The Top 10 Cities For Auto Transport Services (Plus 10 Fun Facts)

Where in the country are you shipping your vehicle? It shouldn't come as a surprise that there are several cities in the nation that see thousands of transported cars per year. Not to mention, the more popular the city, the lower your auto transport quote could potentially be. If you're considering using auto transport services, the following cities are undoubtedly the most popular when it comes to shipping a vehicle from state to state.

#10: Denver, Colorado

Ah, Denver. With its beautiful scenery and more outdoor recreational activities than you can handle, it's not a wonder why Denver is such a popular auto transport destination. If you're headed to the beautiful city of Denver, there's surely an auto transport carrier that's ready to haul your vehicle away to the Mile-High City.
Fun Fact: Denver brews more beer than any other city in the nation, with 200 beers brewed daily.

#9: Boston, Massachusetts

Looking to get away to the breathtaking scenery of New England? Try Boston on for size. It's the 9th most popular city for auto shipping, and there are plenty of things to see and do. Shipping a car to Boston is quick and easy, especially since the auto transport route is used so frequently.
Fun Fact: The Boston Common is the oldest public park in the country-it has been around since 1634.

#8: Tampa, Florida

Tampa is an undeniably beautiful destination with astonishingly beautiful sunsets. Whether you're shipping a car to Tampa to escape the cold northern weather, or you're just looking for a change of scenery, auto transport services can get your vehicle to The Cigar City in the snap of a finger.
Fun Fact: The temperature in Tampa has never hit 100 degrees.

#7: New York, New York

Are you craving the hustle and bustle of the big city life? New York, New York is the 7th most popular destination for auto transport services. Driving in The Big Apple can leave you wanting to pull out your hair, but luckily auto transport services will deliver your car directly into the city-leaving you with more time to enjoy the city and less worrying about fighting traffic.
Fun Fact: It costs $289,000 to obtain a permit for a hot dog stand in New York City

#6: Miami, Florida

Heading to Miami? If so, you're in luck. Auto transport services frequently visit the city of Miami, delivering hundreds of cars per year. If you can take the heat, auto transport services can economically transport your vehicle to The Magic City.
Fun Fact: Suntan lotion was invented by a Miami Beach pharmacist in 1944

#5: San Francisco, California

San Francisco might have a considerably high cost of living, but that doesn't stop the high volume of car shipments through the city. San Francisco offers a unique lifestyle with endless sightseeing opportunities, making it the 5th most popular destination to ship a car in the United States.
Fun Fact: San Francisco's cable cars are the country's only mobile historic monument.

#4: Atlanta, Georgia

The ATL is a hot spot for auto transport services. The area might have some of the worst traffic in the country, but thousands flock to the city every year for its comfortable climate and endless amounts of sweet tea.
Fun Fact: Atlanta has more than 65 streets with the name "Peachtree."

#3: Chicago, Illinois

Who would've figured that Chicago is the 3rd most popular destination for auto transport services? It's true, and thousands of cars pass through the city every year. If you're on your way to Chicago, be sure to book your pickup for auto transport services.
Fun fact: Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the only three major free zoos in the US.

#2: Dallas, Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the amount of people shipping their cars to Dallas. It's the 2nd most popular destination for auto transport services in the country, and an auto transport carrier is ready and waiting to get your vehicle to the Big D.
Fun fact: Dallas is the 9th largest city in the country.

#1: Los Angeles, California

Thousands of people every year ship their cars to Los Angeles, looking to explore the city and everything that it has to offer. Auto transport services to Los Angeles is super easy to come by, and deliveries are made in the city nearly every day.
Fun facts: It is illegal to kick a toad in Los Angeles.

Where Are You Heading?

Even if you aren't heading to one of the top 10 cities for auto transport, DIY still has you covered. Use our innovative quote calculator and get your auto shipping estimate. And as always, we're available to answer any questions at 800-266-2202.

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