How to Avoid Shady Schemes And Scams in The Auto Transport Industry

As with any business, there are companies in the auto transport industries that are not so honest. Unfortunately, this can create a bad impression for other companies who play by the rules and strive to follow ethical practices. The good news is that you don't have to fall victim to auto transport companies who aren't out for your best interests-all it takes is a bit of research and detective work.
Here are DIY Transport's best tips on how to avoid shady schemes and scams when you're shipping a vehicle from state to state.

1. Carefully Review The Company Website

We're truly in a digital world, and a company's website speaks volumes about its credibility and presentation. When you're looking around on the website in question, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the company website look and feel modern?
  • Is it littered with spelling and grammatical errors?
  • Is there contact information such as a physical address and working phone number?
  • Is there any indication that the website has recently been updated?
  • Is there a sufficient amount of educational material on the website that answers your questions?

Scammer auto transport companies will never take the time to put together a credible and insightful website. If the website doesn't seem on the up-and-up, consider it as red flag #1.

2. Read Their Online Reviews

One of the best ways to get to know a company is through online reviews. These are real people who take time out of their day to highlight the positives (and the negatives). Don't only pay attention to what the reviews are saying---take note of the date of the reviews as well. If you only see reviews going back a couple of months, you might want to be cautious on hiring the auto transport company in question. Many reputable companies will have several years worth of testimonials stockpiled online.

3. Investigate On Social Media

Another tell-tale factor is to look into the company's social media profiles. Although not every company on the planet uses social media, most of them do---especially if they are credible. Check into the company on Facebook (where you can find even more online reviews), and even places like Twitter. If their account is active and there are customers posting on their timeline, chances are that you are dealing with a no-nonsense auto transport company.

4. Check The Better Business Bureau

One last reputable source for checking up on companies in the auto transport industry is through the BBB. You can get a very good idea of how the company is run and if there have been any major complaints on the company over the last several years. It's a free and valuable resource to you, the customer, and we highly encourage that you take advantage of it.

Keeping Things Scam-Free at DIY Transport

DIY Transport is all about being honest with our customers while offering valuable services at a fair price. If you'd like to contact us to learn more about our company or have questions, call us at 800-266-2202 today.

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