will use again and definitely Recommend.”

How Easy Auto Ship Ensured Smooth NH to TN Vehicle Shipping for John Tollett

John wanted someone to move his vehicle from North Hampshire to Tennessee but straightforward communication and ability to reach the movers whenever he wants was super important to him. So after going through reviews about us, John Tollett contacted one of our reps, Ben and found him an excellent communicator. We understood the requirements John had and arranged for a transport from NH to Tennessee for his vehicle and the rest of the transportation process was buttery smooth.

⭐Review From Ashley Lawson

“second time using them to ship my car and it was such a painless process both times. shipped from TN to CA and then CA to KS. Colin was always super available any time i needed & Terry was my dispatch & he was amazing! 10 out of 10”

We Helped Ashley Lawson Move Her Vehicle between Multiple States

Moving a vehicle from one state to another is a straightforward process but when you need to move a vehicle from one state to the other and then from there to another state, this requires careful planning and sometimes the coordination with multiple partners. But hey, that’s what we’re here for: to make things easy for our customers. When Ashley asked us to move her vehicle from Tennessee to California and then from California to Kansas, we were more than happy to do it. We arranged for a transporter who happily agreed to carry out the move and the whole process was hassle-free for Ashley.

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