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College Students Car Shipping Quotes

Embarking on the journey of college is a thrilling chapter in life, brim-full of potential and promise. As students, stepping out of their comfort zone and into self-reliance can be both exhilarating and challenging. One of the most common hurdles faced by uni-goers is the matter of transportation. Having your car in college offers independence and convenience that can be a game-changer. It allows easy navigation around the campus and the opportunity to explore your surroundings.

Nevertheless, transporting your vehicle to your chosen university can be overwhelming. This is where Easy Auto Ship steps in, offering an affordable auto transport solution far more advantageous than driving the car yourself to your new location.

With EAS, you can trust our professional expertise, as we have a rich history of successfully moving vehicles to universities nationwide. We offer three practical choices for students with cars: leaving it at home, driving it to your university, or hauling it to your university.

If you leave your vehicle at home, you may grapple with the limitations of public transportation or the daily commute to and from the campus if you live off-campus.

Moving your vehicle offers a seamless solution. Our auto transport service lets you ship a car to any university, ensuring your mobility and flexibility remain intact. Our quotes are tailored to each specific university, making our car shipping service both affordable and efficient. We provide comprehensive solutions for all your transport needs, focusing on safety, reliability, and affordability.

We understand your car’s value, offering a service that ships your vehicle safely, affordably, and efficiently to your chosen university.

If you’d like to speak to one of our professional auto transport specialists, give us a ring at (888) 687-3243 today!

Here’s Why Students Heading to College Should Get Campus Car Shipping

Convenient and Stress-Free Moves

We aim to make your transition to being college students a breeze. With our professional auto transport services, you can bid farewell to the anxieties associated with long-distance driving and potential accidents.

We bring you a solution that is convenient and ensures the safe haul of your vehicle to and from your campus.

Peace of Mind with Professional Auto Transport

At EAS, our priority is your peace of mind. We want to assure you that your car is in the hands of seasoned professionals.

Our network of trustworthy carriers adheres to strict safety standards to guarantee a secure journey for your vehicle. You can relax knowing that industry experts take care of your car shipping needs.

Flexibility with Personal Belongings

We get it. Heading off to becoming college students means needing to bring more than just your vehicle. That’s why we offer flexibility with your personal belongings.

With EAS, you can move additional items with your car within a reasonable weight limit (100 lbs typically) at no additional cost. We handle your belongings with utmost care throughout the transit.

Time-Saving and Vehicle Lifespan Preservation

The ordeal of cross-country driving is not only time-consuming but also puts unnecessary mileage on your vehicle, thereby reducing its lifespan.

With us, you can save precious time and shield your car from wear and tear. Our dependable network of carriers ensures the prompt movement of your vehicle so it reaches its destination efficiently.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing

Being a student, we understand that every penny counts. With us, you can expect crystal clear and competitive pricing that caters to your budgeting needs.

We offer upfront quotes without any hidden charges, ensuring you clearly understand the cost involved.

Our commitment is to deliver affordable and trustworthy car hauling services specifically tailored for you.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our focus is to ensure customer satisfaction. Our dedicated support team is available to guide you through the vehicle moving process.

Our goal is to provide top-notch service and address any queries or issues you may have promptly.

Reliable and Licensed Movers

Choosing our company means opting for a dependable and licensed car-hauling company. We collaborate with fully insured carriers and abide by all legal prerequisites.

You can relax fully knowing your vehicle is in the hands of professionals who put safety first and comply with industry norms.

Top Vehicle Transport Solutions For Students Heading to University

Door-to-Door Shipping

Known for its practicality, Door-to-Door Shipping is a favorite among students. This solution provides an effortless experience that saves time, a precious resource for any academic.

Imagine the ease of having your car picked up from your home and delivered straight to your university. This eliminates unnecessary trips to and from pick-up and drop-off locations, allowing you to focus on other essential preparations for university life.

This service is also cost-effective, making it a popular choice for those on a budget. It exposes vehicles to normal road conditions, just like driving the vehicle yourself, ensuring there are no extreme conditions to which your car wouldn’t normally be exposed.

Enclosed Carrier

The Enclosed Carrier option is a perfect fit for those who value additional protection. This auto transport solution ensures your vehicle remains pristine, away from potential road debris and weather elements.

