The Top Factors of Freight Shipping Costs

If you're looking to use a freight shipping service, you're likely wondering what it's going to cost you to ship goods from point A to point B. While the question is quite common, there's more than one factor that plays into freight shipping costs.
So, if you're budgeting for a large shipment and researching freight shipping costs, these are the top factors to take into consideration:

1. Competition From Other Carriers

Just like anything else, the prices from competitors can cause freight shipping costs to fluctuate. But keep in mind that the following factors in this list also reflects the price of the competition.

2. Mode of Freight Shipping

Another freight shipping cost factor involves the method of transportation. There will be a difference in cost if you're shipping via rail, truck, ocean, air, container, etc. Keep this in mind when choosing the method of your freight shipping.

3. Distance

Just like auto transport services, the required travel distance will play a part in the cost of your freight shipping. It will be cheaper to ship within the continental United States vs. shipping internationally.

4. Oil Prices

We all know how oil prices are always fluctuating, and can drastically change from day-to-day. The freight shipping industry is impacted by these fluctuations, which in turn affects the cost of your freight shipment.

5. Weight of Your Shipment

Before your item is ready to be shipped, a lot of freight shipping companies will want to know an estimated weight on your item. Being a few pounds off isn't a big deal, but try to give the closest estimate that you can for an accurate quote.

Looking For Fair Freight Shipping Costs?

Keep in mind that your estimate is just that—an estimate. After your shipment is weighed and all of your ducks are in a row, you'll receive your price that's accurate down to the penny. If you have questions or concerns about freight shipping costs or services, contact our experts today at 800-266-2202.

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