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Nebraska is the home of the largest mammoth fossil, Warren Buffet’s home, and birthplace of the ever so popular drink, Kool-Aid. Nebraska also hosts the largest indoor rain forest. For these reasons, Nebraska attracts many visitors each year for small vacations.  If you are thinking about visiting one of these tourist attractions and are flying, but would like your own car during your vacation, then think about our Car Shipping Nebraska Services.

Nebraska’s capital city is Lincoln, which is a very cool university town.  Many students that go here have their cars shipped to and from Nebraska using Easy Auto Ship’s car shipping Lincoln, Nebraska services.  Nebraska has only 1 interstate going through the state East and West, which is I-80. This makes Auto transport a little bit harder to arrange in Nebraska if you don’t live near I-80 or in one of the two main cities, Omaha or Lincoln.  Much of Nebraska consist of prairies, sand hills, and dramatic rock formations.

Auto Transport Nebraska

To avoid the blistery cold bitter winters, many retired residents travel south for the winter, making Nebraska a snowbird state.  If you are planning your winter in Florida and don’t feel like spending a lot of hours in the car, then contact Easy Auto Ship for a quote on our Nebraska Auto Transport services.  If you have never shipped a car before, here are a few tips for the car shipping process.

First, we suggest you get a few different quotes from reputable car shipping companies.  Make sure the company you are considering is licensed, bonded, and insured.  Next, check their online reputation and recent customer reviews.  Avoid cheap car shipping prices as they are often associated with bait and switch tactics on the price.  Make sure the carrier that the auto shipping company hires to ship your car has up to date cargo insurance.  Easy Auto Ship provides, for free, its own contingency cargo policy, which backs up the carriers’ policy in case it fails.

Nebraska Car Transport Cost Factors

When you are considering arranging Car Transport Nebraska, here are a few things that will determine the cost to ship a car.  The biggest factor is the time of year, as it is much busier during the fall and winter months, due to the seniors moving south and creating more demand for auto transport Nebraska services. This drives up the price for car shipping in Nebraska as it does in many Midwestern states.  The next factor that will determine the cost to ship a car is the weight and size of the car that needs shipped.  Auto Transport carriers are limited to space and weight by the department of transportation.

So, the bigger and heavier the vehicle the more it will cost to ship a car. The current price of diesel fuel can affect the cost to ship a car also. If you have a small window of pick-up, then avoid cheap car shipping quotes, as the carriers will always fill their trucks with the highest paying jobs first, which means your car may sit longer than you can wait.  Another thing that can drastically affect the cost of car shipping Nebraska is the pick up and drop off locations in Nebraska, because if they are not near I-80, the carrier must travel far away from the interstate and you will have to pay extra for that.

Auto Hauling Nebraska Options

If you need Nebraska Auto Hauling services, you can choose open or enclosed car shipping.  Open-air car shipping is much more affordable as they can carry more cars than an enclosed carrier. Also, most enclosed car shipping carriers have a 1,000,000-dollar cargo insurance policy verses open car carriers usually carrier around 250,000-dollar cargo insurance policies. Usually enclosed car transport is reserved for shipping classic cars, antiques, and high-end luxury cars. When you need to protect your vehicle from the outside elements like weather, then enclosed car shipping is your best choice.

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