4 Warnings To Watch For When You're Shopping For Auto Transport Quotes

So, consider this article to be a heads up in terms of what can happen when you're shopping around for auto transport quotes. We like to watch out for our customers, and think it's only fair that they are aware of the following four warnings.

Warning #1: Auto Transport Quotes Are Only An Estimate

As much as we'd love to offer a quote that's good down to the penny, there are a lot of variables that go into determining accurate auto transport quotes. Factors from seasons to closed routes can make an impact on auto transport quotes, and sometimes surprises will pop up. The last thing we want is to give customers a false impression on auto transport quotes, but keep in mind that the price is subject to change.
However, we do our best to keep initial auto transport quotes as close to the initial estimate as possible.

Warning #2: You'll Get A Call If You Leave A Phone Number

When we ask for your phone number, it's for a reason-we want to get in touch with you to discuss your auto transport quotes and help you make decisions to make the process easier. So, if you get a call, we are only trying to help, and we're absolutely not trying spam you with unnecessary information.

Warning #3: The Auto Transport Industry Is Competitive, And You Might Get Hounded

Unfortunately, some auto transport companies go to the extreme of harassing their customers with follow up calls and e-mails. This can especially be the case during the slower season when shipments aren't as frequent as they are in the summer. And yes, it's legal for them to call you when you inquired about their services.
If you are getting harassed, your best course of action on this is to select the best auto transport company that fits your needs and budget, and do it as quickly as possible. That way, the next time that you get a call, you can inform the sales rep that you've decided to go with another company and won't be needing their services.

Warning #4: The Auto Transport Industry Is Not 100% Regulated

This isn't to say that people in the auto transport industry run wild and do whatever they want-that's far from the case. However, what this means is that the shipping price of your vehicle can be at whatever cost that the company decides.
Avoid getting quotes from companies that force you to call for a quote. This is a common sales tactic and it will not help build trust between yourself and said company whatsoever. Your best bet is to submit for a quote through a calculator such as the one on here on the DIY Transport website-no games, no gimmicks, just reputable and reliable auto transport quotes.

Your Fair Warning From DIY Transport

Your last warning is that you'll love our process here at DIY Transport, from getting auto transport quotes to picking up your delivery at your desired destination. If you need assistance or you're looking for auto transport quotes, use our innovative calculator or get in touch with us today.

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