The Most Frequently Damaged Items When Moving to a New Home

One of the worst outcomes of moving is damaging of items. It's even worse when those items are sentimental, and often irreplaceable. However, accidents unfortunately happen and items can become damaged or broken during a move.
These are the most frequently damaged items that happen while moving. So, pack these items up in extra bubble wrap if you can.

1. Electronics

Big, bulky TVs typically ask for trouble when they're being moved from one spot to another. It can be tricky to get a new TV into your house and mounted on the wall, let alone transported from one state to another without a protective box.

2. Kitchenware

If the sound of shattering kitchenware doesn't make you cringe, what will? Unfortunately, kitchenware is all too easy to drop during a move. This is especially the case when your boxes aren't labeled and you don't know what you're carrying.
Be sure to pack your boxes with the heaviest items on the bottom, and don't try to pack pots and pans with plates.

3. Lamps and Lampshades

Let's face it-lamps are awkward to carry, and just as awkward to move from one home to another. Be sure to remove your lamp shape for easier transportation, and use a box that's close in size to the lamp shape. Pack your box to the brim with packing peanuts and bubble wrap, and you should be good to go.

4. Photos and Photo Frames

Photo Frames can be a pain to move since they contain so much glass. What's worse is that shattered glass can destroy photos, so you'll want to be extra careful when you're moving the frames from one location to the other. Your best bet is to wrap each frame individually with bubble wrap, so the frames won't smack into one another and cause any more damage.

If You Aren't Hiring Professional Packers, Tread Carefully

You can certainly pack your belongings without a professional, but you risk items being damaged in the process. Take the extra time to securely pack your belongings to avoid damage, and hire a professional if it's in your budget.

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