Why Get Enclosed Transport When Buying Your Dream Car?

Enclosed Transport, Why Get Enclosed Transport When Buying Your Dream Car?Getting auto shipping for your dream car is a must, and there is no room for debate on it because you would want it to reach your garage in a safe and secure manner. However, what’s debatable is whether it should be shipped on an open carrier or in an enclosed car transport container? Well, we prefer the enclosed one, and we have made the case below:

It’s Fully Secure:

One of the top reasons to go to enclosed car transport is that it offers top-class security to your dream car. Whether it’s from the category of vintage cars or the modern supercars, it will be fully protected inside a steel-made container. This means that unlike the open carrier transport, where there is a high risk of getting the car damaged due to weather or accidents, your car will be well-protected from all of that.

Furthermore, there will not be any frequent loading or unloading of other cars like it is in the open carrier because the number of vehicles in the enclosed container is very small. So there will be absolutely no risk of your car getting scratches or dents while another car beside it is getting unloaded.

Your Investment is Protected:

One of the reasons why enclosed car transport is costlier than open car shipping is because the insurance policy is expensive for the former one. Since it carries high-value cars, the coverage amount needs to be high to compensate their owners in case of accidents.

So, because of high-value coverage, the money you put aside and invested in getting your dream beauty in your garage will be well-protected. Any accidents that are covered in the policy will result in reimbursement.

You Receive VIP Treatment:

Do you know what the best part about getting the car transport service in an enclosed container is? It’s a VIP service! A different team is associated with this kind of auto shipping, and they are more experienced and well-equipped to deal with high-value cars.

Furthermore, you will be provided with a day-by-day or hour-by-hour progress report if you want. This way, you will have complete peace of mind, knowing your dream car is safe and coming right to you.

Pick-up and Delivery are Prioritized:

Many people come across issues like getting their cars picked up late and delivered with delays. This mostly happens in open carrier transport because of two reasons; high number of cars to be accommodated in on the trailer, and more priority given to enclosed containers.

Because the enclosed containers have small number of cars on them, your number of pickup comes quicker and your car is transported quicker as well. Plus, the cars in enclosed containers have very high value and they cannot just sit around gather dust for long, this is the reason they are given priority in pick-up and delivery.

You Get Full A-Z Service:

Many people buy their dream cars from auctions especially the vintage ones, so transporting them back to their place is a huge risk because you don’t want anything to happen to the masterpiece during the journey. Therefore, you will need a team of highly professional and trained individuals to pick it up from the auction and safety transport it to your location.

Furthermore, some states require you to have the car registered before you can drive it so getting it from auction to your home can be illegal. Having enclosed container shipping means you get full A-Z service; the car will be loaded from the site of the auction and safely transported to you.