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Honda Clarity, Honda ClarityLaunched in 2008 under the name FCX Clarity, the initial generation of this car was discontinued in 2014. However, in 2016, it was again launched with the name Honda Clarity which is still being produced by the company. The Clarity is a mid-side vehicle with a 4-door sedan style of body. It only comes as a front engine and front wheel drive and has electric and plug-in hybrid versions as well.

If you own the Clarity and want to get auto shipping service for it then this guide will help you out. Furthermore, we will discuss some of its specifications as well so that those who are looking to purchase it can find out if it’s worth their money or not. So let’s start:

Specifications of Honda Clarity

The Honda Clarity has a hybrid system with a 1.5L four cylinder engine and electric motor with a combined output of 212hp. The can go up to 47 miles just on its electric power. Furthermore, it has an estimate range of 589km which is pretty impressive for a car of this price range. The Clarity has a very sleek and sporty look and the interior is also pretty impressive, especially in terms of the space.

The battery of Clarity takes around 2.5 hours to charge and then you can enjoy up to 47 miles of electric drive. As for its standard features, it comes with Apple CarPlay and Android integrations, adaptive cruise control, lane assist, collision warning and emergency braking to name a few.

Car Shipping of Honda Clarity

One crucial thing to consider when getting car transport for your Honda Clarity is to prepare a detailed inspection report. You should get the car properly checked by the mechanic for any problems and loose parts and then have it thoroughly washed. Then when the carrier arrives at your place to pick up the car, inspect it with him, take pictures and prepare a detailed inspection report. The complete condition of your car including its dents, scratches and any other issues will be documented in this report and both you and the carrier sign on it.

This way, when the car arrives on the other side, you can check it for any new damages that are not in the report and if you find any, you can file a reimbursement claim with the auto shipping company. Furthermore, if you are getting the open carrier for your car, then we suggest that go for ‘top load’ service. This simply means that your car will be placed on the top ramp instead of the lower one on the car hauler. So, your vehicle will be saved from any potential stains that could’ve occurred by the oils leaking from vehicles above it.

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Honda Clarity, Honda Clarity

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