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Cost to Ship a Car

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

Utilize our powerful online car shipping quote calculator to instantly find the costs to move a car anywhere across the country. Our vehicle transport quotes are designed to help you squeeze value out of every penny you invest in our services.

An Overview of How Much Car Shipping Costs:

A car shipping company charges different rates based on the distance traveled, which is the most important factor when moving a car. If a vehicle is being shipped a short distance, like from 1-500 miles, the cost of car shipping would be around $1/mile.

For farther distances, from 500 to 1,000 miles, the automobile transport cost decreases to about $0.75/mile and so on. That’s the rule of supply and demand, where the more of something you buy, the cheaper it typically gets.

That said, there are some factors that may also contribute to the increase in car shipping costs, like open or enclosed carriers, cross-country or international delivery, regular or expedited shipment and so on.

DistanceBase Price Per mileExample DistanceExample Price
1-500 Miles$1.00400 miles$400
500+ miles$0.75900 miles$675
1,000+ miles$0.601,200 miles$720
2,000+ miles$0.502,400 miles$1,200
2,500+ miles$0.403,600 miles$1,440

How Long Does it Take to Move Your Car?

Shipping a car across the country or within your state? It’s easier to make plans if you know how long it takes to move your car, right? That’s precisely why we always provide a close car shipping estimated date of delivery to our clients. Still, to help you get a rough idea, here are some numbers:

MilesDays In Transit
0 - 2001 - 2
200 - 6002 - 4
600 - 10003 - 5
1000 - 15004 - 6
1500 - 20005 - 7
2000 - 24006 - 8
2400 and up7 - 9

How Much Does it Cost For Cross-Country Car Shipping?

When you ship a car across country, like from east to west, north to south or any other auto shipping route, which consists of a large portion of the country, it’s called cross-country car shipment. This type of vehicle transport typically consists of 2,000+ miles from east to west or 1,500+ miles from North to South

To & From StatesDistance in MilesEstimated Cost to ShipEstimated Time
Montana to Louisiana1,855 Miles via I-25 S$1,1155-7 Days
Los Angeles to Texas1,245 Miles via I-10 E$7504-6 Days
Louisiana to California1,904 Miles via I-40 W$1,1505-7 Days
California to Illinois2,084 Miles via I-80 E$1,0506-8 Days
Michigan to California2,403 Miles via I-80 W$1,2007-9 Days
New York to Los Angeles2,789 Miles via I-80 W$1,1157-9 Days
Florida to California2,703 Miles via I-40 W$1,0807-9 Days
Los Angeles to Florida2,568 Miles via I-10 E$1,0257-9 Days
Hawaii to California2,467 Miles via Honolulu Port$1,500+ (Port to Door)7-14 Days
New Jersey to California1,119 Miles via I-95 S$6714-6 Days

Shipping a Car Across The Country in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Select any vehicle transport pickup and dropoff location across country and choose the first available pickup date

Step 2

Use Easy Auto Ship’s instant online car shipping calculator to calculate across-the-country car shipping estimate (You can also call us, send an email/text or talk to an expert on live chat)

Step 3

Prepare your auto shipment for pickup

Easy Auto Ship makes it super simple to ship a car across the country in just a few clicks. No need to drive the car across the country. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

If the budget is tight, you can go for the open carrier, which is more affordable and widely available to ship across the country. However, the driver will carry your vehicle on a regular hauler that’s open from all sides, so the vehicle will be exposed to rain, snow, dirt and other environmental elements.

While this is not as safe as the enclosed carrier, accidents are still extremely rare. If you are shipping a classic, exotic, luxury or any expensive automobile across the country, it makes sense to hire an enclosed carrier driver, which costs a little extra.

Factors That Are Used to Calculate Car Shipping Cost:

Car Shipping Distance

The farther the distance, the more it costs to ship a car. This is because the longer a transport truck hauls vehicles, the more fuel it burns, which increases the cost to transport a car. That’s why the auto transportation cost is calculated on a “per mile” basis. However, on average, the cost per mile decreases with longer distances.

Carriers Used to Transport Car

Open carriers are the cheapest because they can haul more vehicles (up to 10 or more) than enclosed carriers. So the truck drivers can earn more for every load shipped. An enclosed trailer can transport fewer vehicles (4-6 at a time) but is covered from all sides, so they offer better protection to vehicles.

Auto Shipping Company’s Competence

Professional and experienced shipping companies like Easy Auto Ship, with a vast network of carriers, can negotiate better auto transport rates. Plus, we leverage technology to find the nearest and most suitable drivers to pick up and haul your vehicle. This makes moving your car much faster and less expensive.

