The True Expense of Driving Your Vehicle Across The Country

When you're ready to trek cross-country, whether it be for a move or extended vacation, driving your car yourself doesn't always come cheap. It might feel like you save a ton of money vs. shipping your vehicle from state to state, but sometimes you'll have to realize that 'cost' doesn't always equal money.
Driving your car on a long trip, such as Miami to Seattle, might have some surprising costs that you aren't expecting. However, let's talk about the expenses involved that are related to your pocketbook.

  • The cost of gas is a no-brainer when you're driving across the country. You know you're going to have to fill up at the pump, and quite a bit at that. You probably already have a few hundred dollars stashed away to cover the cost, but hopefully prices won't spike too high when you're out on the road.
  • Mileage allowances need to be addressed if you're leasing your car. If you go over your mileage when you're driving across the country, the miles really add up-both on the road and on your bill.
  • Tires can go flat or blow out on your venture. So, if the condition of your tires is questionable, consider replacing before hitting the road.
  • Hotels can rack up your bill pretty fast when you're on the road. And let's face it-you're probably not going to stay in a hotel room that costs $30 a night. Not if you actually want to sleep, anyway.

So, we already know that there's a monetary expense of driving your car across the country. But let's not forget what else you're giving up while you're out on the road:

  • Time is one of the biggest downfalls (and expenses) when you're driving a vehicle across the country. You can feel like you're driving for days, and much to your dismay you've only managed to cross one measly state. Those Midwestern states can feel like a black hole that devours all of the hours in your day, especially Nebraska and The Dakotas.
  • Discomfort is another expense, and it can be an annoying one. Backaches, stomachaches, trips to the bathroom, and burning eyes from staying awake for hours on end-who really wants to go through all of that?
  • Creepy gas stations and truck stops. You'll have to stop somewhere at some point, and sometimes your options are limited. Just try to make it quick.

Having a Change of Heart? Let DIY do The Work For You

If you're deciding against driving your car across the country, DIY will gladly ship your vehicle from state to state. You can skip all of the nonsense that goes along with long road trips, and hop on a plane to your destination. Before long, you'll be able to pick up your vehicle-and you won't ever have to set foot inside of a creepy gas station.

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