How to Read Your Bill of Landing

One of the most important documents that you'll receive for auto transport services is the Bill of Landing-it's essentially a receipt and inspection report, which also includes terms and services and a dispatch report. It's important to understand your Bill of Landing to understand how you're protected and what's expected from your auto transport services.
The Bill of Landing is especially useful to customers who have never shipped a vehicle from state to state before.
So, when you receive your Bill of Landing from DIY Transport, here's how you can easily understand its contents.


The header of your Bill of Landing includes the company name and contact information, as well as your order number, the date, and the name of your driver.

Pickup And Delivery Specifics

Your Bill of Landing will outline your dispatch information, which includes the exact address where your vehicle is picked up and delivered.

Condition of Your Vehicle

Your automobile will undergo an inspection before shipping, where any damages will be noted for your information. After your vehicle is delivered, your vehicle will be inspected once again and any new damages will be noted on your Bill of Landing. Auto transport drivers are required by law to inspect your vehicle and must report any damaged, including dings, dents, scratches, or any other major damages.

Terms And Conditions

It's important to read over your terms and conditions, as this section of the document can vary between your carrier and your broker. Reading both the carrier and broker terms and conditions will give you an understanding of what you're getting into in terms of what's expected from you, and what you can expect from both your carrier and broker.


For the final part of your Bill of Landing, your signature and the signature of the driver will be signed at the end. The signatures are there to confirm that both you and the driver have read and agreed to the terms of the document. Don't sign the Bill of Landing until you have had all of your questions answered. Once the document is signed, it's understood that you agree to everything in it, so be sure to ask any questions before signing.

Moving Forward With Your Bill of Landing

If you have questions or concerns regarding your Bill of Landing, DIY Transport is happy to help. Contact us today at 800-266-2202 for assistance on your Bill of Landing, or any other general inquiries that you may have.

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