Hauling Route Conditions

Poor road conditions can increase the cost to ship a car across country because they slow down vehicles. Bad weather and construction activities on roads can also cause a car shipment delay.

Time of The Year

The time of the year also affects how much it costs to move a car. Shipping service during the summer months is more expensive than in the fall because there is greater demand for auto transportation services.

Vehicle Weight & Dimensions

A standard sedan is easier to ship than a van, truck, or boat. This is because it occupies less space, has lighter weight and requires less effort on the driver’s end to load/unload.

Transporting Cars Door-To-Door

If you require door-to-door car shipping, the carrier will have to drive out of the way to pick up the vehicle and haul it to the destination.

Vehicle Type

Different types of cars require different handling and care. Exotic cars require higher security, while classic cars require more care and delicate handling because of their age. So the cost for transporting a car that falls under expensive, exotic or vintage vehicles categories is typically a little higher.

Auto Shipping Date

The date you book a car transport plays a significant role in the auto transport quote you get. Make sure to book auto transportation far in advance. This gives you flexibility in car pickup dates, helping you save money.

Modified or Inoperable Vehicle

If you transport a car modified with bumpers, a roof rack, spoiler or lower ground clearance, or if the car is not in running condition, additional equipment like hydraulic ramps, forklifts, and winches will be required for loading, unloading, and hauling. This can increase the cost for shipping a car.

Delivery Location

Metropolitan areas typically have more trucks available to carry the vehicle, especially enclosed trailers. This wide availability keeps the transport quote lower as compared to small towns or remote locations where shippers are difficult to find.

How Do Seasons Affect Car Shipping Costs?

The car transport industry goes through varying auto shipping demand throughout the year due to factors like weather conditions, traffic conditions on roads, holidays and vacations. Let’s dig deeper into how the season changes auto shipping costs.

Car Transport in Winter

Winter months typically cause delays in shipment delivery because daylight is low, there’s snow on the roads, and they become slippery. The carrier has to drive with extreme caution to avoid accidents, and this causes slower-than-usual hauling schedules.

Moreover, during December, drivers take some time off for holidays resulting in car shipment delays. Furthermore, during January, many people are still traveling to the south to ride out the winter, so this causes a backlog in transportation, and car shipping quotes are higher.

However, in February, most snowbirds are done with their vehicle transportation, so the car shipment bookings are slower, resulting in lower quotes to ship a car.

Car Transport in Spring

This is a great season to ship your car as the car transport quotes stay low until the end of March, making the car shipping price more affordable.

However, the auto transport rates start increasing from April as the months become warmer, so people flock back to the North who moved to the South in January. This significantly increases car relocation rates.

Car Transport in Fall

Auto transport during the fall months is also very cheap because of the pleasant weather and decreasing demand for car shipping services. Auto shippers are relaxed due to fewer orders, so they make deliveries faster.

Plus, due to the low demand to ship cars, auto haulers charge a lower fee, resulting in cheap auto hauling prices on average. October and November months are the best to hire car movers.

Car Transport in Summer

This is the peak car shipping season because people go on vacations, students go home from school, and employees move offices.

This causes a surplus of orders which boosts the demand to ship vehicles and increases the cost to transport a car.

Vehicle shippers stay super busy during this time, and the prices of getting an automobile shipped stay the same.

How to Use A Car Shipping Cost Calculator For A Price Estimate?

Using the online instant car shipping calculator by Easy Auto Ship is super simple. Head over to the instant online calculator tool, and enter the following details:

  • Car pickup and delivery destination zip codes
  • Auto transport trailer preference (open or enclosed carrier)
  • Vehicle year, make, and model (to ensure the right trailer size)
  • Date of pickup

Once done, you will receive a car shipping estimate. Still, it’s possible that the price may be a little different on the final quote. However, the cost difference will not be very high in most cases.

If you want to ensure the quote you receive is close to what you pay when the car is shipped, provide exact information about the vehicle and pick/drop locations.

What’s The Cheapest Method to Ship a Car?

The car transport prices will vary depending on your circumstances, but you can still get cheap auto shipping quotes with some know-how of this industry.

Whether you’re an individual or a dealership moving multiple vehicles, you can use the following to get a good discount and fit the car transport price within your budget.

Look For Discounts

Most car transport companies have some sort of discount going on for different types of people, including AAA members, first responders, dealerships, military personnel, the elderly, students, multiple car shippers, disabled people and so on. If you belong to any of these categories, feel free to ask for a discount.

