Why DIY Transport?

Auto transport is a complex subject. There are many steps involved to achieve a successful auto transport. But the most important step is to first choose the best auto transport company to move your vehicle. DIY Transport should be your top choice. With our years of expert service, our hundreds of five-star reviews, and our well-trained transport specialists, auto transport is a breeze for DIY Transport. Below we have detailed the steps to auto transport with DIY Transport, and why we are your best choice.

Steps to Auto Transport

1. Get a Quote

  • The best way to get a quote is to use an online car shipping calculator. Our personal one does all the work for you. All you need is your vehicle’s basic information, such as the year, make, and model, as well as the zip codes of the pickup and drop off locations, and you are on your way to a free, accurate transport quote. This quote will give you an average range of what you can expect to pay when you book with DIY Transport.

2. Choose an expert

  • There are numerous companies out there claiming to offer expert service and care for your transport. But what these companies fail to explain is that as soon as they offer you a very low price, miraculously something comes up after you book, and they either leave you stranded or force you to pay more money. If you want quality, don’t just pick a company based on price. Choose someone that will do everything in their power to protect your vehicle, as well as your sanity and finances.
  • DIY Transport can not only offer cost-effective pricing, but also protect your vehicle with added insurance. We will never put pride ahead of your needs.

3. Prepare your vehicle

  • Once you choose an auto transport company and book their services, your next task is to prepare your vehicle to be transported. Clean your vehicle, and make sure to get all personal items out.
  • Ensure all emergency functions work, such as the emergency brake. Also check for any pre-existing damages. Every noticeable damage that exists on the vehicle has to be listed on the Bill of Lading (BOL) for insurance purposes with your carrier.
    • It is important to note that this also protects you. Should any damages come to your vehicle during transport that isn’t previously listed on the BOL, you can easily file an insurance claim and get the money to protect and fix your vehicle.

4. Make sure you have open availability

  • Let’s be honest. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances come up, such as weather. It is important that you have a wide window for pick up and delivery, should one of these circumstances come up.
  • Always ensure you, or a reliable person of your choosing, are there for pick up and for drop off. The driver cannot pick up and drop off without someone present to help double inspect the vehicle and sign necessary paperwork.

5. Enjoy your vehicle

  • Nothing beats a job well done. After all the planning, paperwork and process for delivery, your auto transport is now complete. Double check that everything is straight and free of damage and enjoy your vehicle again.

Are you ready to book with DIY Transport? Or do you have more questions? Call us today at (800)266-2202 to get quality information and the best auto transport services on the market.


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