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Toyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota FJ Cruiser

The retro-style SUV inspired by the old FJ40 land cruiser models, which were discontinued a few decades before its release. The FJ Cruiser was first rolled out into the market in 2007 and has become a small but still a very stable seller for the company. The model is especially preferred by the fans of old Land Cruiser models that were perfect for off-road cruising.

When it comes to shipping this vehicle, it should not be an issue because being the top car transport service, and we have shipped hundreds of them without breaking a sweat. This article will discuss the specifics of this vehicle and its transportation, so let's start.

Specifications of the Toyota FJ Cruiser

Different countries selling this car roll it out in different models, but to keep this article short, we will discuss the most common three models, including the 4x2 AT, 4x4 MT, and 4x4 AT.

Aside from a few cosmetic differences, there isn't really much that separates each of these models from one another. All of them have the same 4.0L 260HP engine of V6, a water-resistant heating system, music with hands-free feature and telecommunication, and streaming via Bluetooth.

The unique selling point of the FJ Cruiser is not the engine or the luxury items that it comes with but how excellent it runs when someone is going off-road. This is the main reason why many off-road enthusiasts prefer to buy this vehicle.

Auto Transportation of the Toyota FJ Cruiser

When it comes to finding the auto transport company for your FJ Cruiser, there are a few things you should remember. Firstly, the size of the FJ cruiser is not really big enough to levy an oversize fee on it. However, if you have modified yours, then depending on its shape and new size, it might have some oversize or even overweight fee, but it won't be really much.

Another factor is how you are transporting your vehicle because if you have heavily modified it, then its overall financial values will increase drastically. However, getting scratches, dents, or breakages here, and there can significantly decrease its monetary value.

Therefore, we suggest that you opt for the enclosed delivery and ensure the safety of your vehicle from any kind of damages that vehicles in the open containers are exposed to.

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Toyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota FJ Cruiser

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