Why Do You Need Car Shipping Brokers?

Car Shipping Brokers, Why Do You Need Car Shipping Brokers?Do you want to get a car shipping service but don’t know whether to work with a carrier or a broker? Maybe don’t you know who is who and what’s what? Well, don’t fret! We will help you understand the difference between Car Shipping Brokers and Car Shipping Carriers and will also tell you about which one you should be working with.

So make sure to stick to this guide till the end to ensure you get the best vehicle shipping service possible for your car.

Difference Between Auto Transport Broker and Carrier:

The leading difference between the brokers and the carriers is that the carriers will drive the truck ‘carrying’ your vehicle. They are the experts who will safely load and unload your vehicle onto their haulers or trucks and expertly drive the giant truck to the shipping destination.

You can call carriers the muscle of the operation, while brokers are the brains of the whole transportation process. They coordinate the car shipments through a wide network of car carriers. A single driver having a truck can be a car carrier.

Group of single carriers work with a broker who creates shipping plans, organizes them, and distributes them among the carriers so that things work smoothly.

Benefits of Working With a Car Shipping Broker:

  • Excellent Rates: One of the main benefits of working with car shipping brokers is that you get pretty good rates as compared to individual car carriers. The reason is that car brokers can provide bulk shipping orders to the Carriers, which gives them greater negotiation power. So they can negotiate to the point where they can keep their commission but also offer a very low price to their customers.
  • Fast Facilitation: When you work with an individual car shipping carrier, then you don’t know where he is currently at. He can be several hundred miles away from your location, which is why to pick up the car, it might take days for him to reach your location. However, when you are working with the car broker, they have a network of car carriers to work with. So they can easily facilitate with you with the carrier that is nearest to your location. This way, your car can be picked up quickly and delivered in a timely manner.
  • High Reliability: Dealing with an individual car carrier can be risky as you don’t know what his background is, you don’t know how many customers he has served, and it is highly likely that he won’t have an online presence as well. Plus, most of the time, individual car carriers can give you an estimated shipping cost, and that price can change significantly once the delivery is done. So working with a car broker who has a clean and impeccable track record will ensure that you get highly reliable service and, of course the peace of mind.
  • Safety of Vehicle: It is highly likely that your vehicle will not be insured if you go with an individual car carrier. Since car shipping brokerage firms have the resources available to afford an insurance policy, your car will be safer if you deal with them.

Over to You:

Now that you know the main of benefits of working with an auto transport broker, we suggest that you try them out and ensure the safety of your vehicle. Plus, you will get better rates with a broker as they have higher negotiating power because they bring bulk orders to the carriers.