Most Popular FAQ For Auto Transport Services

If you're new to shipping a vehicle from state to state, you likely have quite a few questions before you jump in and commit to the process. The good news is that we are saving you the trouble of relentlessly searching the entire Internet for answers-we have your entire list of top FAQs listed here in one convenient spot.

FAQ #1: Do I have to drop off my car at a specific location?

Generally, no-you don't have to leave your vehicle at a specific location. Transport companies mostly use door-to-door services, which means the driver comes straight to your door and loads the vehicle onto his truck, delivering it to your desired destination. Sometimes you may have to take your vehicle somewhere such as a parking lot, but this only happens if the auto transport truck cannot access your neighborhood due to restriction laws.

FAQ #2: Will my car stay on the delivery truck for the entire transport duration?

Yes. Your car will almost always stay on the original transport truck that loaded your vehicle. Rare circumstances might require switching to another truck, but you will be informed if this happens to you.

FAQ #3: When can I pick up my vehicle?

Your pickup time is determined by several factors, but mostly by location. You'll likely receive what is known as a pickup window, which is a range of days that your vehicle can be picked up. This typically ranges from 1 to 4 days, and sometimes as long as 1 to 14 days depending on location.

FAQ #4: Can I track my vehicle while it's in transport?

Most auto transport companies offer GPS tracking services, but some owner-operator companies do not. If you're concerned about tracking services, it's best to ask your broker ahead of time if this option is available to you.

FAQ #5: Do I need my own insurance to transport my vehicle?

Every auto transport carrier has a federally mandated $750,000 worth of insurance, and some even go beyond $1 million. Your personal insurance is secondary when it is transported on a truck that has insurance through the carrier.

FAQ #6: What happens if my vehicle is damaged during transport?

Damages that occur during transport will be repaired at the expense of the carrier's insurance. The driver will inspect your vehicle along with you during pickup, and any new damages will be documented on your Bill of Landing. If new damage is discovered, photos will be taken of the damages and sent to a repair shop for a price estimate. The carrier's insurance will handle the right from there.

FAQ #7: Do I need the title of my vehicle in order for it to be shipped?

No. Many people ship vehicles that once belonged to friends or family, so auto transport services do not require the title of your vehicle in order to ship it. You just need to have the keys in order to move your car onto the transport truck.

FAQ #8: Can I ship a non-running vehicle?

Yes-the biggest catch is that it will likely cost more for you to ship than a running vehicle. This is because special equipment is required to load your vehicle onto the truck, rather than just driving it on board.

FAQ #9: Can I ship personal belongings inside of my vehicle?

No-many carriers are only licensed to ship automobiles. This means they aren't allowed to have other items in their possession other than the vehicle itself. Storing personal items in your car during shipping also runs the risk of pushing the transportation truck over the weight limit, which will result in shipping delays. However, some carrier will allow you to store 50 to 100 pounds of linen inside of your trunk.

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