6 Reasons to Consider Shipping a Vehicle to a Major Metropolitan Area

There's a lot to consider when shipping a vehicle from state to state, and your drop off and pickup location is one of them. Using major metropolitan areas, such as Miami or Chicago, makes shipping your vehicle easier and can potentially result in a lower quote.
So, if you're shipping a vehicle from state to state, here's a few good reasons why you should considering choosing a major metropolitan area as your pickup destination.

1. Major metropolitan areas have direct highways leading into the city. This allows for faster transport times, as the auto transport trucks can travel at higher speeds

2. Major interstates are easier to access than back roads or other off-route areas, which might be impossible for large trucks to pass through

3. Metropolitan areas will almost always be cheaper to ship to, regardless if the destination is Dallas, Texas or Los Angeles, California

4. Small rural towns in the middle of nowhere will be more expensive to ship to and from

5. A higher volume of people tend to ship to major metropolitan areas, which can help cut the cost on your auto transport quotes

6. There are typically trucks ready and waiting to ship out cars from major metropolitan areas, which can drastically cut down on waiting time

As you can see, it literally pays to have your vehicle shipping to and from big cities. Even if you have to drive your car farther away, it will help save time and money in the long run by shipping to big cities.

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