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Mercedes Maybach, Mercedes Maybach

Maybach was actually a German brand that was later on acquired by Mercedes and is responsible for manufacturing the lineup that now comes with the name of Mercedes Maybach. The original company was established by Wilhelm Maybach in 109 and was acquired by Daimler Benz in 1960, however, it wasn’t until 2015 that it became a sub-brand of Mercedes.

If you own any of the Maybach models by Mercedes or if you are planning on buying one, you should read the next section of this guide. Furthermore, if you are looking to get car transport service for your Maybach, read the second last section.

Specifications of Mercedes Maybach

The 2015 class of Maybach replaced the W222 model of the S-Class which was due for the year 2014. The car has all drive 12v twin-turbocharged engine that can deliver up to 523 horsepower. Some of its features include air conditioned and heated seats, massaging seats, heated armrests, Burmester 3d sound system, fragrant air in cabin and so on.

The safety features include heaps of electronic system such as auto brakes on obstacle detection, dark road pedestrian identifier, night-vision camera, and so on.

Car Shipping of Mercedes Maybach

When you use a car transport service to get your car across, you will have to provide precise information about your car like its type, model, and year and any modifications that you have done. This will help the company calculate the estimated cost to ship a car. And when you agree to it, you can book the service and you will be provided with a date of pickup. Now this date of pickup is just an estimated one because the company will find a carrier (truck) to transport your vehicle and that can take a few days. Therefore, we suggest that you keep a window of 2-3 days from the date of pickup so that your plans are not interrupted when the carrier arrives late.

Furthermore, when your car is picked up by the company, you will be provided with an estimate delivery time but that is also variable. This s because anything can happen during the transportation such as traffic jams or bad weather that can impact the process and cause delays. This is especially true when it is rainy or snowy season. Roads can get slippery and visibility is reduced which makes it hard for the driver to navigate through the road. So they either take shelter for the rain to stop or manoeuvre with extreme caution which can also cause delays.

Easy Auto Ship Can Help:

When you are dealing with Easy Auto Ship, you will be provided with a date of pickup of your Mercedes Maybach and we will go above and beyond in meeting the deadlines. Not only we will assign one of the best carriers to get your car but we will also plan ahead for the journey. This way, even if the weather gets bad, the delays will be minimal.

If you want to use our car shipping service, just talk to us on call, and we will provide you with an estimated free quote on the cost to ship a car. You can also use the free quote estimator on our site to quickly find out car shipping cost.

Mercedes Maybach, Mercedes Maybach

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