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Jaguar Super V8, Jaguar Super V8

Also known as the Jaguar JXR, the Super V8 was first launched in 1997 but its production ran till 2004 only. The car has a very bossy look, like the ones we used to see in 90s mafia movies, so it is a perfect car to have for vintage car collectors. Jaguar Super V8 belongs to full-size luxury car class and has a 4-door saloon body style.

Furthermore, it comes with only front engine, rear wheel drive layout. Though it is an old car, you might find it in used condition in the market with prices varying from $18k to $22k. To know more about the car or how you can get auto shipping for it, read the guide till the end.

Specifications of Jaguar Super V8

The Jaguar Super V8 comes with a variety of engines including 3.2L Jaguar V8, 4.0L Jaguar V8 and 4.0L supercharged Jaguar V8. As for the transmissions, it comes with 5-speed auto transmission as standard in all cars.

From the outside, you will see four rounded headlamp bonnet, sloping tail, low roofline, and rear-light wrap around clusters. On the inside, it has airbags for driver and the passenger along with side impact airbags. The car also has features like ABS, dual-zone auto climate control, keyless entry, and heated mirrors to name a few.

Car Shipping of Jaguar Super V8

One thing that you always have to remember when dealing with car transport companies is that the cost doesn't remain the same throughout the year. Different factors are taken into account during price calculation and that is why it keeps going up or down and you will have to adjust your budget accordingly. The price can change during different seasons, weather and also with the change in fuel cost. For instance, during the summer and winter, you can expect higher transportation prices because most of the people are travelling to other cities to spend time with their loved ones due to holidays and vacations. In autumn season, you can expect the prices to be low because people have nowhere to go during this time and they are usually busy with their businesses, offices, or school/colleges.

Similarly, if the weather is very rough like there is a rainstorm it is snowing heavily outside then most of the carriers will not agree to hit the road during this time. And they have the right to do so because of slippery surfaces and low visibility. So a few experienced ones who are willing to take the risk will obviously charge additional price.

Lastly, if the fuel cost changes, then the car transport service cost also changes, because the major factor that is taken into consideration the most when deciding the cost to ship a car is the fuel price. This is the one thing that is used the most throughout the journey. The reason for telling you these things is that you should know when to expect high costs and when to expect low prices, so you don't get charged for something that you didn't know about.

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Jaguar Super V8, Jaguar Super V8

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