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Launched in 2004, the Ultimate Aero ran its course till 2013 after which the company bid farewell to this model. In 2013, the SSC Ultimate Aero XT was launched, which was the special version of the basic Ultimate Aero and was built to celebrate the end of production of the Ultimate Aero series. The SSC Ultimate Aero belonged to the Sports Car S class and came with a 2-door coupe body style.

Furthermore, it was built on rear mid-engine, rear wheel drive layout and featured beautiful butterfly doors. We will talk more about its features and some car transport tips in this guide so still till the end.

Specifications of SSC Ultimate Aero

The SSC Aero has a varying powertrain because of a number of trim levels produced over the year. For instance, the basic 2004 model had supercharged 6.2L V8 engine while the 2006 model had 6.3L V8 supercharged and the 2013 model featured 6.9L twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

There was also an electric variant; Ultimate Aero EV which featured 2 liquid cooled motors. In terms of transmissions it came with several of them depending on the model such as 3-speed auto for EV, 5-speed annual, 6-speed manual and 7-speed automated manual for the XT model.

Car Shipping of SSC Ultimate Aero

When you are transporting your SSC Ultimate Aero, you need to carefully prepare it for the journey so there are no hiccups down the road. This means that you need to first take the car to a mechanic, have it thoroughly checked for any problems like leaking fluids, loose wires, or loose parts that may fall down during the transit. Then you need to have your SSC Ultimate Aero washed so you can clearly see its condition and document it in an inspection report as an extra layer of security in case of any damages during the transit.

Moreover, we suggest that you leave the car with a quarter tank filled. This way, the overall weight of the vehicle will be reduced which will reduce car shipping cost. Plus, a quarter tank should be enough for the person on the receiving end to drive it to a nearby fueling station. Lastly, we suggest that you do not leave any personal belongings inside the car. Granted, you have the permission to place up to 100lbs of stuff inside but it will not be covered in the car transport insurance. So if anything gets stolen during the journey, you will not be reimbursed for it. If you really need to send some personal stuff with the car, place it in the trunk and lock the trunk.

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