TravelMag, TravelMag Ranks Easy Auto Ship Among the Best Car Shipping Companies

TravelMag Ranks Easy Auto Ship Among the Best Car Shipping Companies

If you are looking to ship a car and you want to skip past the average quality service providers and only work with the cream of the crop, even then, you still have a few companies to choose from. This means you still need some metrics to recognize the best car transport service provider out of the top ones. The best way to do that is by looking at what others are saying about them.

By others, we mean the top authorities – the most established reviewers. This is the best way to understand which vehicle shipping company out of the most prominent ones offers the best value for the price. One of such authoritative review platforms is TravelMag, and they’ve ranked Easy Auto Ship as one of the best car shipping companies!

What’s TravelMag All About?

It’s about everything related to travel! TravelMag is one of the leading magazines in the online tourism & transportation industry, with over 50 contributors (writers) from around the globe. They cover everything from local and under-the-radar must-visit destinations to the best hotels, ways to travel, tourism tips, and more.

Their blog does roundups of ‘the best of’ different places, services, and products related to travel and transport, which is their specialty, and people read their blogs just for recommendations.

One of the latest articles by TravelMag called “5 of The Best Car Shipping Companies” has featured Easy Auto Ship and dubbed it as ‘one of the country’s top Auto Transport firms.’ This is terrific news and shows how big we have grown in the auto transport industry of the U.S.

Why TravelMag Picked Easy Auto Ship?

Typically, when big review platforms like TravelMag list a company as one of their best recommendations, they do their homework, research reviews, talk to customers, and sometimes even check out the service themselves. They want to ensure that the company they are recommending to their buyers is the real deal and that their followers will get great value from them. Here are a few things they mentioned in their review that they found great about us:

  • Specializing in Local & International Car Transport: One of the first things they mentioned in their review is that Easy Auto Ship specializes in local and international car shipping, and that’s true! Not many companies are offering the same level of all-in-one solutions.
  • Dealing With a Range of Automobiles: This is another thing that they considered, and that’s because from cars to vans, to trucks, to motorcycles and even boats, we ship them all. This combined with international and local shipping, makes us a complete package for the needs of all types of car transport customers.
  • Solid Carrier Relations: We emphasize sticking to the same carriers we have been using for years, and because of that, they’ve become a part of our EAS family. Excellent relations with carriers mean they are more motivated to offer the best prices while going above and beyond in service quality.
  • Fair Pricing: Because of our carrier relations and bulk order negotiations, we can secure the best possible prices for our customers. Even after our service fee is added, the final cost to ship a car is still lower than the industry average.
  • Instant Quoting Technology: This is something that changed the way customers receive quotes, and we’re one of the early adopters of the car shipping quotes technology. We have a free online car transport quote calculator that customers can use to get a general idea of the car shipping costs for their particular vehicle and destination. Our vehicle transport quote calculator leverages a unique algorithm that factors the total distance between pick up and delivery points, road conditions, and fuel usage to give an exact estimate.
  • Passion for Logistics: Yes, we are passionate about transport and logistics, and TravelMag has rightly recognized us for that! Maybe it was the thousands of positive reviews about us that they saw on platforms like BirdEye, Google Business, and BBB. Whatever the case is, we enjoy transporting vehicles, dealing with new people, and solving their logistics issues, which makes us stand out even more.

Easy Auto Ship Has Been featured on Several Other Platforms as Well:

This is not the first time a well-established review platform has rated us as one of the top car transport companies in the country. In addition, well-known authority website moveBuddha has included us in their list of 5 best car shipping companies.

Moreover, we’ve been featured in the list of the best car shipping companies of 2021 by Forbes. The gist is that we indeed are one of the leading vehicle transport service providers you can find in the entire country, and the best part is; we offer the best value for money. So call us today and get your free car transport quote!