Quick Guide to Auto Transport Quotes in Summer vs. Winter

Most people don't think about the auto transport industry as being seasonal, but the changing of seasons surely plays a large role in shipping and auto transport quotes. In fact, the weather can have a very large impact on how much you're paying to ship your vehicle across the country, and how long it takes to deliver.
Unfortunately, bad weather can cause delays, and beautiful weather can spike prices. When you're considering shipping a vehicle from state to state, being mindful of the season and the weather will help you better understand auto transport quotes and delivery times.

5 Ways That Summer Impacts Auto Transport Quotes

Sunny days and clear weather doesn't necessarily equal lower prices. It might be an easier trip for your truck driver without delivery delays due to bad weather, but shipping a vehicle from state to state in the summer can impact auto transport quotes in the following ways:

  • 1. More people tend to ship their vehicles in the summer vs. winter
  • 2. The influx of customers during the summer months results in higher auto transport quotes
  • 3. There are more customers fighting for truck space, and many are willing to pay a premium to get their vehicle shipped on time
  • 4. Loads are picked up quicker when the price is higher
  • 5. Prices can be higher in the summer to help save money during the fall and winter, when business in the auto transport industry tends to be a bit slower

There is a surprising amount of people shipping their vehicle during the summer, especially down south and out of metropolitan areas. This ultimately leads to spiked prices and a very busy season in the auto transport industry.

5 Ways That Winter Impacts Auto Transport Quotes

It's likely obvious for the reasons why winter impacts auto transport quotes, but not necessarily in a bad way. You might experience delay times, which is frustrating, but in the end you will likely save a little bit of money vs. shipping your vehicle in the summer.
Here's how winter generally impacts auto transport quotes:

  • 1. Auto transport quotes are generally lower in the winter because fewer people are shipping a vehicle from state to state
  • 2. You can usually get a cheaper quote because transport trucks are generally short on loads and are looking for more customers
  • 3. However, road conditions can be dangerous, which slows delivery times
  • 4. It's not uncommon for regular routes to be blocked off or closed due to bad weather
  • 5. It can also be more difficult to find a willing carrier to deliver your vehicle when the weather is bad

So, as you can see, there are both good and bad points of shipping during both seasons. Either way, DIY Transport will deliver your vehicle to your destination as quickly and safely as possible rain or shine.
For more assistance on shipping your vehicle, give us a call at 800-266-2202 or use our state-of-the-art auto transport quote calculator for your free quote.

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