4 Reasons Why Shipping a Vehicle Makes Your Life Way, Way Easier

Here at DIY Transport, our mission is to make our customers' lives as easy as possible. However, sometimes we have would-be customers who can't quite decide if it's better to drive their vehicle to a particular destination, or simply have it shipped by auto transport services.
We might be a bit biased, but shipping a vehicle makes way more sense than driving it all the way across the country. If you have to ask yourself why, we're happy to elaborate.

Reason #1: You Save a Ton of Time

One of the biggest reasons that shipping a vehicle makes your life so much easier is due to the time that you save. It can take hours (and hours) to drive your vehicle from state to state, but the hard part is done for you with auto transport services.
All you have to worry about is getting yourself to your vehicle's delivery site. And while you're waiting, you can kick back with a daiquiri and make yourself at home until your car arrives. After that, you're free to drive off into the sunset (but make sure you're sober, first).

Reason #2: You'll Say Goodbye to Annoying Pit Stops

Who actually likes to fill up their tank every few hundred miles while out on the road? When you choose to ship your vehicle with auto transport services, you won't have to stop at a single gas station to fill up your car. You can take a cushy seat on the next plane and skip hundreds of gas stations, fast food joints, and miles of highway.

Reason #3: Less Wear And Tear On Your Vehicle

Shipping your vehicle drastically cuts down on the wear and tear of your vehicle, especially if you are driving very long distances such as Miami to Seattle. You won't have to worry about wearing the tread down on your tires, rocks hitting your windshield, and other wear and tear factors for your car.

Reason #4: You'll Save Money

You'll save a lot of time with auto transport services, but you'll also save a good chunk of money. Driving across the country can take up to a week, which results in a lot of fueling up at the gas station and hotel visits-unless you plan on living out of your car. And really, who wants to do that?
If you aren't convinced that shipping your vehicle makes more sense than driving, maybe it's time to add up expenses in terms of time and money. Use our auto transport quote calculator for your personal quote on shipping your vehicle, and discover how much money you can truly save by shipping instead of driving.

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