The Importance of a Vehicle Inspection Report

Vehicle Inspection Report, The Importance of a Vehicle Inspection ReportThe vehicle inspection report is a crucial part of the auto shipping process that ensures your vehicle is shipped and received in one piece. Furthermore, a report gives you leverage against the carrier, ensuring that they handle your vehicle with the utmost care so it doesn’t face any damages.

To know what an inspection report is, why it is important, and when/how it is done, we suggest you read this guide till the end. We have discussed several important things that will ensure your auto transportation process goes smoothly.

What is the Vehicle Inspection Report?

Simply put, it is a document containing everything about the vehicle’s condition such as dents, marks, scratches, or anything else that you want to have on paper to ensure the safety of your asset.

This way, if the vehicle gets damaged during the transit, you will have a piece of document with notes and pictures to back your claim that the vehicle was damaged during the transportation.

The report will have the signatures of both you/your designated agent and the driver, so it will be an official piece of document.

Why Is The Inspection Report Important For Auto Shipping?

When you get an auto transport service, things can sometimes take a bad turn, and your vehicle might suffer some damage. In this case, how will you know what dents or scratches the car received during the transit?

Also, how will you make the carrier or the court (if necessary) believe that the car’s condition is not the same as it was before you handed it over to the driver? This is where an inspection report helps. You will be able to record your car’s condition from every angle and have it on paper.

This report will then be signed by either you or someone you designate for the task and the driver. So if anything goes south during the journey, you will have concrete evidence to back up your claim and receivecompensation for the damages.

When to Do Vehicle Inspection?

The inspection can be done either by the carrier or by you. Either way, it is imperative that either you or someone you designate for the task should be present on the spot. Here’s when and how the inspection is done:

At the Time of Pickup:

  • You/your pickup contact and the driver need to do an inspection together. It will include pictures of the car from a variety of angles.
  • Mark all the damages the car already has like scratches, color peeling, dents, and other marks, etc.
  • Once the inspection is done, both you/your designated contact and the driver will sign on the report to make it official.

At the Time of Delivery:

  • Once the car is delivered, you or your designated contact and the driver will do a final inspection of the vehicle.
  • Make sure to thoroughly check it, match its condition with the condition in images, and see if anything is missing.
  • If there are no issues and everything is fine, you and the driver will sign a final report, and each of you will keep a copy of this report.

Now that you know the importance of an inspection report when getting an auto shipping service and how it is done, we suggest that you never miss this step no matter how trusted the shipping company is. Your vehicle is your asset, and you need to ensure it is treated that way. If you have any questions or if you want to get shipping and inspection done by us, you can call us right away.