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Which Auto Transport Trailer is Right? 7 Use-Cases For Your Vehicle Shipping Needs

7 Use-Cases For Your Vehicle Shipping Needs

When you’re ready to ship your car, there are a few important factors to consider. The type of transport trailer you choose will depend on a variety of factors, including the size and weight of your vehicle, the destination, and the time of year. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the various types of transport trailers and help you decide which is best for shipping your car.

Different Trailer Types for Different Auto Shipping Needs:

Single car carriers:

These carriers are only meant for one car, boat, jet ski, etc., as there is not enough space to add more. Usually, people use them to ship vehicles that need to arrive fast and require extra care. Since the carrier is just shipping one vehicle, it takes a lot less time to transport it than to pick up and drop other vehicles onto a trailer and then finally drop your vehicle.

You would be surprised to know that most of these are owned by rich people, as many individuals don’t own boats or extra vehicles. Along with being a status symbol for people, this is quite handy if you need to transport your vehicle. But why buy these when you are using them once or twice a year? With car transport services, you save cost and space in your driveway as these take up the same space as a car.

If you don’t want to add extra miles to your car, this is an affordable way to move your vehicle from one place to another. Have a beach day planned but can’t take your jet ski with you? Get a vehicle transport service and get this bad boy to have the time of your life. These aren’t just reliable but also cost-effective, as even a smaller vehicle can pull these single-car trailers.

As the size is small and they carry only one vehicle, disrupting traffic won’t be an issue, and this will smoothly travel in the way. This means that it will also be a quick way to transport your car as you will have no stress regarding its arrival time, and your car will be transported easily through the freeway if it needs to be taken to another state.

Even though these carriers are cheap and efficient, they are still quite dangerous as keeping your car in the open could lead to damage, so unless your car is expensive, don’t bother taking the risk and get a covered carrier.

Single-level multi-car carriers:

We have talked about single-car carriers. Now we come to the single-level multi-car carriers. Yes, they do sound the same, but the multi means that these carriers carry more than one vehicle. Since they carry one to three vehicles, they are attached to trucks that carry them throughout the route since smaller cars can’t bear this much load.

These are great if you live as a joint family and everyone’s going on a holiday together and need their cars taken to the destination. So for a family that want wants to transport up to three cars, this is a great option, and if you just have one car to ship, the car transport company will consolidate two vehicles of their clients to fill up the trailer.

These multi-car carriers can turn out to be expensive if you’ve got only one car to transport. However, these carriers might take time to reach their destination due to their size and lack of maneuvering ability in traffic. These carriers are best for friends or joint families, even for families who have 3 cars and are moving to an entirely different state.

Multi-level multi-car carrier:

Now, these car carriers scream savings! Why? Well, because these can house up to six to eight cars at a time, you heard that right. Since the carrier will transport your car along with many other people’s cars, it will split the price among the number of cars.

These Multi-level multi-car carriers are also specially designed so that the cars are intact in their place and don’t fall off if the truck makes a jump. Mainly car manufacturers use these carriers to transport their newly made cars to dealerships.

Since they can hold a significant number of cars, it is to be noted that the speed of traveling will be slow as caution will be taken. These cars will be uncovered; hence if there is rain, it could lead to the car being prone to rust. They will also need to cover the cars because if not, it is possible for anyone to scratch the car, especially on the highway where rocks and sand will be airborne.

If you own a car dealership or sell cars as a side hustle, these car carriers might be the thing you need, as more cars mean more customers are satisfied.

Covered car carriers:

If you have exotic cars and are constantly traveling, then these covered car carriers are your thing. People who buy expensive cars don’t take them out on the roads since the bumps and uneven roads could damage the car. Not only damage but driving these cars and adding extra miles on them lessen their resale price and increase your money spent on petrol as these cars give very bad averages due to their massive engines.

So if you’re spending thousands on your car, you’ll need to ensure it stays safe when transporting it to the track. Covered car carriers protect the car from dirt, dust, and weather elements and prevent any water damage to the vehicle, whether from rain or moisture in the air. The covered car carriers also work out for professional formula one racers who are always on tours and constantly need to transport their vehicles from one place to another.

