Top Load Transport

top load transport, Top Load Transport

There are many terms involved with the topic of auto transport. There is the bill of lading, the car carrier, enclosed and open air transport, and more. One of these terms is top load transport. But what exactly is it, and why is it so important for people to use and request during their transport? Well, Easy Auto Ship has decided to help make your confusion go away by explaining the topic of top loading and how beneficial it is for auto transport services.

What is Top Load Transport?

When you read the word “top load”, you might think of something being loaded on top of something else. If you thought that, you would be correct. Top loading is the process of loading a car onto a car carrier on the top rack of the carrier. This form of transport protects the car from flying debris and other potential damages. But how can cars be stacked on one another without smashing down on the others? Well, with how a car carrier is designed, it is possible. Car carriers are designed with two levels, so that more vehicles can be transported at one time. 

Despite the fact that top loading is more expensive than regular transport, top loading is beneficial because it allows you to protect your car. Accidents can happen when a car is placed on a carrier. If the vehicle placed above your car has a leakage problem, the chemicals can leak onto your vehicle, causing unwanted damages. Likewise, many particles fly around when carriers are driving on the freeway, including dirt and rocks. Having your vehicle on the higher rack level allows your car to be more elevated away from those potential flying objects and damage. 

Protection is the Best Option

Protecting your vehicle should be your upmost priority. We understand the reluctancy to pay a little more money than you were hoping, just to save your car from dirt and debris. However, if you value your vehicle like we think you do, isn’t it worth it? Not everyone has the financial capabilities to do enclosed transport for their vehicle, which would place a cover over your vehicle. Top loading is usually not as expensive as enclosed transport. This makes it a more cost-effective option. Also, if you are using an open-air car carrier, your car is not able to be protected from a cover either. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to choose an option that gives as much protection as possible on an open-air car carrier? We like to think so. 


No matter what you believe, top loading is a beneficial form of auto transport. You are protecting your vehicle from flying debris and dirt. But you could also protect your vehicle from the potential leaks of other vehicles with mechanical issues. Yes, it can be more expensive. However, paying more money just for the chance to have better protection to your expensive vehicles is beneficial in the long run. No one wants to invest a lot of money into a transport, only to have to invest more if something unwanted happens to their vehicle. Be smart about your transport and choose top loading on your next trip. You would be surprised how much you prefer it.