Go For Open Car Shipping

Open carrier transport is the cheapest option because it doesn’t involve using an enclosed trailer, which costs a few hundred dollars more. The car is simply placed on a flatbed trailer or multi-level, multi-car transport truck and delivered to the destination. This trailer is best for shipping your vehicles used for regular transport and doesn’t have a very high financial or sentimental value because the open carrier has less security. Use an enclosed trailer if you’re shipping an exotic, classic, or luxury car. The vehicle will be moved securely.

Check For Promotional Discounts

Sometimes, companies do special discounts where you can save even more money if you book your shipment ahead of time. Ask the auto shipper company’s representative if they’re running any discounts.

Terminal-to-Terminal Vehicle Transport

If you are fine with driving the car to the transport company’s terminal and then driving it back to your location when it is delivered to the destination terminal, this method can save you money.

Payment Method Fees

Most auto shipping companies, including Easy Auto Ship, accept all payment methods, including debit and credit cards, cash and checks. However, some companies may charge a small fee if you pay using a card. So ask your vehicle shipping company about the payment methods they accept and the fees associated with them. You can go for the lowest one.

Deposit Fee

Some auto shipping companies may also charge you a deposit fee before they pickup your vehicle. However, this is usually applied to the total shipping quote after delivery. Ask them if this fee is refundable to ensure you don’t lose money if you decide to cancel.

How to Make Across-Country Car Shipping More Affordable?

When you ship a car across the country, the cost is impacted by the distance, type of carrier, shipping company’s competence, and route conditions. That’s how auto transport works.

However, open carriers are usually cheaper than enclosed carriers when you ship your car across country. Moreover, shipping a car across the country will be more affordable if you can wait until the fall months when there is less traffic.

Tips: Ship between September and November if you’re going North to save maximum on your cross-country auto transport.

Also, the longer the distance, the cheaper it is ship a car per mile. This is because auto shippers find it easier to drive haulers to long distances than going for a short drive, dropping off cars, again pickup vehicles and start shipping. The transportation truck also gives a better gas average when hauling long routes, so they save money as well.

Tip: Make sure to remove toll tags from the vehicle as it will pass through various tolls throughout cross-country transport. If the tags get scanned automatically, you’ll be charged a good chunk of money by the time your vehicle is shipped.

Remember, you are moving the car across country for thousands of miles, so the car transport company will be more accommodating. Ask for discounts for cross-country shipping.

What Makes Easy Auto Ship’s Car Transport Quotes Stand Out?

Value For Money

Easy Auto Ship provides the best value for transporting a car across the country or within your state. We understand not everyone has the same budget for relocation, so we offer the best possible rates to meet their needs. We also offer militarydiscounts and student discounts on applicable routes.

High Customer Satisfaction

From providing instant shipping estimates online to moving vehicles safely and timely to anywhere across the country, we strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

$0 Upfront Costs

Whether you ship within the state or across the country, you don’t have to pay anything upfront. Only pay a deposit fee when it’s dispatched and the remaining when the vehicle is transported. Plus, we offer discounts if you ship multiple vehicles.

All-Inclusive Transportation Fee

When you ship with us, we offer you an all-inclusive quote after we calculate taxes, insurance and tolls (if shipping across the country)

We Cater to Inoperable, Modified and Classic Cars

Our expert drivers are experienced and well-equipped to move classic, modified and inoperable vehicles.

Secure & Stress-Free

No matter if you’re shipping locally, across the country, or shipping the car across to another country, we’ll ensure it arrives safe, and you’re updated on transit progress for your peace of mind. Our carriers are D.O.T certified and insured with $100,000 coverage, so you can count on us for safe and responsible handling of your vehicle.

Our Best-Selling Vehicle Transport Services at Affordable Costs

Door-To-Door Vehicle Shipping Service

Easy Auto Ship takes the hard work out of a car shipping experience with door-to-door car shipment service. Our car shipper will arrive at your location, pick up your vehicle, transport the car anywhere across the country and deliver it to the destination - as simple as that!

Open Carrier Transport Service

If you want to squeeze value out of every penny you spend when you ship your vehicle, especially when shipping a car across the USA, an open car transport truck is the best investment.

Enclosed Auto Shipping Service

When shipping an expensive vehicle, whether cross country or to a short distance within your state in the USA, an enclosed truck offers the best protection. The transport quote may be a little higher, but protection is top-notch.