You can opt for this method if you’ve got a luxury, classic, or vintage car. This is due to its enhanced security, ensuring their cherished vehicle arrives in the same condition it was picked up in. Despite a slightly higher cost than open carriers, this method offers peace of mind that many find worth the investment.

Expedited Pickup

With the whirlwind of tasks academics face, timing is everything. That’s where our Expedited Pickup service shines. It guarantees a rapid vehicle pickup, providing a swift start to your ride’s journey.

This is an excellent option for last-minute planners or those who simply value efficiency. Even though this service comes at a higher cost, the convenience and time saved are often well worth it.

If you’d like to speak to one of our professional auto transport specialists, give us a ring at (888) 687-3243 today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You pick up or deliver cars to and from campus?

Indeed, we can! We understand that many students live on campus and may not have easy access to off-campus locations.

Therefore, we strive to accommodate your needs by offering pick-up and delivery directly to your campus, ensuring a hassle-free car shipping experience.

Are college student auto transport discounts available?
We believe in supporting our youth, and thus, we do provide special discounts tailored for them. We aim to make the auto transport process as affordable and accessible as possible for college students.
Do I need to be present at pickup and dropoff locations?
While we prefer the car owner to be present during pickup and dropoff, we understand that freshmen and sophomores often have tight schedules. If you cannot be there, you can designate a trusted person to hand over and receive your car. This person must be over 18 years old and carry a valid ID for verification purposes.
What happens if my schedule changes?
We understand that college life can be unpredictable, so we offer a flexible scheduling policy. If your schedule changes, simply contact us as soon as possible, and we will do our best to accommodate the new times.
How long does the car shipping process take?
The duration varies based on the distance between the pickup and delivery locations, weather conditions, and traffic. However, we aim to deliver your car within the estimated time frame provided at the time of booking.

If you’d like to speak to one of our professional auto transport specialists, give us a ring at (888) 687-3243 today!

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews — Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— People Vouch For Our Services - Here’s What They Say About Our Students Auto Transport

⭐Review From Ben Easaw

“Can’t say enough great things about Abby with EAS and how much of a help she was to me. We had a group of parents with college-bound kids heading from Texas to California and Abby was amazing in helping us with everything. The day before the pickup, the original carrier (BUDS LLC) completely pulled out and left us parents in a huge predicament. If you happen to get this carrier, request another one. BUDS LLC is completely unreliable and shouldn’t be in this business!!! Abby and the whole team at EAS came to rescue and scrambled to find another carrier that met all the initial criteria we needed. The new carrier, KAUNAS TRUCKING, was amazing!! This was my first time ever shipping a vehicle, much less coordinating shipping 7 vehicles. Using EAS and having Abby as my advisor was the best!! I would highly, highly, highly recommend EAS, and if you can work with Abby, I would recommend it even more! :-)”

How We Relocated Multiple Vehicles For Ben and His Group From TX to Ca

Ben Essaw needed to move 7 vehicles from Texas to California for his whole group of parents with college-bound kids. The job was time-sensitive and required responsible handling. On top of all, Ben was already abandoned by another carrier before finding us, but luckily, he did find us, contacted Abby, one of our star transport agents, and the rest was done fairly quickly. She found a carrier who met all the needs of Been and other parents in his group and moved the batch of 7 vehicles to California without any hiccups.

⭐Review From Jamie P.

“An absolutely flawless process with great customer service. Needed to ship my daughter’s car from NJ to Alabama. Process was great, coordination was great and flexible, driver was professional and very accommodating - since the destination was a college campus and his trailer couldn’t make it in - he offered to unload the car nearby and drive it to her himself! Fantastic experience.”

How We Shipped a Vehicle for Jamie’s Daughter’s Car From NJ to Her College in AL

Jamie wanted us to move his daughter’s car from New Jersey to her campus in Alabama so she could commute without any issues. Being a company that has shipped thousands of vehicles for students, we know exactly what every parent is looking for when hiring transporters to move vehicles for their college-going kids. So we guided Jamie through the complete process, accommodated any special requests, and delivered the vehicle to the campus. Although the trailer wasn’t able to go inside the campus, our driver unloaded the vehicle outside and drove it inside by himself to where Jamie wanted.