The only downside to these carriers is that they can be costly, but if you can afford a car worth that much, it won’t be a problem. However, not taking the car to the track by road would save damage charges, fuel charges, and even tire costs, which can range up to thousands of dollars, which isn’t a small price.

Auto Transport Trailer, Which Auto Transport Trailer is Right? 7 Use-Cases For Your Vehicle Shipping Needs

What is the difference between a dolly and a trailer?

A dolly is a small platform used to move objects or equipment like cars. It has two tracks on each side of the vehicle that guides the object along the rails. The dolly moves forwards and backwards by getting attached to a truck or a car.

Trailers are similar to dollies in principle, but they have extra features like a bigger size, more load handling capability, multiple ramps for multiple vehicles, hydraulic doors, better road grip due to load, and so on that make them better suited for moving heavy loads.

Here Are Some Trailer Use-Cases For Different Vehicle Shipping Needs:

When You’re Transporting Collectors or Luxury Car:

Auto Transport Trailer, Which Auto Transport Trailer is Right? 7 Use-Cases For Your Vehicle Shipping Needs
If you want to ensure your expensive, luxury and/or collectable car is well-protected throughout the journey, you need to go for enclosed car transport. Now there are two kinds of enclosed trailers:

  • Hard-Sided: both sides are made of steel, so in case of accidents or other vehicles or anything else on the road scratching the sides of the trailer, your car will be protected.
  • Soft-Side: The sides are made of a tarp that covers the vehicles from the sides and offers protection against rain, snow, dirt, dust, and debris, but it doesn’t offer any protection if the trailer collides with something.

When You’re Transporting a Large Car or RV:

Monster Trucks, Boats, RVs or other large vehicles are typically shipped the same way as standard cars but mainly on an open, single-level carrier.

When You’re Transporting to Smaller Distances:

For short distances like within a state, you can go for an open single-level trailer that moves 1-6 vehicles at once. They’re cheaper and don’t take long to deliver when the move is within the state.

When You’re Shipping Multiple Vehicles:

If you’re moving more than one vehicle, go for a multi-level, multi-vehicle trailer, as all of your vehicles can be fitted inside, and you’ll also get a much cheaper quote for each can than you’d get for moving only one. Plus, if you want to ensure all of them stay protected from dust or dirt, get a multi-level enclosed container instead of an open one.

When You’re Shipping Inoperable Vehicle:

If the car doesn’t move, don’t go for a regular flatbed trailer. Either the trailer should have hydraulic ramps or a winch (or both) to load the car onto the trailer. If none of them is available, you may have to hire a Forklift, but that can cost a few hundred extras,

When You Want The Car to Be Shipped Quickly:

Go for expedited shipping, where a hotshot trailer is used that can carry one or two vehicles at once. Due to the smaller load, it is much faster and will deliver in half or less than the time a regular carrier would take.

When You’re on a Tight Budget:

Go for an open-, multi-vehicle, multi-level carrier that’s being hauled by a semi-truck. These trucks are slower as they carry most vehicles at once, so the delivery may be a little late, but you will save a good amount of money.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many cars can a transporter carry?

There is no set number, as the capacity of a transporter may depend on its make and type. However, most often, open trailers with multi-vehicle and multi-levels can transport between 6 and 10 cars (sometimes even more) simultaneously.

Which is better, tow dolly or auto transport?

There is no definitive answer, as it depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. Usually, a tow dolly might be better for small or light cars transported for short distances like a few hundred miles, while auto transport trailers would be ideal for larger vehicles transported for both short and long distances.

What’s the difference between a utility trailer and a car trailer?

Car haulers don’t have side railings, but they do have ramps for ease of loading/unloading cars, while utility trailers don’t.

Parting Words:

The best way to ensure your vehicle reaches to its destination on time and safely is by going for hotshot trailer. However, since not everyone can afford it, you can hire a multi-vehicle, multi-layer enclosed trailer at a lower cost but maximum safety.

If that’s also not viable then open carrier is good enough but has lower security. You can always call Easy Auto Ship to move your vheicles through any transport mode you like at affordable prices.

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