Expedited Auto Transport Service

In a rush? We can help! Use our expedited service for transporting a car and get a short, 1-2 days pickup window. Once our car shipper picks up your vehicle, he’ll be on the road and prioritize your vehicle delivery

Cross-Country Car Shipping

It’s the best choice when you need to ship a car across the country or over 1000 miles. The driver is trained to drive to larger routes than short distances in the cities, and possesses the experience and skills to safely drive the car across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Ship Multiple Cars Across The Country?
Whether individuals or dealerships, Easy Auto Ship offers multiple vehicle transport service to ship the car across the country. Contact us via phone, email or live online chat to receive your free, instant multiple-vehicle transport quote estimate for cross-country shipping. We also offer discounts for this kind of shipping so don’t forget to ask your representative for one.
How long is the car transport rate valid?
The vehicle shipping quote stays valid for seven days because it’s an estimate of the final cost, and prices and discount offers keep changing throughout the year. So whether you’ve received a regular quote or an estimate with discounts, you need to act fast to lock in that shipping estimate.
Why Do Car Shipping Prices Fluctuate Throughout The Year?
The cost to ship a car across the country or within a state depends heavily on the gas prices, so if the gas barrel in the USA increases in price, our cost to ship a car also increases. If the gas cost decreases, we also ship the car at a lower transport price.
Is my car fully insured when transporting across country?
Yes, our carriers are covered by a $100,000 insurance coverage, so it’s safe for you to ship the car across country without any worries. We only work with them if they meet all the U.S.D.O.T insurance requirements for hauling loads to ensure your car is transported safely across the country.
How far in advance should I book my auto shipping service?
Whether you need short-distance or across-country car shipping service, it’s prudent to book in advance, especially for cross-country car transport. We suggest booking 1-2 weeks prior to the pickup date to ensure your vehicle is transported on time and the cost to ship a car across the country stays the same.
Do you offer overseas car transport service?
Yes, we can have your car shipped in freight (port-to-port) or drive through the land (if there’s a road). We hire the best shipper to ship your vehicle overseas, whether it’s a boat, RV, van, bike, sedan or even heavy equipment.
What's the First Available Pick-Up Date?
It’s when your vehicle is available for pickup. As soon as a carrier is assigned to drive to your location, we will contact you and give you the exact date of pickup.
Should I Drive or Ship a Car Across the Country?
The cost to ship a car across the country may be a little higher than driving it. However, if you drive the vehicle, you’ll come across several expenses, including gas, accommodation, food, and car repairs. Moreover, if you drive the car across the country, the extra mileage on the odometer and wear and tear on the car will bring down its average market price. If you ship the car across the country instead, you may get a slightly more expensive rate, but the difference will not be more than a few hundred dollars. The trade-off is that your vehicle is shipped by an expert shipper who knows cross-country routes better, is experienced at hauling vehicles across the country, and has proper insurance for hauling loads. Plus, you won’t have to sit behind the wheel and drive for days.

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews — Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— People Vouch For Our Services - Here’s What They Say About Our Costs to Ship a Car

⭐Review From Jackie

“Overall great experience! I found it cheaper than other places I quoted and it was so easy! We moved west coast to east coast and were so thankful to not have to drive our cars middle of winter. Great driver, great experience! Would recommend.”

How We Shipped Jackie’s Cars From the West Coast to the East Coast on a Budget:

The key to finding the best carriers with the lowest possible rates is negotiation skills, and that’s what our reps at Easy Auto Ship are best at, resulting in cheap quotes for our clients. When Jackie approached us to move multiple vehicles for her in the dead of winter from Salt Lake, Utah, to Maine, it was a little tough to find a driver with cheap rates because we all know the condition of roads to Maine in the middle of winter. However, we did find an expert carrier who was willing to take one for the team and ensure our customer was satisfied with the rates, service, and professionalism. He completed the route, and Jackie was more than happy with the service and glad her family didn’t have to drive all the way.

⭐Review From Michael Horton

“My first experience with having a vehicle shipped and it was a positive one. Not the cheapest or the most expensive but provided great service. The route for my vehicle was not the most common and it took a few days to get a carrier but they got one in the time frame promised. Was kept in the loop during the process, communication was daily from the staff who were very professional and helpful. Would use their service again.”

