The Beginner's Guide to Understanding Auto Transport Services

Do you understand how the auto transport process works? Many customers who are new to the auto transport industry don't have much of an idea of how quotes are priced, cars are shipped, or details on insurance policies. It might seem like a ton of information to take on at once, but the process of auto transport services is really quite simple once you understand how things work.

Auto Transport Services in a Nutshell

The actual idea of auto transport services is transporting cars from one location to another by using an auto transport truck. Millions of people ship a vehicle from state to state per year, and they use auto transport services to make their lives easier. It helps cut down on wear and tear on your car, filling up at the gas station every couple hundred miles, and getting to your destination much faster.
So, if you need to ship a vehicle from state to state, auto transport services might be a smart option for you.

Auto Transport Carriers vs. Brokers

One element of auto transport services to understand is the difference between an auto transport carrier and an auto transport broker. Your auto transport broker coordinates the activities to get your car shipped from one location to the other. They stay in communication with you and help streamline the overall process.
Your auto transport carrier is the company that actually delivers your vehicle. Customers benefit from using brokers since they can help save you money on auto transport quotes and help with tedious paperwork.

What Happens When You Book Auto Transport Services

Once you book your order for auto transport services, there will be some paperwork to fill out along with an initial inspection of your car-this is to document any damage before transporting, and any new damage will be reported upon delivery if it occurs.
After your initial paperwork, your next step is to wait on your couch, watch TV, and wait for your carrier to arrive. Once your driver is at your house, your car will be loaded onto the delivery truck for transportation. This is the step where any current damage to your car is documented.
When your car is finished being inspected, it's loaded onto the truck and hauled away.

What Happens During The Transport

Typically, the part where your car is being shipped from one point to another is uneventful. You can check in with your broker to find out where your car is located-otherwise, you can check through the tracking services if your auto transport company offers that feature.

Hooray! It's Time to Pick up Your Car

When your carrier reaches your destination, he will inform you of the exact place and time that your vehicle can be picked up. After you meet to pick up your vehicle, another inspection will be performed to ensure there was no damage incurred during the process. If new damage is present, the expense will be on the insurance company of your carrier-just be sure that your carrier is bonded before doing business with them. Ask to review insurance paperwork before signing any agreements if you're unsure.

What's Next?

Your next step is to use our innovative calculator for auto transport quotes. Once you discover that DIY offers a reasonable price (along with a solid reputation), you can move forward with shipping your vehicle anywhere in the country-or even to another country. It's all up to you.

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