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What is Terminal to Terminal auto shipping?

What is terminal to terminal auto shipping?

Using terminal to terminal auto shipping can provide added convenience for shipping your car from one location to another. A terminal is like a storage facility for cars, and you can drop your vehicle off whenever it is convenient for you.

The vehicle will be stored until the driver can collect the vehicle from the terminal, and it can then be delivered to another terminal to await your collection. This simplifies the process for many people as you don’t have to meet the driver at a certain time at either the pickup point or the delivery point.

Most auto shipping will be from your original location to your chosen destination, door to door, but that isn’t always convenient. You can even have the auto shipping company make use of a local towing company to get your vehicle to the terminal in the first instance if you are unable to get it there yourself.

When your vehicle is delivered to a terminal, a terminal representative will contact you to let you know that your car has been delivered.

Do all auto shipping services use terminals?

Not every auto shipping company will use terminals, but many will offer terminal to terminal shipping at a discounted price. Using terminals can reduce the stress you may feel when getting your vehicle shipped, making the process easier for you to handle.

It is important to evaluate the terms and conditions the shipping company offer concerning terminal to terminal shipping. This will include details of what insurance is offered or required, and you must understand exactly what is included. Always contact your auto shipper to get your questions answered in person.

Is it necessary to use an auto shipping terminal?

No, it is not a requirement. The majority of auto shipments are door to door, but certain cities (or areas within cities) do not permit vehicles the size of auto transport carriers – for example, New York City. Shipments to these locations where transport vehicles are prohibited will require that your car is delivered to (or from) an auto shipping terminal.

Additionally, if the auto shipment will be going overseas to Hawaii or Alaska via a ferry or ship, your vehicle will need to be stored in a terminal while waiting at the dock.

The benefits of terminal to terminal auto shipping

The convenience of being able to drop off or pick up your vehicle at a time of your choosing is a simple benefit. For locations where transport vehicles are prohibited, using terminals makes it possible to have your vehicle shipped – which would be impossible without terminals.


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