How We Relocated Michael Horton’s Vehicle Within California

We never claim to be the cheapest car transport service provider; our mantra is you get what you pay for. This means sometimes you may have to pay a tad bit more than the cheapest quote in the market to get A LOT of value. When Michael Horton approached us to help ship his vehicle from Tahoe, California, to Redwood City, California, we knew it would be hard to get cheap quotes. Because the distance is just 200 miles, and no carrier negotiates rates for such a short distance. However, we did our best to get him the best rates, moved his vehicle, and kept him updated about transit, and it was a happy ending for both of us.

⭐Review From Jennah Buckley

“I had my classic car (1963 Ford Ranchero) shipped from New Mexico to Washington. Not only was my point of contact (Rachael) wonderful, but they picked up the car two days ahead of schedule and arrived a day early at the drop off. Rachael kept in contact with me throughout the transport process to ensure I didn’t have any questions or concerns, and the driver (American Eagle Transport) was polite as well. He called the day before the drop off to let me know he was near, as well as an hour before he arrived so that I was prepared. This is the third time I’ve had a vehicle shipped, and it was by far the best experience so far.”

How We Moved Jennah’s Classic 1963 Ford Ranchero from NM to Wa

The car shipping costs vary because of the distance and the type of car moved. The more valuable the car, the more careful handling, and possible enclosed shipping are required, increasing the overall price. Since Jennah’s car was a vintage 1963 Ford Ranchero, we had to ensure it moved with utmost care and responsibility, as old vehicles are fragile, and their parts are hard to come by. When Jennah contacted us to move her vintage beauty from New Mexico to Washington, our rep, Rachael, found the best carrier possible in her budget, and it was a swift, smooth, and safe transport. We even delivered the vehicle 2 days before the estimated drop-off date and let her know in advance before arriving so she has time to get ready for the drop. The best part is that Jennah had shipped vehicles twice before with other companies, and she mentioned that working with us was by far her best experience.

⭐Review From Ryan S

“Overall great experience. Shipped my car from the east coast to Texas without any issues. Cost was decent and car arrived with no damages and even got a complimentary car wash after delivery.”

How We Hauled Ryan’s Car From Massachusetts to Texas

When we quote the cost to ship a car, we ensure our clients do not have to pay any higher than that. But sometimes, the costs go a little higher as on-road conditions vary significantly. However, we do make up for other things that are in our control, like a free car wash if the vehicle arrives a little dirty. We did the same for Ryan. He needed to move his vehicle From Massachusetts to Texas. And while the vehicle was delivered without a single scratch, it arrived with a bit of dirt, which may have cost Ryan a little to wash. So we saved him the trouble and offered him a free car wash.

⭐Review From Luke Sensebe’

“I heard of this company from my good friend who had his cars shipped from the Bay Area to south FL. Lindsay, my EAS rep was SUPER HELPFUL, very friendly, always available through text or email and answered any and all of my questions even after hours (sorry about that Lindsay)!! When my out of state purchase process was delayed Lindsay & EAS were very flexible in rescheduling to later in the week. My car arrived clean, on time as expected and was already parked at my house when the driver called me for the final update, to my surprise when I came outside everything had already been taken care of. The driver also kept me updated during his trip. The whole experience was fast and easy and the cost was more than reasonable. The out of state BMW dealership was so impressed with the speed and punctuality that they are also going to start using the company for their future shipping needs. I am also recommending their service to my wife’s client who is moving out of state. I cannot recommend them enough. The customer service alone is worth the recommendation but when you factor in their pricing and quality they simply cannot be beat. Plus your vehicle is insured for the trip for peace of mind! Thank you Lindsay for being so awesome to work with and for getting my car to me quickly and in perfect condition!”

How We Transported Luke Sensebe’s BMW from Out of State

When you offer something truly excellent to your customers, they spread the word, and that’s exactly how Luke came to us through a friend who used us to move his cars from the Bay area to South FL. Luke got in touch with us and talked to Lindsay, who helped him understand the whole process and was available throughout the process, even after hours. We were in contact with the dealership where Luke had bought his BMW, and due to some issues in the car purchase process with the dealer, Luke asked us to reschedule, which we gladly did. Once he gave us the go-ahead, we collaborated with the BMW dealership, picked up Luke’s car, and moved his brand new car to his driveway, he was surprised to see it parked outside when he came out. Although we were done moving Luke’s BMW, the word-of-mouth chain only got bigger; the out-of-state BMW dealership wanted to work with us to move their vehicles as well. Luke even suggested our name to his wife’s client, who is relocating to a different state, so that’s another win for us. We know how impactful it is to offer an extraordinary experience to clients, so we always go the extra mile (pun intended) to do just that.

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