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Jaguar S Type, Jaguar S Type

The Jaguar S-Type was launched in 1999 but its production only ran till 2007 and then it was discontinued with no plans of re-launch as of yet. The S-Type is a mid-size luxury car with a 4-door notchback saloon body style. Furthermore, it has a Ford DEW98 platform and only comes with front engine, rear-drive layout.

Although the car only stayed in the market for 8 years, it boasts a variety of engines and even though you cannot get it in brand new condition now, if you try hard enough, you can find the type of engine you need in in in used condition. To know more about its powertrain and features, read the section below.

Specifications of Jaguar S Type

As mentioned above, the S-Type comes with a range of engines such as the 2.6L V6, 3.0L V6, 4.0L V8, 4.2L V8, 4.2L S V8 (diesel) and 2.7L V6. Besides the engines, it comes with a range of transmission options such as 5-speed manual, 5-speed auto, 6-speed manual and 6-speed semi-auto.

If we talk about the interior, then you get to see leather trimmed seats, space for five occupants, electronic stability system, and dual zone climate control as standard in all trim levels. The car also has side airbags, side curtain airbags, and also Adaptive Restraint System by Jaguar.

Car Shipping of Jaguar S Type

When you are moving your car using a car transport company then always try to work with the broker and not a carrier. The main reason is the level of credibility and transparency. When dealing with an individual who is not register entity, it will be hard for you to track him down in case he goes rogue with your car. However, if you work with a registered broker, then they have their brick and mortar Institutions set up and they are also registered by the state. So in case anything happens to your car, you will have someone to go to. The carriers are just the people who take the car from one place to another, they are basically the transporters.

However, the brokers are the brains of the operation and manage everything. They provide orders to the carriers and also handle your complete car transportation process while also keeping you posted of the progress. Since the brokers provide the orders to the carriers in a bulk quantity, they get better rates from them and that is reflected on the car shipping cost you are quote too. Lastly, car shipping brokers are insured, which means if your car gets into any kind of accident during the transit, you will have the chance of getting reimbursement. However, with car carriers, it's not a sure thing, because some of them are insured while some don't even bother.

Easy Auto Ship Can Help:

One if the best mid-sized luxury cars, the Jaguar S Type should be shipped only with the help of a trusted car transport carrier because getting it damaged during the transit can cost you a lot. Furthermore, it needs special kind of handling from someone who has previously shipped it and we have sent out a lot of these cars to different places.

So give us a call, let’s have a quick chat and see how we can help you move your Jaguar S-Type from one place to another without going over your budget.

Jaguar S Type, Jaguar S Type

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