⭐Review From Colleen McLain

“This is the fourth time we’ve used Easy Auto Ship to get our daughter’s car from Northern Virginia to New Mexico for college. As always, they proved to be a valuable partner. This time the trucking company the job was contracted out to left a lot to be desired. But Tiffany, who was our contact at Easy Auto Ship, made a frustrating and difficult situation easier to deal with. The driver was supposed to pick up our car ‘in the evening’ according to their dispatcher (NOT an employee of Easy Auto Ship). We heard nothing until 8 pm and for the next three hours we were assured he was ‘an hour away’. During this time Tiffany remained in constant contact with us - despite the fact that her work day had ended. She gave us her personal cell number so we could be in touch as either of us heard more from the driver or dispatcher. Our car was finally picked up at 1 am and Tiffany was still texting to make sure he’d actually shown up and then, that we got home after leaving the car. She continued to be in touch as the drop off day/time grew near, and celebrated with us when the car was back in our hands. While we would never use the driver again (and Easy Auto Ship has put that transporter on their never use list) we would not hesitate to use Easy Auto Ship again - and will do just that when this school year comes to a close.”

How We Transported Colleen’s Daughter’s Car From VA to NM For College:

Being one of our regular customers, it was an obvious choice for Colleen McLain to call us when her daughter needed to move her vehicle from her hometown in Northern Virginia to her college in New Mexico. She had already used our services three times, and this was her fourth time; we had to ensure the quality of service was consistent with her past experiences. However, this time, we did experience a slight hiccup where the carrier we picked did not arrive for pickup on time, which was frustrating for both Colleen and us. Although our support agent, Tiffany’s work day, had ended, she still stayed in continuous contact with Colleen via her personal phone number and ensured a different carrier was arranged. At the end of the day, Tiffany sorted everything out, and Colleen’s daughter’s car was picked up. But that’s not the end of it; it’s our duty to ensure our customers never face any issues when dealing with us, which is why we added the first carrier to the blacklist and never contacted him for any transport job again.

⭐Review From Lawrence Andrews

“I have used Easy Auto Ship three times to transport my daughter’s vehicle between Dallas and her college in Atlanta and received excellent service, from very professional drivers who are always courteous and very timely.”

How We Hauled Lawrence’s Daughter’s Vehicle Between Dallas, TX to Atlanta, Ga

Easy Auto Ship is not one of those companies that offer excellent service in the start and then keep decreasing the quality and attention to old customers after taking on new customers. We believe in absolute consistency, and that’s why our old customers still love us and only say good things about us. Lawrence Andrews is one of our old customers who has used us to move his daughter’s vehicle three times between Dallas, Texas, and her college in Atlanta, Georgia. From offering excellent service, on-time pickups, and delivery to ensuring the transport is done by professional drivers, we’ve always ensured the best for Lawrence.

⭐Review From Charles Crellin

“I contacted probably four or five car transport companies, but I was immediately impressed by Easy Auto Ship. In my initial conversation with my account executive, Abby, she fully explained—in a refreshingly straightforward and transparent way—the process of transporting a car cross country and provided detailed responses to my questions and concerns. Even with some glitches with the contracted transport company—which were not the fault whatsoever of Easy Auto Ship—the team did everything possible to get things back on track. In all my interactions, either by phone or email, I felt very confident that Abby and Easy Auto Ship team would handle this transaction successfully—which they did, and be available for me from start to finish—which they were. And though we were transporting a 10-year-old Mitsubishi from California to my daughter at college in Florida, Easy Auto Ship treated my wife and I as if we were transporting a Ferrari or Aston Martin. I highly recommend Easy Auto Ship.”

How We Transported Charles Crelin’s Mitsubishi to His Daughter in Florida:

Being a customer-first company, we strongly believe in passing the initial vibe check when talking to our customers. How professionally and politely we talk to the customers decides if they’ll prefer us over competitors. The exact same thing happened when Abby (our transport agent) talked to Charles. He was already in contact with 4 or 5 transporters but decided to go ahead with us. Why? Because the discussion with us was refreshing, straightforward, and transparent - it passed the vibe check! Although there were some slight hiccups in the transport process, our team left no stone unturned in ensuring the safe and timely transport of Charles’ Mitsubishi from California to his daughter’s college in Florida.

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