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Honda CR V, Honda CR V

The compact crossover SUV, Honda CR V was first launched in 1995 and it has been manufactured by the company ever since. The best thing about the CR V is that it has a Honda civic platform whole the body is of a 5-door SUV so you get a good amount of room inside whole from the outside, it doesn’t seem so big.

The Honda CR V comes in two kinds of layouts; the front engine and front wheel and the front engine and four wheel drive. If you own this beauty or if you want to know more about it, be sure to read this guide till the end, we will also discuss some car transport tips.

Specifications of Honda CR V

The CR V is currently in its 5th generation which was launched in 2017. The car comes in different engine types including 1.5L I4 turbo, 2.0L I4, 2.4L I4, 1.6L I4 turbo and 2.0L petrol hybrid to name a few. The electric version has an AC synchronous motor and comes with electric CVT transmission.

As for its features, it has a stylish interior that creates a comfortable environment for the passengers. The car comes with 5.0 color screen panel while the higher end models has 7.0 inch screen with integration to Android and Apple CarPlay. You can also get navigation and 9-speaker audio system on demand.

Car Shipping of Honda CR V

The CR V model by Honda is one of those vehicles that come under the price bracket of $25 - $35k which is not too much but also not too little. So it is up to you how you want to ship. Transporting it on the open carrier is also possible but there is a slight risk of getting any damages during the transit. If you have recently purchased the new model of the car, we suggest you get the enclosed transport, otherwise, you can go for the open container. Although both of these shipping methods are covered with insurance policy, the coverage amounts are different. If the open carrier gets into accident and all the cargo is destroyed, you might get up to $30k.

However, the coverage amount is much higher with the enclosed transport so if the car is new, you should get enclosed shipping for it. A general rule to decide between both shipping modes is to see the total value of your vehicle. If the value exceeds $30k, go for enclosed because of insurance coverage amount, otherwise, open carrier is all you might need.

Easy Auto Ship Can Help:

Shipping your Honda CR V is not as difficult as it sounds especially if you are working with a professional car shipping service provider. We can help you move your car across with just a few steps. You just need to talk to our team, tell them all the details about your car, and the pickup and delivery places and then receive free quote on the cost to ship a car.

You can also use free quote estimator on our website to calculate car shipping cost. Once you agree to the price, just book the service and get started right away. It’s as easy as it sounds like because we go out of our way to make things like a walk in the park for our customers.

Honda CR V, Honda CR V

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