Chevrolet Express 2500 Cargo Van

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Chevrolet Express 2500 Cargo Van, Chevrolet Express 2500 Cargo Van

The Chevrolet Express 2500 Cargo Van is essentially the same as Express 1500 but with a few changes. The van comes in two variants. The standard WT and the WT Diesel. Both of these models have significant differences in terms of payload capacity.

Unlike the Express 1500, most companies have a hard time shipping the Express 2500 Cargo Van. So, it is harder to find a reputable auto shipping company to ship this vehicle.

Specifications of the Chevrolet Express 2500 Cargo Van

The Chevrolet Express 2500 Cargo Van comes with a 4.8L V8 Vortec engine capable of FlexFuel. Moreover, it has a 6-speed automatic transmission, 16inch steel wheels, and can carry a payload of up to 3287lbs.

The key difference between the WT and the WT Diesel model is that the latter can only carry a payload of 2390lbs.

Auto Transportation of the Chevrolet Express 2500 Cargo Van

The main challenge that the delivery of The Chevrolet Express 2500 Cargo Van presents is its size and weight. The vehicle is both larger and heavier than the Express 1500. This means that if you are looking to ship this car, prepare to pay $150-$350 extra.

It is an industry practice to charge more for overweight cars. Cars that are considerably heavier than a normal sedan require more fuel to ship. More fuel requirement means the vehicle transport company has to spend more. This increased spending is then passed on to the consumer because the companies have to make a profit.

However, there are ways to save some money. For instance, because of the way the auto shipping business is structured, pick up from and delivery to urban centers is cheaper than areas lying outside the city. There can be more such opportunities. So, don’t forget to ask the company representative when you are asking for a quote.

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Chevrolet Express 2500 Cargo Van, Chevrolet Express 2500 Cargo Van

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