Why Do Snowbirds Choose To Ship Their Cars?

Snowbirds, Why Do Snowbirds Choose To Ship Their Cars?Finding a car transport service during the winter season can be pretty tiring because most of the auto transport companies are busy shipping cars of snowbirds. The whole winter season is usually busy because some snowbirds are moving to warmer areas, and some are coming back to their homes to spend the holidays with their families.

If you don’t know who they are or why they ship their vehicles in massive quantities during the colder months, then you will find plenty of useful information in this guide. We will tell you who they are, why they move, and how you can benefit from vehicle shipping services if you are also planning on being a snowbird yourself. So with that said, let’s start:

Who Are Snowbirds, Exactly?

If you don’t know, we are talking about human Snowbirds and not the dark-eyed Junco. These are the people who travel from their permanent homes in the northern regions during the winter and move to a bit of warmer areas.

Most of these are retirees or elderlies who just like to escape from the cold, freezing temperatures and the hassles that come with snow.

They spend time in warmer regions like Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Florida, and California and return to their homes either before holidays or when the temperatures start to rise.

Reasons Snowbirds Ship a Car in winters:

Routes Can Be Dangerous:

One of the many reasons why so many snowbirds choose to use auto transport companies instead of driving by themselves is risky roads. With cold temperatures and snow season, roads become slippery, posing a threat to especially the elderly drivers.

Secondly, there are hundreds of snowbirds going to the same warm destinations, which is why roads can be jam-packed with traffic. And besides long waiting periods, there is always the risk of accidents among bumper-to-bumper lined up vehicles on the slippery roads.

It is More Convenient:

The main reason why so many retirees and elderlies move to warm areas is to find comfort during harsh winters. Now, if they have to drive to hundreds or possibly thousands of miles by themselves, then there won’t be much comfort but rather, more effort.

Snowbirds want to avoid all of that hassle and have a relaxing and stress-free trip to their favorite winter-escape destinations. Therefore, they choose to move a car with the help of auto shipping companies.

It Takes Less Time and Money to Ship:

Driving hundreds of miles means extra expenses in fuel, accommodation, meals, dealing with car breakdowns, and spending days on the road when you should be in a comfortable hotel room. A lot of your time can be wasted along with several hundred dollars.

This is another reason why so many snowbirds choose to opt for auto transport companies and save the time that would’ve been spent on the road in enjoying the balminess of the warmer destination.

You Can Benefit From Car Transport Service Too:

If you are planning on spending your time enjoying the warmth of regions like Arizona, Mexico, Texas, and California and so on during the shivering cold months, then you can get auto shipping services too. We can provide you with a fast, convenient, safe, and affordable service while you comfortably reach your destination and simply have a blast.

Feel free to reach us via phone calls or fill our instant quotation form and receive estimates for shipping your car. You can also talk to our 24/7 customer support and ask any questions that you might have.